Some things sensitive people want you to know


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sensitive people

There are certain things you can’t tell a sensitive person. In fact, it is so true that you can’t tell a sensitive person not to take things so personally. This could majorly be something that they want you to know. Sensitive people have the tendency to take things to heart and make everything personal and take it to heart no matter what. It can be work, relationship or even friends. A comment that you passed for fun could be one of the few things that she may take seriously and ponder on the same for months. Being a sensitive person could be difficult and people may not understand much about that, but here are some things sensitive people want you to know about them. You make it worse when you tell sensitive people not to worry and not to do those forbidden things. That is what makes it worse for them. Here are some things sensitive people feel and they want you to know. Just know it and try to ease with them because after all, though they are sensitive, they are our friend or family, right?

Things sensitive people can’t explain to others, but want others to know

1Caring for everything


No matter what, sensitive people take everything to heart because they actually care about everything. Making people unhappy is never ever their goal. But, you have got to understand that this does not mean that all of them are people-pleasers. It is quite true that they know how much it sucks to get their feelings hurt, so they would never want other people to feel the same. Like how people get hyper active, these people give hyper focus, because they care so much about the people around them and people whom they really love. You have got to know that sensitive people empathize so much that when someone they care about is upset, it kills them alive. It is also genuinely true that they hate knowing that they did something to make another person unhappy.

2Not strong, but don’t always cry

dont cry

Get that sensitive people don’t cry just because they are sensitive and weak. Well, like how everyone else feels, there are a certain things that they don’t really care about and some things hit close to home. But, you have got to understand that unlike everyone else, whatever matter hits quite close to home, hits really, really hard for them.

Well, they are no stronger people, but remember that they are not whiners as well because some topics can really set their mood off. There are times when you will see sensitive people crying for a movie, but talk about a breakup like it was an ever loving story. Most importantly, you should understand that how much they cry in situations depends on their connection to the topic you talk to them. They cry only and only if they care a tiny damn about you or your topic.

3Getting over is hard

Getting over is hard

It is very true that it is hard for most people to get over certain things that happen whether it is a breakup or a fight with a friend. The truth about them is that these people take even longer to get over these situations. Of course in all sense, it doesn’t mean that they won’t get over it or anything . Well, its just the time that they take because they need more time to process what went on so that we can figure out how to move on from it.

4Over analyzing everything

Over analyzing

This could be a serious issue because they can’t help it themselves. Yes, it is true that it could be something as small as the way they perceive a text message. It is funny and shocking, but they can sit around for hours ripping the text apart to see what the underlying meaning is.

Though not everything has an undercover, they don’t think otherwise at all because they still manage to make one up and stew over it. It is sad about them that they over analyze everything because they always feel like they are going to mess things up. Even if you change your tone or the way you talk to them, they will make sure to pick up something about that and freak out for the whole day leaving you confused. Honestly, it sometimes gets really annoying and scary to date a sensitive person, but its just the time you have to give her. Once you know her, you are fine. They would like to have everything the way they perceive and see it in their heads, no matter what.

5They will always be there for you

there for you

This could be a very great advantage of having a sensitive person by your side. Since they care a lot for you, they will be there no matter what. It gets hard for them to let go of people, so they are always going to be there for people. Even if you don’t wish good for them, they will knowingly or unknowingly love you for what you are.

The best thinking about sensitive people is that even if they know someone isn’t having a positive influence on their lives, they still are obliged to respond whenever other person tries to contact. This is mainly and only because they don’t want to be mean and simply not respond.

Sensitive people actually know how it is to feel lonely and alone and they know how bad they can feel. So, they will never do that to others and make them feel sad. That’s the sad reality and the beautiful nature of a sensitive person.

-Pavithra Ravi