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Skin is the most important part of your body and it is the longest and the most sensitive part of your body that can easily get attacked. There are some things you just cannot use for your face and that is what we are going to talk about today. Did you know that your eyes and lips are extremely fragile because the skin in these areas are thinner than the rest of the areas? These parts of your face need extra care and special attention. Usage of good and skin proof products will give you the advantage of smooth and clear skin. A lot of us read so many things online and blindly just apply anything and everything on our face. We don’t really see what is important and what isn’t when it comes to our face. We think that an aging cream, a lotion that has herbal + alcohol ingredients are good for our face. Well, get to know that whatever you read isn’t always right. Do your research right, even before buying any of these expensive products.

Also know that, don’t go and buy products just because your friend recommended it to you. What works on one skin is not necessarily proven to work for another type of skin. Even the daily soap you use sometimes can be very tricky and can spoil your skin. So, know and get to know if you aren’t aware of these things. Collect valuable information from your research and here we are to help you in this process as well. We will give you some tips on the things that you should never use on your face at all. Learn, know and embrace your beauty before it’s too late.

Top Things Should Never Use on Your Face

1No alcohol content

No alcohol content

They say that alcohol can be used for antibacterial purposes and rubbing alcohol on the face can also take away infections. But there is a specific reason why you shouldn’t use alcohol on your skin. Do you know that rubbing alcohol on your skin will eventually dry your hair? Yes, how are these two related? The roots of your skin are connected to your hair. So, whenever you rub alcohol or any alcohol content on your skin, your hair dries up and falls easily.

Alcohol contains DNA molecules of human beings and even bacteria. It is a mixture of both, so it leads to dryness and creates dead skin cells. The next time you try to pick up a cleanser or some kind of facial toner, be very careful. Check for contents like isopropyl. If you find something like that, it is your duty to first walk away from that product. Your pores will not only be damaged, but will also be clogged. So, be very, very careful when you buy any product that contains alcohol in it.



Even the smallest thing like sugar can damage your skin. If you have listened keenly, elders keep saying that having too much sugar can spoil our skin. If you didn’t know that, here is what you should know about sugar. A lot of facial scrubs have sugar content in their products. Sugar does exfoliates your skin and makes it clearer, but the face skin is too thin to handle that.

The face skin is very delicate and so this process of sugar rubbing on the face can be very harmful for your skin. The epidermis skin area on your face is very fragile and the sugar grains can damage since they are rough in nature. Instead of sugar, you can try using salt if you like. Salt grains are not very harsh and they do exactly what the sugar does to your face. So, have a substitute and try it the next time.

3Petroleum Jelly aka Vaseline

Petroleum Jelly aka Vaseline

I use Vaseline even now because it is one of the best creams for dry skin. But get to know that Vaseline isn’t a long term solution or a fix. It is only a moisturizer and so depending too much on that could get your skin spoilt. The problem with Vaseline is that once you wear it, it moisturizes your face, which is a very good thing for people like me since I have dry skin. But with the moist, it also attracts debris and dirt.

Yes, Vaseline easily attracts dirt which gets stuck to your face. The dirt in turn causes a lot of itching and dryness. You need to get good air once you apply Vaseline to your face. Your skin is very fragile and soft. So, you need to make sure that it doesn’t spoil it. Vaseline is good and I am not denying that, but I am only saying that this is not your permanent solution. Try to get fruit facials done, buy ammonia free products and more than anything, wash your face at least 3-4 times a day.

4Hot water

Hot water

We all know this, but none of really follow it. I have started following it once I got to know that hot water can actually seal your skin and let the new pores close. So, I don’t anymore use hot water on my face. Hot water makes your skin dry and makes your epidermis rough. So, never splash hot water on your face. The warm water is fine, but never hot.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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