10 Ways to feel sexy without trying too hard

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Looking and feeling sexy are two different things. Wanting to look sexy is very much a person’s desire, but how to feel that without trying too hard is something that not of the women posses nowadays. Looking and feeling sexy comes from within. When you take a walk on the road and see other people, have you wondered how they look so hot and sexy and how you look like a pig? Well, when you take a stroll you are jealous because you see perfect hair, they smell good, their attire is great and they look so much like a mannequin, while you don’t look anything close to that. We have all felt the same way. There is something that some people really have to look so amazingly sexy and awesome all at once that you are missing. Well, we are here to tell you how to feel sexy even when you don’t really feel like you are a sex bomb or a Greek goddess.

Don’t worry girls, if you have always been worrying about how to feel sexy and hot by not trying it too hard, then here we are with a dozen of choices that you can make on our daily basis. We are going to show you how to go ga-ga about yourself without trying too hard.

There are some of the steps that you should follow to feel sexy. Here are some ways you can change the way people look at you.

10 Tips on How to Feel Sexy

1A stunning makeover – physique wise

A stunning makeover

A great body can make you feel so good about yourself that you will forget what it is to look fat or have an ounce of fat in your body. The first cue to feel sexy is to have a good body. In order to do that, you need to exercise and go on workouts. Did you know that most men first check out the body that a woman has? Well, yes, it involuntarily attracts the other sex and makes them look at you. It will definitely increase your confidence and lets you be the way you want to be. This is one of the first ways of feeling sexy because if you have a good physique, you will go for good clothes and that by itself is a great transformation of a person. It’s a huge boost to self confidence and will make you feel sexy all over again.

If you tend to get good comments from your colleagues or your boyfriend, you are indeed there for a surprise and it will make you feel so good. Try to have a balanced diet or a workout plan. You can definitely follow the GM diet which will help you lose about 3-4 kgs per month. It is not only on a strict diet, it depends even mentally. You need to determine how you want to look and how you want to feel. That will push you through the process.

2Looking good and dressing up well

Looking good and dressing up well

Most of you girls think that you look the best amongst all others. Yes, of course you do, but do you dress the best? Do you make sure to dress up the way others want you to see? It is true that most of the people are told not to bother much about dressing up because the inner self matters most. While that is a 100% true, if you are the person who is willing to make a change, you are the only person who needs to think about changing that way you look. Wearing skimpy and short dresses are not what is required to look good. An amazing outfit makes up for all that you feel. Do your friends often comment on the way you are dressed? Do they feel you are repeating the same dress again and again? Then, listen to them because they are the only souls who tell you the truth on your face.

You may think that you are one of the best dressed, while clearly you aren’t. You should think of changing your wardrobe slowly. Try to go through some of your friend’s wardrobe and check what they have prioritized to buy.

Pick clothes that suit you and the colors that suit you the most. Try to check out some of the latest collections on the internet or check out the fashion magazines. They will tell you what the world is going after. You can definitely catch up on looking hot and sexy if you get to know what the trend is. You don’t have to feel bad or ashamed for asking help from someone. After all, all you are doing is just asking for help for yourself. So, never feel bad at all.

3Groom yourself

Groom yourself

Having a makeover and looking completely different and gorgeous takes you a long way in grooming yourself. It is not ok to feel sexy with just clothes and a great physique. If you don’t groom yourself, your efforts of making other people look at you for the change will be missing. So, always go one step ahead in the lines of grooming yourself. Get a sexy and a flattering haircut done, try to go in for waxing, pedicure and manicures, facials and so on. It is firstly important for you to make yourself feel good. Pamper yourself so that you feel great and happy. It actually improves personal hygiene as well. Looking good and grooming is far more important than you think. The sexiness you expect should come from inside, so to feel sexy – you don’t have to act sexy. You just have to be sexy!

4Appropriate lingerie

Appropriate lingerie

Buying lingerie that fits and suits you is very important. You need to feel sexy from inside. So, sometimes it is ok to buy flattering lingerie just for the sake of it. There is nothing wrong in buying a pair of black lacy under and bra that has the perfect fit. Get a halter neck bra, revealing ones, ones that make you look great. Knowing that you are wearing a great and amazing bra will boost your confidence in you and make you a better person, no matter what! So, try to invest in some great lingerie. Even if no one sees it, its fine because you know that you love it!

5Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

Well yes, every girl has to pamper herself once in a while. Go on shopping and just buy whatever you feel like buying. Yes, you will regret this later, but you will at least feel good that you listened to your heart at the moment. Have you always wanted to just try coloring your hair? Get one done. Have you wondered if you can pull off a bikini, don’t hesitate. Just get one. Go to spas and get massages done, get yourself a pedicure kit or something that will keep you excited. If you want to be sexy, you deserve to also feel like one.

Splurge on whatever you want like jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags etc. If you look at the mirror and feel Va va Vhoom, then every person around you will feel the same. Have you been attempting to get lens for a long time, go ahead and get one. It’s all about you when you want to feel sexy! So, don’t even hesitate one bit.

6Get respected and feel respect for yourself

Get respected and feel respect for yourself

You need to understand that, if you don’t give yourself any self respect, then no one around you is really going to care about you. Respecting yourself doesn’t mean that you are walking on the egoistic line, it just strengthens the fact that you are worth someone’s time and money. So, you have to learn to respect yourself and your body at first. If you think people are making funny jokes about your or your appearance, you don’t have to tolerate all that at all. Either give back a fitting reply or try to avoid them, That way you will know that you are not around people who don’t love you for the way you are. Don’t let your friends stamp all over you and take you for a ride. You are worth a million things, so self respect is the most important thing to look and feel sexy.

7Concentrate on loving yourself

Concentrate on loving yourself

You need to know that no matter who loves you or not, there are two people who will always love you for the person you are. You may be changed by the way you look, you may feel different and may act differently, but you and your parents are the two people who know the real you. Don’t let the real you die at any cost. Enjoy how your life turns out to be. Feel happy for yourself and your life and have a smile on your face. That’s the first thing every person would love to see – A smile! When you have a smile on your face, people will find you worthy and respect you. Happy people always look attractive even without trying too hard. Cheer up with joy and happiness and you will not know how people will get attracted to you in no time. That’s the magic of loving yourself and most importantly – A smile!

8Work with your expressions

Work with your expressions

If you have always felt that you are a person who is a little less expressive, then don’t worry about that at all. You have mirrored only because you can work out your expressions on them. The mirrors don’t judge, they don’t ask you why you are making faces and most of all, reflect what you do. So, if you have been lacking to make the appropriate expressions, then this is the time you should start trying. Trying to act is different from being cute. So, if you can build it from the scratch, it will not look artificial or mad up. Expressions work ways in a lot of ways! Be a hottie!

9Do you know how to flirt?

Do you know how to flirt?

Do you know how to flirt?This could probably sound silly to you, but trust us when we say this – Learn to flirt! If you know how to flirt, that will definitely open gate to a whole new level of things. Club the amazing art of flirting and feeling sexy because this combination is a tested and tried one which works magic with guys. Flirting doesn’t also mean that you should be unbearably willing to do anything. Try to be the most elegant and the flirty type that the guys like. You can’t exceed your limits and go a step higher because you may come across as a desperate/ needy person.

You don’t have to woo anybody because all of this has to come naturally to you. Be elegant and composed. Happy personalities know to flirt well and do a great job. So, you could be one of those!

10Feel like a Greek goddess

Feel like a Greek goddess

You should mainly understand what a sex appeal is in general. It is not about getting into things that you are uncomfortable with. It is understanding the perspective of the other person and doing things that you feel comfortable with. It is always good to gain some knowledge. If you are going on a date, you don’t have to wear any revealing clothes, yet you can woo the guy in just one snap. It is not the body, its always the head that matters. Play and replay the words and ways you want to feel about yourself. When you feel like a goddess, the other person feels it too. That will increase your confidence and talk a lot about your composed sexual prowess.

Sex is definitely different from sexy. You can be sexy in bed and you can be sexy in public as well. Remember that if you know the difference between over doing sexiness and feeling composed and yet knowing how to flaunt, you can become the person you are looking for. It is all about feeling the sexiness flow inside your head, rather than showing it outside.

-Pavithra Ravi

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