Food items that you cannot take during periods


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food items to avoid during periods

It isn’t wrong at all to crave for some sugar delights when you are on the tough period days of your month. But the problem is that, your tongue might like it, your body wouldn’t. There are a few food items that actually cause harm to your body when you are on your period. There are obviously mood swings that are the most annoying thing that happens to every girl during her period. Secondly, bloating is one of the major side effects. This is when you are super hungry and annoyed, so you binge eat without even having a tab on the items you are consuming. These foods that you eat will only add up to the body fat but will not help you to actually soothe yourself. So, here are some food items to avoid during periods, i.e., you might have to stop taking it.

Top Food Items to Avoid During Periods

1Ice creams

Ice creams

As much as ice creams feel like an amazing way to soothe your body, it is totally not the one stop solution to your pain at all. It has more fat and is heavily made out of dairy product. Let us not forget that ice creams are extra sweet and you tend to eat more of it during the painful days. The more consumption of ice cream will only cause your body to inflate and bloat without you realizing it. The problem with bloating is that, the inflammation and the extra fat will cause severe cramping in your body which is a very painful process. If you want a pleasant period and don’t want to feel dead from the inside-out, then you need to say a goodbye to the delicious dessert during your period days.

2The fried-salty food

The fried-salty food

The problem with fried-salty food is that it contains a lot of sodium in it. There will be a lot of water retention and unimaginable bloating. What you can instead do is that, you can take in a lot of dry fruits and nuts. The more you take in, the better it is for your body. So, all you need to do is to just have a bag of nuts instead of a bag of chips. That will be your best friend for the next 5 days. Do not go near the bag of chips or near the burgers + fried chicken for the next few days. Say bye bye to your favourite fried food.

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No, I am not kidding! Coffee is a major drink that you should be away from during your period days. Why? Because coffee contains high levels of caffeine, which constricts your blood vessels and also puts a tight rope on your uterus. This will cause unimaginable cramps. Never have coffee before your sleep because that will keep you up the entire night. That is another reason why you wouldn’t be able to sleep. Sleep is very important during your period days and coffee will take that away from you and leave you with sleepless nights and painful craps. So, stick to something that can make you feel warm and happy. Yes, we are talking about warm water. Warm water can do the trick of keeping your throat and stomach warm.

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4White grain foods

White grain foods

White grains are good but generally what happens when you boil them is that, they lose all their nutrients and proteins and give you only starch content. The starch content in turn interferes with your blood sugar levels, which will lead to mood swings, ultimate cravings, unwanted cramp pains and many more. You can instead go for whole bread, multi grain or even brown rice. If you are a person who needs to eat rice, then go for brown rice, which also makes sure in having a tab on your health perspective. You can take anything that is rich in fibre and less white grain proteins.

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5Non veg food

Non veg food

Eating meat will ultimately give you everything that you want to avoid. Pain, cramps, mood swings, changing blood sugar levels, unwanted breakouts, irritation and many more. Meat contains what is called the arachidonic acid, which causes a lot of pain in the uterus. Having a lot of veg food will help your body and keep it cool. Have a lot of greens and drink lots of water instead of stuffing yourself with meat. It is even fine if you go on a green-salad diet during your period. You can eat them as much as you want and not feel stuffed.

6Cake items

Cake items

Run away if someone offers you cakes, donuts, brownies or cookies. They have everything from trans fats to unwanted saturated fat that will stick to your body and wouldn’t leave until you try to exercise. Exercising during periods is also painful, so you end up not doing anything. The trans fats in these amazing cakes will shoot up the estrogen level which will push your uterus and give you all the pain in the world. So, run away when someone offers you any of these.

Periods could be very annoying and irritating but eating the right kind of food and having a balanced diet can reduce the pain to a certain level and keep your body and mind relaxed.

– Pavithra Ravi