6 Simple Hacks to Make Your Clothes Smell Nice


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Clothes Smell Nice

You always go for a way that can make things better and nice. You get to hear and watch the hacks to maintain your house and clothes maintain neat. You only choose the ways which are workable and easy for you to do.

You try to keep your clothes without colour fading, tidy and smell good. These are basic requirements to maintain your clothes. If you were looking for hacks to make your clothes smell nice, you must look at the below hacks. The hacks are simple to follow and keep in practice to make your clothes smell good easily.

You want the smell which linger for longer time and gives a fresh feeling when you wear on. You may have other ideas but these hacks may make your work easy and smart. These hacks make you a smart woman and you can collect the praises from your family for brilliant and easy ideas. Choose the easiest hack from the below and spread the fragrance wearing lovely smelling clothes.

Let Your Clothes Smell Nice – Smarts and Easy Hacks

1. Scented Tissue Paper in Your Closet

Clothes Smell Nice: Scented tissue paper in your closet

You often use perfumes and deodorants to smell good. Instead of using the powerful perfumes directly, you can use scented tissue papers to make your clothes smell good. It lasts at least for good hours or even a day. This is a simple and natural way to make your clothes smell good.

How to do?

Spray your clothes with your favourite perfume on a tissue paper and then place it under your clothes in the closet. You can also place the scented tissue papers in the pockets and centers of the dresses.

2. Coffee Grounds

Easy Hacks: Coffee Grounds

The coffee smell is amazing and you feel refreshed with the coffee flavour in your clothes. So, you can use the coffee grounds to make your clothes smell good. Clothes catch the smell of coffee grounds easily and last longer. This is a natural and simple trick to make your whole closet smell good.

How to do?

Fill coffee grounds in a container and make small holes on the lid. Place the container in the closet.

3. Essential Oils

Easy Hacks: Essential Oils

You can use the essential oils to make your clothes smell good. The essential oils like lavender, lemon and rosemary can make the clothes smell amazing. The refreshing smell in clothes with essential oils is natural and easy. The smell of essential oil lasts longer. It promotes the clean laundry and wash cycle.

How to do?

You can add a few drops of essential oils in the laundry.

4. Potpourri Sachets

Clothes Smell Nice: Potpourri Sachets

Every woman make sure to display the potpourri and spread the natural fragrance. Potpourri sachets can make your closet and clothes smell great. It is the most natural way to make your clothes smell nice.

How to do?

Make small sachets of potpourri by selecting the powerful and good smelling herbs. Place the sachets in pockets of pants and jackets to make them smell good.

5. Soap Bar

Clothes Smell Nice: Soap Bar

When you have a shower, you wish the soap smell lasts longer. You have number of scented soaps in market. So, You can use a favourite soap bar to make your clothes smell good. This is a easy hack to make your clothes smell good and closet as well. You will be wondered with the soap fragrance

How to do?

Place your clothes in a container for which you want the good smell. Wrap the soap bar in a thin napkin and place the bar on top of the folded clothes. The packed container spreads and locks the sweet smell of soap in the clothes.

6. Baking Soda

Baking Soda: Easy Hacks

Baking soda is a natural cleanser in many ways. It can help in making your clothes become clean easily. The ugly smell goes off with baking soda. Other benefit of using baking soda is keep your washing machine clean. You also need less detergent when you are adding baking soda during the laundry.

How to do?

Simply add 1/2 cup of baking soda during the wash cycle along with your regular detergent.

Now let your clothes smell good with easy hacks. You will get to know the goodness of the simple and smart hack with first time usage. You will let the smell linger for hours and keep your clothes fresh. Be a smart woman who choose to keep everything at the best with simple ways.

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