How to Lose that Double Chin and Face Fat Quickly


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Double Chin and Face Fat

In the world of Instant interactions, First impressions have become all the more important than it used to be. You want to look presentable, feel great and confident. But A pesky little face fat or double chin has kept you far away from feeling nice or confident and has you worried about losing it soon. Well then, We have some great proven ways to help you get rid of face fat and feel like confident ever time of the day.

How to Lose Face Fat?

How To Lose Face FatIt is always said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And to achieve a perfect healthy face without the sagging fat you will have to attain a balance between overall health your facial features. To achieve that here is a list of 5 things to do in order to reduce face fat.

  1. Re-plan your Diet and Eat healthily
  2. Keep Hydrating Yourself
  3. Lose Overall Body Fat
  4. Exercises to Lose Facial Fat
  5. Home Remedies for Weight Loss on Your Face

Re-plan your Diet and Eat healthily

  • In order to reduce the face fat, you will also have to target the entire fat ration of your body. And hence for that, you need to re-plan your diet and make new weight loss goals.
  • Maintaining a small target will encourage you to stay on track and keep pursuing the main goal.
  • To eat healthily, focus on driving out unnecessary carbs and fats from your diet. Stick to your daily calorie limit and resist the temptation to eat at odd hours.
  • Increase your intake of proteins and Fibre. The fiber will keep you full and satiated for a longer time and keep you from eating more. Protein will help in building muscle and it does not add to your body fat.
  • Excessive intake of water can lead to retention of water in your body. To keep bloating in check, always avoid eating excessive levels of salt in foods.

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Keep Hydrating Yourself

  • Drinking water is a healthy practice that benefits not just in losing face fat but also in a lot of other ways. Water helps is regulating the Ionic (water to salt) balance of our body.
  • Water helps in flushing out toxins from the skin and can give us a cleaner looking face. These toxins can impart a tired and dull looking face. Drinking water regularly will give your face a glow and healthier looking skin.
  • Drinking enough water will help to flush out ammonia products from your body quickly.

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Lose Overall Body Fat

  • It is a well-established fact that losing fat at one particular spot in a body is not possible. Spot reduction is impossible if your body otherwise has excessive body fat. To reduce fat at one place you must thrive to reduce overall body fat.
  • The Good news here is that the moment you start losing weight it shows up first on the jawline and facial fat.
  • Reducing a certain fixed amount of calories from your daily diet will be a good way to initiate weight loss. This can be done by substituting either high-calorie foods with green veggies or by exercising to burn those calories.

Exercises to Lose Facial Fat

The most effective and quick way to tone down the face fat or lose it altogether by doing some targetted face exercises that will help you achieve the result pretty soon. Here are a few exercises we thought worked wonders.

  1. Chin Lifts
  2. Kiss the Ceiling
  3. Fish Face
  4. Side Neck Stretch
  5. Blow Ballons
  6. Chewing Gum

Chin Lifts

Chin LiftsThis one is an extremely helpful exercise on reducing double chin. Even if you have a slightly sagging skin this will improve your jawline muscles and reduce the skin sagging.

  1. While sitting in a straight posture slowly tilt your head upwards, towards the ceiling till your head can’t go back anymore.
  2. Draw your chin out and lift it towards the ceiling. Hold it for 10 seconds.
  3. Release and go back to starting position.
  4. Repeat at least 10 times.
  5. Tip- Do not move any other muscle other than lips. This will stretch the jaw muscles and make them shrink over time.

Kiss the Ceiling

Kiss the CeilingThis facial yoga exercise is a great way to achieve toned high cheek bones and thinner cheeks. This will help in giving your face a lift and make it look young and youthful.

  1. Sit in a relaxed position and slowly move your head upwards till it can move back anymore.
  2. Make a pout, like you are kissing the ceiling and hold it for 5 Seconds.
  3. Release the pout and slowly move the head back to starting position.
  4. Do 10 reps at a time. This can be done thrice a day for best results

Fish Face

Fish faceFor reducing lateral cheeks fat the best way to do it is this fish face exercise. This is extremely simple to do and can be done while doing your daily chore.

  1. Just suck your cheeks inside and fold your lips like the image above.
  2. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat a few times.
  3. You will feel the pressure in your cheeks and eventually you’ll see the difference too.

Side Neck Stretch

Side neck stretchThis will help in eliminating your double chin and achieving a more youthful and tight looking face.

  1. For this exercise stand relaxed with your feet apart and hands at the back.
  2. Hold your beneath your jaw with your right hand.
  3. Tilt your neck to the right side till you feel a pull in your jaw muscles.
  4. Hold it for 10 seconds and stretch.
  5. Release and repeat with another hand.

Blow Balloons

Blow balloonsBlowing balloons is a great remedy for exercising your facial muscles. It exerts a stagnant pressure on your cheeks and after blowing for as less as 10 times you will start feeling the burn. This is a great exercise to lose fat on face and look thin and young.

Chewing Gum

Chewing GumChewing Gum is another genius way of exercising your facial muscles. It is a healthy way to lose facial fat and achieve your perfect desirable face shape and size. It has an advantage that it can be done almost anywhere. Like the blowing balloon, exercise cannot be done in public places. But chewing a gum can be done even while travelling in a bus or strolling in a park.

Home Remedies for Weight Loss on Your Face

Even though after exercising and following the proper diet you will start to see results of the weight loss on your face. But for ladies who want to accelerate their process and know how to get rid of face fat quickly, here are a few home remedies that will Augment your fat loss process. It Does not solely guarantee best results and should be followed up with exercise and diet.

  1. Massage Cocoa Butter
  2. Apply Wheat Germ Oil
  3. Homemade Mask

Massage Cocoa Butter

Massage cocoa ButterCocoa butter is known to have properties that improve the elasticity of your skin. It can help remove your sagging skin and eliminate the double chin fat.

Just take a small portion of warm cocoa butter and massage it on your chin. Do not do it in a downward motion, but always do it either circular or in an upwards motion. Leave it overnight. You can do it at least once in a day and more if you find the time.

Apply Wheat Germ Oil

Apply wheat germ OilAnother good source of Vitamin E is Wheat Germ Oil. It can help in skin tightening and produce strength in your skin. Regular use will make your face lift up and look leaner.

Take wheat germ oil and massage your jawline, chin area and the neck in upwards motions and leave it overnight.

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Homemade Mask

Homemade maskThis homemade mask is a great way to supplement your exercise routine weekly and accelerating the face reduction process. This mask has skin tightening and anti aging properties. It can remove the pesky sagging double chin and facial fat in a great and natural way.

Take 2 Egg whites. 1 tbsp each of Honey, Milk and lemon juice. Mix it well. You can add a few drops of essential oil to add aroma and soothing effect to your skin.

Apply this mask to your chin and leave it to dry. After drying remove with cold water.

Repeat this twice every week for best results.

With the best advice and remedies for help. We are sure you know how to get rid of the cheek fat just perfectly and naturally at home. These are natural ways and a certain change in lifestyles that will take you a long healthy and youthful way.

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