Top 4 signs that your relationship is already over


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They say that it always takes two people, two sets of minds and two sets of hearts to actually make a relationship work. But, it just takes one heart to break the other one. No matter how much you love the other person, how much you want to take care and how much you have always loved, when the person breaks it, everything comes tumbling down. There can be a lot of issues that break your relationship and get it over with. Nobody knows when it has ended, but there are definitely some signs that it has ended. Not many are going to understand or foresee that because they are blinded by love. The raw and intense love can definitely and very easily be blinded. Your brain doesn’t think much and your emotions can get vanished. Your brain doesn’t think love for you, your heart does and you end up thinking that you will somehow save the relationship. But, let us tell you that it is time that you wake up from your fantasy world and realize that there is much more than just the heart and everything.

There is another person who probably is not interested with you or your ideals. So, wake up and get to know the top signs that your relationship is already over. These signs could be very alarming at first, but when you think about it, you will know that you did the right thing.

Main Reasons Why Your Relationship is Already Over

1Invasion of personal space

Invasion of personal space

Invasion of privacy happens when you don’t believe the other person. It can just be as simple as checking your husband’s or partner’s phones or texts, messages, photos, Facebook or social media activities. It applies even if he checks your phone or doesn’t believe you with social media. Your relationship is already over if you try to sneak it and sneak out or snoop in each other’s private life. Actually, even if you have a private life, then it’s an end. The couple that trusts each other and doesn’t bother about phones, messages, etc., are the couple that are still fighting their relationship. If you are the former one, stop thinking about the love and everything because it is already over. Your relationship can be related to a car without gas. Yes, its sure there and its all classy, but it can’t go anywhere further.

2Keeping secrets

Keeping secrets

Every single person has secrets and there is no denying. If your secrets are going to help your partner, then that is fine because there is a whole new case here. But, if you are keeping something away from your partner or if he is keeping something away from you, then practically your relationship is suffering the end. You need to make sure to keep your relationship alive on the basis of truth. If you keep lying to each other, it will never work out at all. If you feel the need to hide something, then you are doing something wrong and that will eventually blow up. Everything has to come out in the bright light one day. So, if you are continuously lying to your partner, but if you are willing to come clean, you can save it. If not, then your marriage is over.

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3Hostility and aggression

Hostility and aggression

When you start off with your marriage, you start on a good note. You agree to everything and things pan out to be well and good. But, by the course of time, you may not want the same things. You may consider different solutions for different problems. However, when you are not able to settle for a particular decision, you end up having a heated argument and divergence. While some couples prefer to shout out loud and get over it, some may take the silent route. If you both have been very aggressive and hostile about the situation and not able to take a proper step and think of the solution, you may reach the end of the relationship. May be your husband is not able to think and he keeps shouting at you or vice versa. You may have the heated argument thinking it’s going to solve everything. Instead, you are making it worse. If you are there, it’s a sign that you are going to very soon quit.

4No more affection or love

No more affection or love

It is very easy to find out if you guys have stopped loving each other. Every relationship has its own perks. Well, in a lovely relationship, the perk involves getting physical. If there are no more kisses, no more exchange of sweet words, no more hugs, no more being there for each other, no more lovely texts or no more just calling and listening to each other’s voice, then you are suffering a breakdown – a severe one! The simple formula is that, you have stopped taking the effort of doing so. It is more like you are living just for the heck of it and not because you love each other. This could practically mean that you are ending it, but just not saying it out loud

If you feel like there is an indication of any of the above types, then you need to find time for each other and sit down to talk about it. You need to give time for each other and talk to each other about the situation. You can’t just let go immediately, but if you think you are just not able to fix it, then yes – the time has come. You are trying to fix it too hard and the other person doesn’t want to handle it. This means that you have to let go. If your partner doesn’t show any effort, you don’t want to be the only one fighting the battle. Things happen and life has to move on. It could lead to a phase where you and your partner have to part ways. Their signs are very important, so don’t ignore the signs.

It may sadden you, but don’t let the relationship break you. Be strong!

-Pavithra Ravi

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