Sneaky Places To Meditate While Travelling

Places To Do Meditation While Travelling

If you are a traveler, then you know how much helpful it is to meditate, while travelling. But sometimes we miss working on meditation while travelling, because of the less availability of a place. Maybe at home, it is easy to find peace, and meditation does need peace. So, here are some tips on the places to do meditation while travelling in peace and revive your inner self.

Meditating Places While Travelling

1In the car

In the car

If you are travelling by car, then meditation in the car is one of the best. It is safe, and basically depends on where you park. It can also be very comfortable as well as quiet. You just have to get in the front seat of the car, take the shoes off, and let the seat back a little. You can even keep a blanket or shawl for additional comfort.

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2Public transportation

Public transportation

When in a new place, we generally travel by bus. It is an easy way to know more people and the place. So, if you encounter a bus with fewer passengers or commuters, then you can just sit comfortably, put an earphone and sunglasses, then go to the incognito mode for 10 to 15 minutes, or the time it takes to reach the destination. You can even do this if you are travelling on a flight.

3Churches, museum or temples

Churches, museum or temples

If you are visiting an ancient church or a temple, then it is the best possible way to get a proper meditation as this place can be quite as well as free and blend right with the people who are there for praying. You can even try to meditate in the museum, as it is always silent and quiet and can also help in meditation. These places can also encourage you to meditate more and help in developing the inner self.

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When you travel to a new place, the first thing you ever notice is the nearby park, or a place where you can go and visit sometime in the evening. Parks are also the easiest place to go and meditate safely. Just sit in the park bench or on a patch of grass for meditation. You can take support of the tree, if you want. Just be sure to pick a place that is not direct to sunlight, as it can be distracting.



If you are visiting a bookstore, then you can even try meditating there. As it can help in profoundly deep meditation. You can find chairs to sit in the bookstore, which was basically there to sit and read. But you can sit and meditate too. They are basically quiet and distraction free.

6In bed

In bed

No matter where ever you stay while travelling, be it in a hotel room or in a lodge. Bed is the place where you can meditate the most. Here, you don’t need to be with a group or a guide or even there is no need to leave the room. You can meditate in the morning, or before going to bed at night, either way, they are benefiting.

7On the beach, in the mountains, or at a campground

On the beach

If you are planning on going for trekking, or camping, or hike to the beach, then what can be the best place to meditate other than these places? You just have to worry about your sitting, which you need to check and start meditating. If you are on a campsite, then just check the mosquitos and lean on the trees and start meditating.

8In a waiting room

In a waiting room

Are you nervous? Tired or bored? Always watching the minutes tick by, and thinking all the other things you need to do or other crazy thoughts coming to mind? Then why not try meditating to pass the time? It can help you calm your nerves, and keep the irrelevant thoughts out of your mind. Simultaneously, improving the ability to handle the rest of the day.

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