Anushka Sharma’s, Channa Mereya Bridal Makeup Tips


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Anushka Sharma’s, Channa Mereya Bridal Makeup Tips

Did you like the look of Anushka Sharma in the song Channa Mereya, from her movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and now you want that exact same look for your wedding? Well, she looked absolutely gorgeous in that,no doubt. But, she also also gave us, read beauty freaks, a goal to achieve such a beautiful and amazing makeup. So, here is some Anushka Sharma’s, Channa Mereya Bridal Makeup Tips, that you can totally pull off to make your wedding day beautiful forever.

1Anushka Sharma’s Bridal Makup from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Anushka Sharma

In that beautiful song you can find that Anushka Sharma’s, eyes have the hint of red and brown as well as smokiness. She wore a peach kurta and a sharara with embroidered with golden jewellery, which you are bound to fall in love with.

2Primer base

Primer base

Start off with applying a born to glow illuminating primer as a base in your face. You can see that Anushka had a very healthy looking skin. If you get a little overboard with it, then try to blend it out perfectly. But, try to avoid going overboard, as it can disturb the balance of the makeup base. Just apply the primer all over your face properly mixing it with your skin.

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3Conceal right

Conceal right

Then try some powder concealer, but remember to use it in tone with your shade. Just to highlight and conceal your under eye. Depending on the dark circles you have. You can even apply the powder,concealer around your mouth area if you have pigmentation or even in your cheeks to help out the acne scars. After applying it, properly blend it out with a tear drop sponge, and make sure that the concealer is not concentrated in one part but, nicely blended out.

Then try the liquid, two in one concealer as well as foundation, according to your skin tone. Then apply with with your fingers first, while blending it out with the sponge by softly dabbing it on your face. This two in one liquid concealer plus foundation is great for bridal makeup as well. Then take the loose powder and then bake your under eyes as well as the mouth area with this. Try to avoid concealing overly, because it can make your face looking like a cake.



Take a V-face duo stick for contouring your face in the cheek bone area and nose, so that it can look beautiful in the photographs. If you want,you can also contour your lower lip, because it can match Anushka’s lip from the movie.

Then taken a fat brush, dusting all of the excess makeup from the face. Then blending softly on the contour in the face with a sponge. You can just use your fingers for blending the contour on your face. Make sure that it is properly blended out and looks beautiful.



Use your glam bronze duo compact, and a fan brush with highlighting the cheekbones very subtly. Anushka didn’t use a lot of highlighter, it almost looked like a no highlighter. So, if you want,then you can also try using some highlighter, but in a very subtle way. Using the brush try it on the tip of your nose as well as on the cupid’s bow. It can make your lips look bigger.

Then take a thick angled brush, and use it on the bronzer side to set the contoured area on the cheeks. Take a buffing brush and set your nose with it.

6Set your makeup

Set your makeup

You need to set your beauty, and it can be done with a dewy finish setting spray. Just spray some of it on all over your face. Then just dab it with your blender really softly to ensure no extra powder on the face.

7Colour pop

Colour pop

Use a colour pop blush, on the apple of your cheeks very softly. Anushka, didn’t have a lot of blush as well. So, minimal amount is enough.

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With an eyebrow pencil start off underlining the brows as well as over lining. After this the drill becomes simple. Just fill in the gap, and then go in vertical strokes and that is it to fill in your eyebrows.

To set them in place, take make me brow and use it on setting your brow into place and not move.

9Eye shadow

Eye shadow

From an eye shadow panel, use its milky brown colour,shadow, and applying it on your eye crease in a soft windshield wiper motion. Apply that colour all over your eyelid for a nice transition. Then take a mixture of coffee as well as dark coffee shadows, and apply it on your eye crease. If you see the song, Anushka had a prominent red on her eye crease. Just do it in the same way.

Then take a blending brush, and blend out all the harsh edges. So, that you can get a nice flawless, seamless looking eyes. Take the bronze colour eye shadow from the panel, and apply it in the base colour with the help of Sedona Lace Vortex eb17 makeup brush. Apply a blackish eye shadow colour with a angular brush on your lash line and smoke it out well, because she had a smoky liner. Then take a dark greyish shadow highlight the inner corner of the eye as well as your brows.

Apply kajal on your water line, and also tightline your eyes as it is the perk of a bridal makeup. It can make your lashes look thicker and nicer. Then with the help of an angular brush, smoke out the lower lash line with the blackish grey shadow. Also bring a little bit of red on your lower lash line, mostly in the outer half of it. Then,with the help of big lashes mascara, apply it on your lashes. Use a false eyelashes, onto your eyes. Then apply a natural look creme lip crayon on the lips and blot it our properly for a natural beauty. Apply a lip balm, all over for a perfect finish.

There you go! The all new Anushka Sharma’s, Ae Dil Hai Muskil look.

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