Types of Hairstyle for Professional Women


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Hairstyle for professional women

Who are we but mere mortals, who need a change of hair from time to time. Some of us may wear it long, while others may just be more affectionate towards the scissors.

We are talking strictly ladies, and we are talking about them been busy, and enterprising. Read about these types of hairstyle for professional women. break a leg lady.

Hairstyle Tips for the Working Lady

1The Smooth Long Bob

The Smooth Long Bob

This is a chic professional hairstyle, that could be adapted on an everyday basis. It may be obtained by applying a thermal protection spray, and a light mousse to dampen the hair. You may dry the hair with a round brush, so that you add the impression of volume, as you pull the hair to the desired side. Set your final look, with a holding spray.

This hairstyle generally suits all face types and hair lengths. You may keep the longest length, about two inches below your chin, in order to create maximum appeal.

2The Red Wave

The Red Wave

This style means to highlight your hair colour through curls. This may go well with a middle, or a side parting.

To achieve the look, you may foremost, dampen your hair using thermal protectant spray and a medium hold spray. Dry the hair using a roundish brush, so as to add volume. Go ahead and curl your hair in medium to large sections. Run your fingers over the curls, before finishing up with a strong hold spray.

3The Smooth One Length

The Smooth One Length

This hairstyle not only looks smart, but also is easy to create and maintain. The sophisticated look, is at its best at shoulder length or above.

You may apply a mild thermal protectant, along with a light hold mousse to dampen your hair. Dry your hair with a brush and a side part your hair, to get the look. You may apply a medium hold hair spray, along with some gloss serum to give your style the desired look.

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4The Textured Pony

The Textured Pony

This chic pony is sure to enliven the dullest of days. This easy to accomplish hairstyle is a refreshing get away from your regular work look.

Apply the usual course of thermal protectant, along with a medium hold mousse, to dampen your hair. Add volume to the drying hair, with the help of a round brush, even as you pull the hair back and away from your face.

Pin up the front section, while you may curl the remaining hair in large sections. You may pull the remaining hair into a pony, barring a few face framing pieces.

Back comb the pony, to get a textured look, and finish with a texturing pomade and a medium hold hair spray.

5The Side Swept Pony

The Side Swept Pony

This one is for the after hours, as you may carry it out from the office and into the city.

Apply your routine of thermal protectant spray along with a dampening mousse, which may be of medium holding strength. Use the round brush to add volume, even as you pull the front section behind.

Pull the hair below the ponytail loosely into a ponytail, and curl in a couple of large sections, while the top part you may curl in medium sections. Pull whatever remaining hair you have to the side and pin it down. Finish the look with a medium holding hair spray.

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6The Pin Back

The Pin Back

This may just happen to be the trend setter at your work place, and a pleasant one as well, if you are working with like minded people.

Apply thermal spray and a light holding mousse to dampen your hair. Dry your hair and add volume with a round brush, even as you pull the hair to the desired side.

Curl the hair in large sections and comb through it gently. Twist the hair in a loose fashion, in the side that you have swept it towards, and finish your style with a medium holding hair spray.

7The Pixie

The Pixie

You may make the pixie look serious, or may make it fun. It is as versatile, as versatile may get.

Apply your regular coat of a thermal spray and light hold mousse to dampen the hair. Dry your hair simply by pulling it to the desired side.

Curl the hair in medium and small sections, even as you gently push the hair towards the crown. Add a texturing agent, and a medium hold spray.

8The Curly Bob

The Curly Bob

This one is for the special days at work. This look full of curls is a convenient way to spice up your everyday work bob.

Apply thermal protection spray, and a medium hold spray to dampen the hair. Dry with a round brush, as you create volume, and are able to pull it to a desired side.

Curl in medium sections and finish with a medium hold spray.

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