You Must Know the Importance of Vitamins Intake for Women’s Health-12 Essential Vitamins


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Benefits of vitamins

Can you be sure that you are having healthy food on daily basis?

Are you trying to describe with the quantity and the routine diet you follow daily? Now give a pause to your answers and calculations for few minutes and take time to listen to my answer.

I will be sure of having healthy food on daily basis when am focusing on my intake of vitamins, proteins and calcium.

I understand that you cannot measure the food that you eat on daily basis. But you need to mind your vitamin intake. Every vitamin is essential for you and their quantity in your body matters to keep you healthy. Agree that men and women need vitamins intake but there are essential vitamins for women, in specific. You must also know this fact about vitamins that high consumption is harmful and low consumption results in many health issues for women.

Vitamins that are Crucial for Women’s Health:

1. Vitamin A and It’s Health Benefits

There are many health benefits all over with vitamin A. But every vitamin is a specialist in few health benefits. These major health benefits of vitamin A for women are must known. The most focused health benefits for women of vitamin A are: (R)

Eyes can be Protected from Night Blindness: One of the major reasons that cause night blindness in aged people or normal people is the inadequacy of vitamin A. This clearly says vitamin A is much needed for good vision.

One of the major reasons that cause night blindness in aged people or normal people is the inadequacy of vitamin A. This clearly says vitamin A is much needed for good vision.

You can stay away from Risk of Cancer: The study says, consumption of vitamin A can reduce the the risk of cancer. As cancer is mostly occurs when abnormal cells start to grow and split in an unstoppable way. So, vitamin A can promote the cells developments first and then prevent from cancer as a result.

Promotes the immune system: The less amount of vitamin A in your body can give you barriers in your eyes, lungs, gut and genitals and then lead to infections. It may also not allow you to recover from the infection with weak immunity when there is vitamin A deficiency.

Acne can be Reduced: Many of the women suffer from painful acne on the face, back and chest. This can also be due to vitamin A deficiency. This is not a major concern of health but matters to an extent. So, check if your acne problem can be reduced with the intake of vitamin A.

Bone Health is the Other Noticed Benefit: Bone health is majorly promoted with enough of calcium but we can say deficiency of vitamin A may lead to bone fractures sometimes.

Healthy Growth of Infants: Vitamin A is a must for pregnant women which helps an unborn child to grow and develop the organs and other body parts overall.

Healthy Reproduction: With vitamin A deficiency in women can effect the egg quality and egg implantation in the womb.

Foods Sources of Vitamin A: You cannot give the reason of shortage food that are rich in vitamin A. There many foods that can be easily included in your daily diet. Go through the food sources of vitamin A:

Vitamins that are crucial for women-s health

Red bell pepper is easy to add for spice in dishes.

Carrots, apricots, sweet potato and cantaloupe like foods can be consumed directly.

Green leafy veggies like spinach and broccoli are must for every alternate day.

Any ways, no dish or salad can be completed with tomatoes.

Greens peas are good for health and add taste.

Now, just think isn’t it easy to intake enough of vitamin A on daily basis.

  • B-Complex Vitamins: The set of B vitamins play a vital role in health benefits. Every vitamin of B-complex has the important health benefits and none of them cannot be left in your diet. But many of them take the supplements of B-vitamins. Before taking the supplements they must know that there are many food sources that can be replaced.

2. Thiamin or Vitamin B1 and It’s Health Benefits

Health benefits with vitamin B1 are many and few benefits make it the essential vitamin. You must count this health benefits as they are important for you.

You cannot omit this vitamin B after checking the below health benefits:

Converts Sugar Into Energy: Vitamin B1 is efficient at convert sugar into energy. The deficiency of vitamin B1 will make it difficult for you to break down the carbohydrates. When carbs are not broken down, it leads to many health issues. (R)

The Brain can Function Better: The role of vitamin B1 for whole nervous system and brain functioning, it plays an important role. This vitamin is crucial to retain the nerve function and to prevent from any disability of nervous system.

Shields Nerves Well: Nerves are shielded with  myelin sheaths which are protective covering of the top most coat. So, here vitamin B1 is needed to develop the shield around nerves. The healthy myelin sheaths makes it easy to send and receive the nerve signals.

Improves Appetite: The most seen symptom of vitamin B1 deficiency is loss of appetite. This makes you feel full and this is proved in studies. So, you need to maintain the balanced diet with proper intake of vitamin B1 and improve your appetite.

Food Sources of Vitamin B1: You can see the crucial and different benefits of vitamin B1. Now, you should make sure that you have all the above benefits by just consuming vitamin B1. You need not fetch the food sources as you will have them at your home. All you need to do is consuming them without keeping aside.

Food sources of vitamin B1

Bread made of wheat flour perfect to gain vitamin B1.

Green peas must be part of your dishes.

Beans and seeds.

Will, you still not get enough of vitamin B1 with above food sources?

3.Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 and It’s Health Benefits

You may a find couple of benefits with vitamin B2 but don’t you think you can only stay healthy without these issues. We cannot afford the effects on health due to any vitamin deficiency.

So, better to glance on focus on the health benefits that vitamin B2 can give you:

Health – Giving for Liver: To stay away from all the liver risks, you must have a good quantity of vitamin B2. The deficiency of this vitamin can give you the unhealthy liver. So, you must start focusing on the consumption of B2.

Can Help Reduce Migraines and Headache: Treatment with vitamin B2 is the proven method for migraines and headache. Having the food that is rich in vitamin B2 can be the natural way to cure a migraine.

Food Sources of Vitamin B2: We have given the list of foods that are rich in riboflavin and you must include all of them in your daily diet. You can have them often to have full health benefits of vitamin B2.

Food sources of vitamin B2

Add broccoli to your diet. Easy to have green making salads, green smoothie and curry.

Soya beans are the healthiest food

Eggs can fill you with all essential vitamins and proteins.

Green leafy veggies are beneficial for your health.

Mushrooms are packed of riboflavin which is good for red blood cells.

Hope you agree that you have enough food options to gain vitamin B2.

4.Niacin or Vitamin B3 and It’s Health Benefits

The minor health issues can be turned into dangerous diseases. So, you need to encounter and keep all the health issue at the bay. You need often monitor if your intake of vitamins sufficient and if your feeding yourself something healthy.

You must make a note of the vitamin B3 benefits:

Mental health can be improved: Due to various reason and other vitamin deficiency mental health can be effected. One of the many reasons can be lack of vitamin B3. So, it is better you mind your intake of sufficient vitamin B3 to improve and prevent from mental depression.

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Protects your skin from damage: Your skin can be protected from sun damage and effects. You must note the point that many of the skin products are made of vitamin 3 to shield skin from damage. It also has the power of healing wound and to regain the lost moisture.

You can have relief from digestion problems: Vitamin B3 is good at breaking down the carbohydrates, fats that you consume through your diet. Making niacin part of your diet is important to avoid digestion problems.

Food sources of vitamin B3: Eat the foods that are vitamin oriented food. To gain vitamin B3 you can collect the food that will be handy for you at home. The below food sources are rich enough with vitamin B3.

Food sources of vitamin B3

Take all the benefits of peanuts.

Whole wheat is loaded with vitamin B3.

Replace white rice with brown rice.

Salmon is one of the great sources of niacin.

It isn’t a big deal to grab some vitamin B3 that you need on daily basis.

5.Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 and It’s Health Benefits

You should allow your body to do all the functions in a proper way. Do you think you will be able to function without any of the vitamins? The little deficiency can drag you into abnormal and strange conditions.

So, here are some benefits of vitamin B5 that take you away from serious health problems:

Plays vital role for the functioning of the nervous system: It is important that nervous system to function properly. The vitamin deficiencies may effect the nervous system and disturb by bringing problems into the picture. The problems that you will find when there is deficiency of vitamin B5 are memory loss, migraine headache, depression and motion sickness.

Formation of red blood cells: Red blood cells will be recreated in the body for every 120 days. When it fails to create red blood cells, the body organs, tissues and bones will not get enough oxygen. So, you need vitamin B5 to an extent to keep your blood healthy by forming red blood cells.

Food sources of vitamin B5: You can gain the goodness of vitamin B5 effortlessly. You need not have the food in huge quantity to gain the benefits of vitamin B5. All you need to do is add the food sources in your daily diet or every alternate day.

Food sources of vitamin B5

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flex seeds.

Cheese is loved for it’s taste add but must be loved for huge vitamin amount.

Turkey meat and chicken are wealthy with vitamin B5.

Legumes got all the B-vitamins.

Intake all the above foods and grab the benefits of vitamin-B5.

6.Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 and It’s Health Benefits

You must know the benefits of all the vitamins as there have different for each one. It is something that you follow when you know the importance.

So, have a glance at the health benefits of vitamin B6:

A best treatment for anemia: The deficiency of hemoglobin is termed as anemia. There are many horrible conditions that anemia brings on health. The weak feeling and tiredness are the symptoms of vitamin B6.

May keep away from depression: In some way, depression is connected with low blood levels. The risk of depression goes high with vitamin B6 deficiency. So, the study proved that having vitamin B6 can reduce treat depression.

Can reduce the symptoms of PMS: Before and during PMS, women go through the symptoms like anxiety, depression and irritability. All these symptoms of PMS in women can be controlled with intake of vitamin B6 to a good extent.

Helpful treating nausea during pregnancy: Women can have a healthy pregnancy with vitamin B6 on whole. But it is much helpful to treat sickness, tiredness and vomiting symptoms during pregnancy, which are the effects of nausea.

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Food sources of vitamin B6: It is not a challenge to gain vitamin B6 as you have enough food sources. So, you must eat all of the foods which are rich in vitamin B6 and see how they can help you.

Food sources of vitamin B6

Milk is a must to complete your day.

Potato is rich in vitamin B6.

Chicken liver is full of vitamin like B6.

Eat carrot sticks every day.

Banana is the richest fruit of vitamin B6

You can gain all goodness of avocado

Easily available food sources will not let you have vitamin B6 deficient.

7.Biotin or Vitamin B7 and It’s Health Benefits

You may have many causes for health issues but the majority of them can be due to vitamins deficiency. Just like other vitamins, you also need adequate vitamin H on daily basis. Your poor hair and nail conditions can be due vitamin H deficiency. This crucial vitamin can easily be part of your daily diet with a set of foods.

So, now lets look into both health benefits of vitamin B7 or biotin(R)

Keeps your Hair and nails healthy: The inadequacy of vitamin B7, will make the hair and nails weaken. When you have a good amount of vitamin B7 through your diet, you will face less problem of hair and nails. Many of hair products have the direct content of biotin for better hair growth and good results. The nails breakage and weak cuticles are due to vitamin H deficiency.

Great support for metabolism: This is the proven fact that biotin helps to break the food down acting as a co-enzyme. It also helps to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins which are included in your daily diet. That is how it is linked with metabolism and weight loss with consumption of biotin.

Gives healthy skin: You need to take vitamin B7 when you want to keep your skin nourished. The bad skin condition can be prevented when you are able to have enough vitamin B7. The effects of this vitamin can show you in the form of red and scaly rashes.

Lessens cholesterol: The more of cholesterol is more heart diseases. So, you must try to reduce bad cholesterol by consuming a sufficient amount of vitamin B7. We can say in simple words that, no bad cholesterol is no heart diseases and strokes.

Regulates and controls blood sugar: Biotin is beneficial for diabetics as it releases less sugar into blood stream. Then it regulates the blood sugar levels automatically. You must note this benefit of biotin as it is proved in studies.

Food sources: After having a glance at the below food sources will you still say that you may miss vitamin B7 in a day. Raw eggs, nuts and meats are daily food that you have. You can gain all the health benefits of vitamin B7 with these handy foods.

Biotin or vitamin B7

Avocados, the butter fruit is good food with vitamin B7.

Start having egg yolk and stop keeping it aside.

Have lean meats to gain a good amount of vitamin B7.

You cannot complete your day without nuts and seeds.

Spinach made dishes are good for you.

It is very much possible to have the goodness of vitamin B7 with the above food.

8.Folate or Vitamin B9

All the health benefits of vitamin B9 are proven. As all the other vitamins, B9 is also efficient in some areas of health. When you are aware of the benefits, you should stop grabbing them.

Now, check the following health benefits of vitamin B9:

Fetal development and healthy pregnancy: Many clinical studies say, vitamin folate deficiency will show the results of abnormalities and defects in child’s birth. At the time of embryonic stage, fetal development will be possible with vitamin B9.

Low risk of cancer: You should remember the proven fact about vitamin B9 that is prevented from certain cancers. It is studied that the women who are taking adequate percentage of folate are less exposed to cancer. From all the cancers, mostly breast cancer can be prevented with intake of vitamin B9.

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May save from age related hearing and vision problems: This is a common problem that is faced eventually. The good news is you can save your hearing and vision abilities even while growing. Taking the recommended amount of vitamin B9 may prevent you from hearing and vision loss.

Food sources of vitamin B9: Take the recommended percentage of vitamin B9 and you will be saved from some health problems. As you need to intake all kinds of vitamins to stay all fit and healthy. Vitamin B9 is not difficult to find in foods. You get enough of folate from couple of fruits and grains.

Food sources of vitamin B9

Legumes are good in many ways.

Beets can remove all your folate deficiency.

Papaya and bananas are the vitamin oriented.

You will get a clear idea of vitamin B9 intake after looking at the food sources.

9. Cobalamin or Vitamin B12

Like other B vitamins, B12 also has the great benefits for women’s health. The proper consumption of vitamins can improve women’s health from inside.

It protects you from anemia: Anemia is the common health issue for women and it is caused by lack of red blood cells. The absence of vitamin B12 makes red blood cell formation difficult. Thus, you should make sure having ample of vitamin B12 in diet can keep you away from anemia.

Stands for healthy hair, nails and skin: When you want to save your hair, nails and skin from any damage, you should intake B12. This vitamin plays a multi role protecting hair, nails and skin. To gain healthy hair, skin and nails, start with consuming vitamins and beauty products comes later.

You can improve your sleeping patterns: Many people struggle to fall asleep and feel the morning sickness due to lack of sleep. This can be due to vitamin B12 deficiency. So, you should start counting your intake of B12 every day to improve your sleeping patterns. Replace your food habits along with some more self care.

Food sources: You may shun at the healthy food with bad taste. Stay foodie by having healthy food. All the food sources of vitamin B12 cannot be avoided as they are delicious and can make your taste buds happy.

You can improve your sleeping patterns

Sea food is delicious and healthy.

Animal liver and kidney can give you more of vitamin B12.

Low fat milk and yogurt must be part of your daily diet.

Are you ready to add the vitamin B12 oriented food?

10. Vitamin C and It’s Health Benefits

Do you know that vitamin C can keep you away from many dangerous diseases. It doesn’t mean that you rely alone on vitamin C to cure the diseases. It is all possible to cure with treatments along with the proper intake of foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

So, we must go through the health benefits that are possible to a good extent by consuming vitamin C (R)

Chronic diseases can be reduced: Chronic diseases are horrifying people and are the growing concern health wise. Vitamin C acting as an antioxidant can reduce the chronic diseases like cancer, heart and eye diseases.

Possible to fight again high blood pressure: You must be knowing that high blood pressure is the reason for heart attacks and disease most of the times. So, vitamin C can help you to reduce the high blood pressure and its effects. As said above, want to make it clear that vitamin C alone cannot keep you away from high blood pressure.

Fights heart diseases: Heart diseases can be caused due to many reasons like high cholesterol. It is proven in a study that consuming vitamin C can keep people away from heart diseases.

White blood cells can function better: White blood cells can protect your body from infections. When white blood cells are functioning well in your body, then your immune system can be improved.

Memory and thinking power can be improved: Memory and thinking power will be reduced with growing age and this is eventual naturally. Adequate intake of vitamin C can protect the brain from stress as well. Basically, vitamin C is good to for the nervous system.

Food sources of vitamin C: Would you miss vitamin C when you have a handful of food sources which are easy to consume. You can shuffle the consumption of foods from day to day to balance all the foods. There are great options to feed your body of vitamin C and stay healthy.

Food sources of vitamin C

Check the below food sources that are full with vitamin C:

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are rich enough of vitamin C.

Consume kiwifruits and strawberries to gain vitamin C easily.

A half cup of papaya is sufficient to fill your complete day with vitamin C.

Happily eat guavas to gain vitamin C.

Will you start having these foods that can give you enough of vitamin C in an easy way.

11.Vitamin D and It’s Health Benefits

Vitamin D can help you gain good health in various ways. As all the vitamins have the noticed health benefits, vitamin D also has it’s own. It is not that vitamin D can give you complete health but it can keep you away from some of the health issues.

Look at the below health benefits of vitamin D and know the vital role of it:

Better fertility is possible: The inadequacy of vitamin D women can effect the fertility and may also develop the chances of unhealthy pregnancy. Hence, it is important for women to intake vitamin D, who are are pregnant or planning to conceive. This can keep them away from pregnancy complications.

Protects you from breast cancer: Many of the women get effected with breast cancer due to deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D intake can do wonder fighting against breast cancer.

Vitamin D enters the cells that cause cancer and triggers the cell death process.

Great Bone strength: It is a well known fact that bone strength will be promoted by calcium than anything else. But you are not aware of the fact that vitamin D makes it easy to absorb calcium. The deficiency of vitamin D effects the pregnant women as it weakens baby’s bones and teeth. The low level of vitamin D in women can lead to hip fracture, majority of times.

Food sources of vitamin D: It is fine to leave the rare food items but not the handy. Vitamin D oriented food is available for you any time and in any season. Look into the below food items that can be part of your daily diet and gain enough vitamin D to have a healthy life.

Food sources of vitamin D

Consume the cooked or baked mushrooms four times a week.

Cheese is one of the rich foods that is rich in vitamin D

Any kind of fish is full of vitamin D

Eggs are to be consumed to gain vitamin D for your day.

(You must have the whole egg without removing yolk. As vitamin D comes from yolk)

Soya milk boosts with a high level of vitamin D.

These food sources give you a chance to consume vitamin D with no trouble.

12.Vitamin E and It’s Health Benefits

Vitamin E is the essential supplement in many skin products. The reason behind the inclusion of vitamin E in skin and beauty products is it’s antioxidants. Women will be effected and troubled with many skin issues and one of the causes is low level of vitamin E. All the benefits of vitamin E are related to skin which clearly means the proper intake of vitamin can keep you away from skin issues and bad conditions all the time.

Looking at the below health benefits of vitamin E, you will not skip it’s consumption:

You can stay away from itchiness: The allergic reactions and skin infections starts with itchiness. So, you should make sure that you take enough of vitamin E and keep your skin moisturized. Followed by the intake of vitamin E, you will have the moisturized skin.

Keeps skin moisturized: The healthy skin at once faces the problems like itching and redness due to lack of moisture. When you feed your body with good amount of vitamin E, it shows the goodness with healthy skin as a results.

Food sources of vitamin E: You may look for the ways to consume vitamin E on daily basis. Stop thinking and start consuming the below easy food sources of vitamin E. The good properties in vitamin E can keep your skin in healthy condition. You will be rarely and less effected with skin issues like allergy, rashes and itchiness with consumption of vitamin E.

Food sources of vitamin E

Shift from other oils to vitamin E oriented vegetable oils like sunflower, soya bean and corn.

Eat nuts like almonds and peanuts daily.

Mangoes also contains vitamin E.

No difficulty in adding vitamin E to your diet. Nuts and mangoes are all loved by anyone. But try using vegetable oils to have more of vitamin E.

What Vitamins Should a 30 Year Old Woman Take?

Vitamins deficiency is a risk for women in any age. The deficiency and intake levels of vitamins differ based on age. So, women in her 30’s need to mind the vitamin intake and see that she don’t grow with deficiency. Later stages of women, bring her many health issues. Isn’t it a better idea to take care with some good food and collect the vitamins for growing healthy.

Consume all the good food and gain the vitamins by focusing on specific vitamins in your 30’s.

Women in 30’s are recommended to B-vitamins, all of them are required to stay in you. You can hit the age related hearing and vision loss problems by consuming vitamin B9. Women in 30’s shouldn’t take a chance of keeps vitamin D away. You can expose yourself to sun in early mornings which is a great source of vitamin D to have less skin issue and inflammation. You need healthy bones while growing older. Taking vitamin D will help you to absorb calcium and strengthen your bones. Many of the women fall down with low levels of immunity. To boosts your immunity while growing old, you need intake vitamin C as much as recommended.

Supplements for women: Supplements for any women are not required until it is suggested and prescribed by the doctor. There are certain health conditions where women need to take the supplements. It is stressed to intake vitamin by consuming natural foods which are handful and can be added to your daily diet easily. Under these exceptions, women can consume the supplements.

For pregnant women: There can be many of the complications during pregnancy. Majority of the problems are related to vitamin deficiency. But it doesn’t mean that pregnant women should start taking the supplements until it is prescribed by the doctors. Mostly, all kinds of vitamins are found in natural food sources. In case of any vitamin deficiency, you can consult doctor for all over improvement from child’s growth and development to post delivery.

When there are dietary restrictions: It is of two exceptions where you need supplements. When it is suggested by doctors for weight loss or gain. The other exception is for the vegans who are restricted to eat meat can gain the vitamins through supplements. In fact, it is again better to be suggested by the doctors to consume which kind of supplements along with the dose.

Aging: Aged women may take vitamin D for aging problems. But it should be remembered that taking vitamin D in too much quantity is not good. So, it can be consumed with doctor’s prescription.

Our main purpose of the article here is to provide the information about all the vitamins through natural sources along with benefits. So, you can refer easily which vitamin will benefits you in which way and the food sources of the vitamin. The most important thing you need to remember is to take all the vitamins following a balanced diet. See that you do not skip any of the food sources that are rich in vitamins. Taking proper amount of vitamins, you can stay away from many serious health issues.