6 Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend


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Qualities of Perfect Girlfriend

There is a saying….Nobody is perfect! But yes, one can try to be perfect. A relation lives on seven pillars- Trust, Love, Honor, Truth, Faith, Vision, and Communication. Have you ever wondered what qualities do guys see his girlfriend? Some guys really choose and particular about how his to be girlfriend has to be. But some like simple and like-minded girls. Like every other girl, guys too have a wish list. Either it can be good looks or social status or bank balance or her personality or mixture of all. Like girls dream of having “prince charming”, guys also have the same dream of having his “Lady Luck”.

Qualities of Perfect Girlfriend

1You Doesn’t Depend on Him

You Doesn't Depend on Him

This is the utmost quality a guy looks at his girlfriend. The girl should be independent. It can either in her professional life or personal life. Guys don’t like those girls who depend on every little thing. No one wants a girlfriend who keeps on crying. The girl should have her own identity. She should take decisions wisely and if any concern, anyway he is there for her. Some guys even feel like running away if the girl keeps on nagging and blackmailing him emotionally. The girl should be independent enough to carry her own expenses instead of depending on her boyfriend for every single penny. He is your boyfriend, not an ATM Machine.

2You Know At least the Basics of Cooking

You Know At least the Basics of Cooking

Can you even prepare a Tea or a Coffee? Guys love eating and if his girlfriend is a good cook they would love it more. Sometimes by organizing a romantic dinner date or a surprise party will make your guy happy. Guys always want his girl to know the basics of cooking. This is one quality through which guys get impressed. He doesn’t like a girl who always demands of taking her out to restaurants. It is obvious he cannot afford to take you daily for romantic dates, or dinner unless and until he is a billionaire. He comes from office tired and you surprise him by cooking his favorite dish….He would run and hug you. There is a saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, you can win his Love and care by becoming a Chef!

Phrases That Annoy Your Boyfriend

3You Doesn’t Resemble his Past

You Doesn't Resemble his Past

Moving on from your past breakups is quite hard it can either be a girl or a guy. Both find it difficult. But if he has really moved on and trusted you, it means he has given a second chance to this life. Don’t do any such thing which resembles his past girlfriend. If he likes to stay alone and needs space, give him. Always help him to get over his past. Don’t keep on reminding him about his past. A guy would love a girl who trusts him and encourages him.

4Don’t lie to him

Don't lie to him

Trust is one of the most important pillars of your relationship. If trust is broken you cannot be together. So, always be honest and make sure you both talk to each other openly. Never lie to him because if he gets to know the truth later he will surely feel that you don’t trust him. If your ex boyfriend texted you, tell it to your boyfriend. Don’t hide it. The more clear and straightforward you are in your relationship, the stronger your love will be. Guys have the male ego. If once it gets hurt, you will be the one to lose.

Relationship Things That are Worse Than Cheating

5Show your Love

Show your Love

Keeping your boyfriend always away from your bed is not good. If you keep on saying no he will think you don’t love him anymore or you are cheating on him. Intimacy is a good thing in the relationship. It makes your relationship grow.

Guys love if their girlfriends give them sexy surprises. But it doesn’t mean that guy only wants to get intimate, for them even if you hug him or kiss him or even cuddle on a bed is fine. Sending your man some Flirty SMS, planning a surprise night will please him. Communicating about your desires verbally and giving attention to each other is a very important part of your relationship. Don’t avoid him on a bed. By doing this he will start ignoring you and feel that you don’t love him anymore.

6Don’t Be Over Possessive

Don’t Be Over Possessive

Checking his text messages or calling his friends has totally been over possessive. Don’t become a detective. Give him some space. If he is going out with his friends don’t keep on calling him. He will get pissed off. Being possessive is good but not over. Don’t keep on judging him or questioning him about his whereabouts. Being a girlfriend doesn’t mean you throw yourself at him. Don’t raise your voice or make him jealous by flirting with his friends. This will only lead to the breakup. If a guy is busy in his work and he is not lifting your call, you end up imagining a lot of things like he must be sleeping around with some other girl or he ditched you etc…

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