Easy And Light Exercises For Working Women


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Exercises For Working Women

When you are busy, all you think about is just work. Work becomes a passion, which, increases day by day. Leading a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, and because of this you tend to become more prone to many diseases and early deaths. Regular exercise or workout in your daily life may seem like a very difficult task. But, do you know that by just starting with 10 minutes of workout everyday, you can be on the track of healthy body. So here, are some easy as well as light exercises for working women that you must try at home, at work, or whenever you get a chance to be healthy and wise.

Fitness Exercises For Working Women

1Brisk Walk to Work

Brisk Walk to Work

When you have absolutely no time for any type of exercises at home, then get down few blocks away from the office and start the brisk walk towards the office. While walking try to swing your arms, when you walk to tone those arms along. With so many benefits being associated with the brisk walking, you do not want to miss on all of it by taking a taxi all the way!

Benefits of Walking

2Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Do you know that you can turn your staircase into an all time fat burning apparatus? Try to avoid fancy elevators as well as escalators whenever possible to get a free dose of some cardiovascular exercises. Walking the stairs for about half an hour can also burn 286 calories; which is also roughly equivalent to walking at 3.5 mph! Some studies show by taking one step at a time, it burns more calories.

3Take Breaks to Stretch

Take Breaks to Stretch

If the work you do requires you to be seated for at least 9 hours a day, it then becomes mandatory to take some appropriate breaks and ensure that you do not end up getting stiff like a cardboard. It can be a trip to the conference room to stretch the lazy muscles or even a short walk to an open space and get some fresh air. Try to keep moving around to beat the monotony of your work and also to get some exercise.

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

4Squat to Your Chair Level

Squat to Your Chair Level

First tighten the abs and keep them tight, while bending the knees. Then keep your arms stretched as you squat slow down until the buttocks are hovering above the chair. Be sure to not sit down on the chair. Now try to remain in the position for at least 10seconds before you are up. This exercise can also tone your abs, arms as well as your legs.

5The Body Crunch

The Body Crunch

The body crunch exercise is basically aimed to improve the muscle strength as well as flexibility. At first lie down flat on your back, then tighten the abdominal muscles and lift the head as well as shoulders up. Alternate this exercise with lifting the legs and the hips upward. Crunches can also help to strengthen the mid and lower extremities of the body.

6Wide-stance Squat & Arm Swing

Wide-stance Squat

It is also called as sumo squat swing. This exercise is also aimed at the toning ofthe inner thigh muscles and increasing the muscular strength as well as endurance throughout your legs. Try to stand with the feet a little wide than the shoulder width, and the toes pointed at 10 o’clock as well as 2 o’clock positions. Thengrasp a dumbbell and a kettle bell with both your hands, then stretch your arms straight; lifting the weight to the shoulder height as you go lower into a squat. Try to lower your weight as you return to the standing position.



Running on the treadmill is just one of the most effective workouts, in there since running or even walking. It aims at a full body exercise. Running on a treadmill can generally burn a lot of calories faster, than most of all the in-home exercises. You can also keep the track of the step counts as well as calories that is burnt while watching the morning news. Some studies show that the treadmill has helped a lot of people burn number of calories than riding bikes.

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