Upcoming Fashion Trends For 2017

Fashion Trends For 2017

Fashion can be really an amazing thing to see and do. Fashion, can give you a new outlook on anything and not only that everyone will start looking at you in a different way. With every new year, you may try to find a fashion trend to go with, which is natural because who wants to follow the old. So here, are upcoming fashion trends for 2017, to make your whole year look amazing and gorgeous.

Fashion trends for 2017

1Being casual

Being casual

Yeah, just a pair of jeans, and a top. You are good to go anywhere you want. This style is more about being casual and style come to you automatically. A ripped off jeans, blue jeans, or a black jeans, with a cropped top or a fashionable top. Meeting with friends, or even meeting with the boyfriend, everything can go in style. An amazing fashion trends for 2017.

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2Show Skin Strategically

Show Skin Strategically

Looking sexy involves a lot of knowing what to bare and what must be kept under the wraps. Otherwise, what will be the mystery? Choose only one body part and show it off. Fashion trends for 2017, with more fashion tips.

3Jeans shorts

Jeans shorts

Planning to wear a jeans short or skirts? Well, it is not all a bad idea. Shorts can really give your legs a boost. Wear flat sandals with straps in it. Tops you ask? Well, tops can also be experimented with them. Like you can wear different types of designer, floral, off-shoulder tops with them. They will look amazingly gorgeous with your outfit and a new fashion trends for 2017.

4Floral maxis

Floral maxis

Planning to go on a beach as soon as the summer hits? Then floral maxis are the best way to rock your beach look. An ultimate fashion goal, to an ultimate fashion women like you.

5Kurti fashion

Kurti fashion

Well, kurtis are not new in India. Instead, wear kurti in different styles is an art in itself. According to this picture, you can wear your kurti with patialas, or you can convert your simple kurti with mixing and matching it with fashionable patialas. You can even try fishtail kurtis with patialas and make an amazing fashion statement.

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6Casual kurtis

Casual kurtis

Want a more casual kurti look then you can also go for Deepika Padukone ‘Piku’ look. Just wear your kurti with a simple jeans and a nehru jacket or drop the nehru jacket and try a scarf. Traditional wear with a more traditional outlook.

7Short dresses

Short dresses

Do you love to wear short dresses? Well a more important thing to remember while you wear short dress is that you must be modest. Try not to show off too much and also colors must be according to the occasions. Short dresses do look cute with sharp heels, select the heels according to your convenience. Short dresses can also give you a cute barbie doll look. For accessories, get a clutch not a bag, if bag then a small bag.

8Palazo pants

Palazo pants

Well this 80’s trend, do get more popularity in 2016. You can repeat this trend this year too. When you are wearing a single colored palazo, try out the top with more floral design or printed tops, as contrast always looks much better.

9Long skirts

Long skirts

Do you love to wear skirts? Especially long skirts, then here is a tip, if the skirt is floral, then wear a single colored top. If it is a single colored skirt, then try out the floral or printed tops. Skirts are in fashion and can give you the ultimate fashion goal whenever you wear them.

10Short skirts

Short skirts

Short skirts can be an amazing chic style product. They can be the best style to wear when tired with all the other dresses. Floral skirts can also give you the ultimate fashion statement. As I said at the palazo, when wearing a printed or floral skirt, wear a plain top, and when wearing a plain skirt, wear printed tops. Mix and match and rule the world.

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