Neti For Respiratory Problems


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Neti For Respiratory Problems

Neti is considered as one of the six purification method in the Hatha Yoga form. The cavities in the sinus can get filled with many impurities which can cause troubles like infections, inflammations or even headaches. The yogic text of ‘Hatha Yoga Pradeepika’ gives a very simple and easy method to keep the sinuses clean. The text also gives six practices by which we can clean the body as well as prepare the body and the mind for a more higher practices of Yoga. These practices are also known as Shatkarmas. One such also deal with Nasal hygiene and it is known as Neti for respiratory problems. These nasal hygiene is considered as an extremely important part of human body and it is linked to many type of conditions like the sinusitis, headaches, migraine, allergies as well as asthma. Neti in Hatha yoga is a very simple practice which can be done along with the daily routine, like after brushing your teeth in the morning. It only takes few minutes as well as help to give relieve to many of the problems that is related to the nasal as well as sinus cavities.

Neti is also an important part of the Hindu Shatkarma, or the yogic system of your body that have cleaning techniques. It is intended to the clean air passage in your head. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika attribute to Neti into many beneficial effects which can range from a profound physiological ones in the body, mind as well as personality. The two main variants of Neti for respiratory problems is Jala Neti by using water and the more advanced variant Sutra Neti using a string.

Neti For Respiratory Problems

Jala Neti

With Salt Water


Jala Netia. Fill the vessel or pot from the image, with some amount of warm, and salty water. Remember that the temperature of the water must not be more than 38 to 40o C, with about one teaspoon of salt per one litre of water.
b. Now bend your head over a wash basin and then slowly as well as gently insert the spout of this Neti Pot into the right nostril.
c. Try to bend your head slightly forward and at the same time try to tilt your head to your left so that the water is able to flow out of your left nostril.
d. Breathing must take place through your opened mouth.
e. Try to pour approximately half of the contents through the right nostril.
f. Now gently as well as slowly insert the spout of the Pot in the left nostril and then tilt your head to your right, so that the water can flow out through your right nostril.
g. When done, try to blow out all the remaining water from both of your nostrils using a technique called Kapala Bhati Pranayama.
h. To complete all the remaining purification of the nose, try to expel your breath a further of three to five times through each of your nostril while holding your other nostril shut.

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i. It is also important to remember that the mouth must remain open during the process to prevent water getting into the ears.
j. Neti must be performed every day.

Sutra Neti

Neti with a Rubber Catheter or Waxed Cotton

Neti with a Rubber CatheterSutra Neti is performed with rolled string of cotton which has been dipped into a melted bees wax, or even in a soft rubber catheter. For a correct performance on this technique do need a lot of practice and, therefore, for the first timers it must only be practiced under the proper guidance of a Yoga teacher.

Just like Jala Neti, Sutra Neti can also give a thorough cleaning of your nose. The massaging effects of the catheter can work even more intensively than by just rinsing it with salt water.

This yoga is very helpful to those people who have respiratory problems or even narrow nostrils. With proper practice, it can be done every second day, or everyday.


a. Neti can help to maintain the nasal hygiene by removing all the dirt as well as bacteria that is trapped along with the mucus in your nostrils.
b. Neti is able to de-sensitize the sensitive tissues inside your nose, which can also alleviate some kinds of rhinitis, allergies and sometimes even asthmas.
c. Several other health problems like the sinusitis, headaches, migraine, or even ear problems like tinitis or middle ear infections can be reduced by doing Neti.

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d. It can also help to alleviate the upper respiratory complaints, like the sore throats, tonsils or sometimes even dry coughs.
e. It can help to clear the eye ducts as well as improve the vision.
f. It can help to remove tensions and depressions; and also give clarity to your mind.
g. It can help to drain the sinus cavities. Which in turn, can help to reprogramme your body’s natural mechanisms that are against the nasal infections such as the hayfever, sinusitis, allergies and other types of upper respiratory complaints like the sore throats or coughs, or even post nasal drip, inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids.
h. It can benefiting for certain types of illnesses like asthma as well as bronchitis as it can help to reduce the tendency for the mouth to breath by freeing the nostrils of the mucus.
i. It can give a cooling and soothing effect to the brain by drawing out the excessive heat, and is therefore also very beneficial for the headaches, epilepsy, hysteria, temper tantrums, and general mental tension.
j. Neti is also a great benefit for some problems that are associated with your eyes. It can help to flush out the tear ducts, encourage a clearer vision and give a sparkle to eyes.
k. Neti can help to improve the sensitivity of the olfactory nerves, by helping it to restore all the lost senses of smell, and also benefiting the relationship with its taste as well as the digestive processes.
l. It has quite a subtle effect on the pineal as well as pituitary glands which can help to control the hormonal system. It also has harmonising effect on the emotional behaviour.
m. Neti can also affect the psychic centre which is known as the Ajna Chakra which can help in the awakening of the higher states of meditation.
n. It can help to stimulate better powers of visualisation as well as give a feeling of lightness and clarity to your mind.
o. Neti is an excellent form of exercise to those who are trying to give up the smoking. Since it can help to reduce the tendency for mouth breathing. Neti can re-sensitise the nose to an actual pollution of smoke ingesting smoke, and thereby de-programming the brain of its physical as well as psychological addiction.


a. Try to avoid practicing Neti, if you have severe cold or even suffering from a earache.

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