The Beginners guide to 7 Chakras and its meaning


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7 Chakras

In a lot of spiritual and religious text, we find a mention of this word Chakra quite a number of times. have you ever wondered what this word means? Have you been trying to figure out a way to learn about the seven chakras and know its different meanings? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is a simple guide to the seven energy chakras existing in our body and a short explanation of what does each Chakra signifies. Read on to find more.

What is the meaning of Chakra?

In a lot of religious scriptures, the life force in a living being is depicted by a burning flame showing clear association to energy. Like you know the entire universe is also made up of different forms of energy, Chakra is basically a spinning vortex like energy centres existing in our bodies.

In layman terms, it is like an invisible battery which is charged by the interaction with cosmic energy in our atmosphere. The chakras are responsible for balancing energy in your whole body and soul. In scientific terms, the location of the seven Chakras, have been found to have the concentration of major nerves. It is called as a ‘Chakra’, a word in Sanskrit which translates to a wheel, referring to the fact that it’s constantly spinning with energy. The chakras connect your spiritual conscience with your physical body.

There are basically 7 energy centres or chakras in our body. Depending on their location they have different effects on your body and mind.

The seven chakras in our body.

7 chakras in body1. Root chakra / Muladhara

Root chakraAssociated colour- Red

Location – Tailbone / The end of spine.

This Chakra is associated to your survival. It is supposed to keep you grounded to the earth, which means transferring all your energies to the earth. One of the most important chakra, the root chakra’s function is Survival. Initially, it meant dealing with survival techniques.

In the modern age, it relates more to financial and emotional security. A well balanced Muladhara gives you a feeling of peace and accomplishment. Any imbalances in your root Chakra will make you anxious and jittery. You may also have physical problems related to lower back, hip, for women issues related to ovaries and prostate in men.

2. Sacral Chakra / svadhisthana

Sacral ChakraAssociated colour – Orange

Location- Below Navel.

This Chakra is associated to emotions and creativity. The Swadhisthana represents desire, procreation, sex and pleasure. A balanced sacral Chakra makes you enjoy good food, creative and outdoor activities and gives your mind a sense of abundance. This Chakra, if imbalanced, shows signs like gluttony addiction and restlessness. You may also show signs of decreased will for sex, impotence and passion. Whereas a balanced Chakra will make you enjoy life and take pleasure in doing creative things and be happy about the outcome.

3. Solar plexus / Manipura

Solar plexusAssociated colour – Yellow

Location – Upper abdomen

Manipura Chakra is located in the upper abdomen around the stomach area.The solar plexus chakra is related to a person’s self confidence and self esteem. It represents the element of fire and the organs related to solar plexus are stomach, liver, pancreas, lungs, human digestive system, adrenal gland and large intestine. Imbalances in this chakra can lead to digestive issues, appendicitis, disorders of liver, kidney and pancreas. A well-balanced Manipura Chakra give the feeling of wisdom and decisiveness.

4. Heart Chakra / Anahata chakra

Heart ChakraAssociated colour – green

Location – heart

The heart Chakra is located right above your heart and extends down to your breastbone right up till your throat. A balanced heart Chakra gives you a feeling of love kindness and compassion for others. An imbalanced heart Chakra makes you impulsive and makes you take unhealthy choices in the name of love. You may lack compassion towards others and it may manifest as inhumane behaviour. Heart is always associated with love, so this heart Chakra also includes loving yourself and not just others. It also refers to healing and believing.

5. Throat Chakra / vishuddhi chakra

Throat ChakraAssociated colour- Blue

Location – Throat

The throat Chakra is related to our ability to communicate. It is associated to our ability to express our feelings. It is also associated to speaking out the truth fearlessly. The throat chakra resides in between your collarbone and extends down to the heart and up till your eyes. People with balanced Vishuddhi Chakra are known to be very enlightened speakers, someone who can inspire others. Imbalances in this chakra may lead to dishonesty and over expressive tendencies with a louder voice. Physically you may also experience issues related to throat and also digestive system, as the unbalanced energy from this Chakra usually tends to be absorbed by the third chakra.

6. Third eye / Aagya Chakra

Third eyeAssociated colour – Indigo

Location – Forehead between the eyes.

The third chakra or the Aagya Chakra is located in between our eyes on the forehead. One of the most important chakras, the Aagya chakra give us a feeling of actual spirituality. The balancing of this Chakra is actually the purpose that we are looking forward to achieving, when we move towards the path of spirituality. This chakra connects us, to intuition wisdom and imagination. A balanced Aagya chakra will make it possible for you, to be completely in tune with the physical as well as the material world. People who have imbalances in the third eye chakra will experience repetitive headaches, allergies and problems with sinuses.

7. Crown Chakra / Sahasrara

Crown ChakraAssociated colour – Violet.

Location – Top of the head/crown.

This Chakra is the ultimate step towards spiritual enlightenment. The opening up of this Chakra is the only step left, towards complete connection to God and the divine. A balanced Crown Chakra or Sahasrara is extremely difficult to achieve. It is what you call nirvana in Buddhism. Once a person achieves a balanced Sahasrara, he has conquered suffering and death. But this can only happen after completely balancing the other 6 energy chakras of your body. A balanced Sahasrara makes a person devoid of any material wants and greed of the world. He is content and happy.

This was a brief explanation of all the chakras or energy centres present in our human body. those seeking spiritual salvation, meditate and try to balance and align all the 7 Chakras of your body. This was a short guide to all the imbalances and effects of the chakras. We hope you could get a sneak peek into this concept of energy vortices present in our body and now have a better understanding of them all. For a better and healthier life, full of love and hope, try to balance your chakras by resorting to meditation and spirituality and live a happy and peaceful life full of meaning and direction.

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