7 Super Foods that can beat stress

foods to beat stress

It could definitely be impossible to beat deadlines, which turn out to be inevitable in the crazy-busy life of yours. It so happens that, this brings in the factor of stress with it. If you are running against your time, then maybe the final thing that you would want to hear is someone telling that you can cook yourself a healthy and a balanced meal. If you are a person, who is feeling stressed with all the deadlines you have to meet at your workplace and ofcourse, not to mention your full social calendar, these are the foods that will help you relieve your stress and get back on track.

When you eat foods that can release stress from your head, your body becomes the perfect home for a lot of other things. You will get a good night’s sleep, you will be upbeat and of course, you will like to go out and meet people. But, if you are stressed and worried, you end up getting wrinkles, you don’t feel fine and you have puffy eyes which isn’t all that great for your body and looks. So, if you are thinking about all the necessary ideas of how to beat stress, then here’s your answer. Consume any of these foods to beat stress and kick it out of your lives.

Super Foods that Beat Stress

1Green leafy veggies

Green leafy veggies

It so happens that a lot of us are often tempted to grab fast food or just about anything from the vending machine when we are stressed. Well, why don’t you give that a skip and instead of your usual go to food, try to pick something that is green and leafy – vegetables, per se! Since these veggies are super duper rich in folate, which produces dopamine, the brain functions are good and upbeat which eventually reduces the pressure on your head. It has been proven in University of Otago study that college students who consistently ate vegetables felt happier, smoother and more energetic than those who didn’t eat veggies on a regular basis. This easily proves that eating green leafy veggies can reduce the stress levels and bring about more feelings that are positive. So, opting for a good diet food is better than eating the junk fast food.

2Eat Dark chocolate

Eat Dark chocolate

Wouldn’t you be thrilled to eat dark chocolate when you are stressed? Yes, dark chocolate is a very common cure for stress. A Swiss study proves that dark chocolate can help you combat the severeness of anxiety and stress. It is always good when you choose a dark chocolate with energy-boosting almonds, so that you can come back to a better mood within moments of consumption.

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Milk is a great way to beat stress. Warm milk after your dinner can let you sleep peacefully and gracefully and helps you combat insomnia. If you drink milk in the night, you tend to wake up with a fresh and energetic feeling the next day. How much did we know that milk, which is something so regular can bring in so much of a change in a human body?



The cooler stuff your body eats when you are stressed, the better. So, you should highly make sure that your smoothies contain ripe banana since it contains potassium, which aids in lowering the blood pressure. You can also drink cocoa milk, which releases the dopamine in your body so that you feel calm and re-energized.

5Indian Spices

Indian Spices

There are basically two different components in Indian spicy food which will help you combat stress and they are curcumin and capsaicin. The main work of Curcumin is that, when you add it in the curry, it makes sure to shield the major parts of your brain from the weight of stress. When the brain is reduced by stress, capsaicin releases the hormone endorphin to calm you when you are tensed or hyperactive. These foods are found in our daily spicy foods like bell peppers, black pepper, clove and other spices. You can add all of these spices in our regular food or in our curry, so that it gets mixed well and tastes good too.



Are you a fan of oatmeal and raisin cookies or oatmeal milk pudding? Then, this will prove super good for you. You can now beat stress-using oatmeal since it is rich in fiber and aids in the digestion of food. The oatmeal also lets you digest your meal slowly so it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels like any other fruits.

7Nuts and Almonds

Nuts and Almonds

It doesn’t matter how much you take in, whether its almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios or pumpkin seeds, be sure that you can easily knock down stress with antioxidant-rich nuts and seeds. You can also try to eat crushed pumpkin seeds by adding it in milk, which will boast tryptophan. It basically helps your head to secrete serotonin production that will cool your head. Nuts like cashews, walnuts also contain selenium that lets you raise your mood instantly without making you stressed about anything.

-Pavithra Ravi

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