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give honest compliments

Think about the moment when you have received a comment or a compliment that can change your entire day and the way you feel about yourself? Isn’t it fun, nice and so flattering when you get compliments from your friends or even complete strangers? The same way, when you give someone the right kind of compliment, it can actually change the way they are feeling in that particular day. Here the source doesn’t really matter. What matters most is how they told you or how you tell them. You don’t have to flatter them in a fake way or tell them good things just for the heck of it. You can actually give genuine and honest compliments from your heart.

Most times when we give compliments, we forget to make it honest. We tend to either overplay it or underplay it. When we overplay it, people think we are faking it. If we underplay it, then the message doesn’t even reach them. So, in order to give people proper and honest compliments, we are going to tell you the various steps you could follow. Well, take help of these tips and soon you will find yourself making people around you smile and blush. Also note that this could even be for your friends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be only for your partner. You can randomly compliment a stranger, your friend, your parents or even your little neighbour. So ladies, here are some ways you can give honest compliments and make people’s life brighter and happier.

Top Ways to Give Honest Compliments

1Observe well

Observe well

It is very important for you to be a good observer if you want to give a decent compliment. Attention to detail is the most important thing in giving honest compliments. Observe their dressing style, maybe their personality and what makes them stand out. When you observe these things, you will easily start liking the person that they are and that will be your first lead. It gets easier when you start to admire them. Notice their special areas that impress you.

Most of the times the things that impress you are their real character and that could be the way you can figure out on how to give a genuine compliment.

2Try to be specific

Try to be specific

Of course a general or a generic compliment isn’t wrong. But sometimes, people could misinterpret your words. So, it’s better to be specific about whatever you want to tell them. If you want to flatter them or at least make them feel great about themselves, try to do your homework.

Don’t just tell them that their dress is nice. Tell them why the dress is nice of them. Maybe you can say stuff like – It looks elegant on you because you have a great color and the print suit you. Something like that is specific and you are complimenting the right kind of their features.

3Keep it decent

Keep it decent

Well, sometimes people forget where to stop. They don’t really put a stop in their limits. Sometimes, it goes out of hands and it becomes very embarrassing for the receiver. So, it’s highly important for you to be very decent when you lash our comments or compliments.

Let’s keep it simple – Complimenting anything that involves closed areas are wrong. Meaning, you just cannot compliment or comment on what’s inside their dress. Everything that’s on the outer is fine. So, keep your compliments decent. Unless you have a level of intimacy with the person, you cannot actually lash out these kind of comments at all.

4Be honest

Be honest

Well, it’s as simple as that! You just have to be very honest with the person and things will fall in place the way you want it to. When you keep it neat and honest, you will sound and look honest too. You cannot actually compliment on something that you have said you don’t like in the past. That will show how fake you can get.

People will remember for sure if you had said something controversial about their appearance in the past. So, refrain from saying anything like that. Also, don’t try to exaggerate too much. Nobody like to listen to someone exaggerate so much just for the heck of it. You don’t have to stick up to them in everything they do. So, if you like it genuinely and tell them. If you not, you can just not say anything and keep quiet.

5Don’t compare

Don’t compare

You actually don’t need to bring a third person in between your conversation to compliment this person. Meaning, you cannot tell your friend that she looks better than another friend of yours. Isn’t that just plain frustration? This could be very relevant when you compliment their looks or physical structure. Also, don’t add a qualifier to your compliment – Don’t say stuff like ‘Although you are this old, you look good’. That statement is very offensive.

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6Don’t use the word ‘Today’

Don’t use the word ‘Today’

Don’t end up using the word today in your compliments. Don’t say – You look great today or you will smell great today. If you are genuinely trying to compliment, you don’t have to emphasize on how she looks or smells of that day. Does it mean that she smells or looks bad on other days? Doubts like that can creep into a person’s head. So, try to mention the relevant compliment. That will do for an honest compliment.

By keeping these kinds in mind, you can easily give your counterpart some nice and genuine compliments.

-Pavithra Ravi

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