Breast Cancer Month; Diets To Prevent It


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Breast Cancer

In this month of breast cancer awareness, let’s talk about the health hazards of breast cancer and how to take care of your health. Do you know that breast cancer has replaced cervical cancer? Previously, number women use to die from cervical cancer in India. Cancer is one of the second most leading cause of death among people all over the World.

The most common myth about breast cancer is that it happens only to women. Yes, breast cancer is common among women, but no one knows that it also happens to men. Usually, the symptoms and causes, are different. Generally, breast cancer starts off in the inner lining of the milk ducts, which is the lobules that help in producing milk. This cancerous tumor spreads to the other parts of the body. A breast cancer, that starts from the lobules is called ‘lobular carcinoma’ while the one that is developed from the duct is called ‘ductal carcinoma’. Here, are some symptoms, and diet tips to prevent breast cancer.



The first major symptom of breast cancer is a lump on the breast. If you see a thickened tissue or a lump, in any area of the breast,then you must understand that it is the first sign of breast cancer. In majority all the lumps are not cancerous, but, you must check them with a health care professional.

However, if you have any of the following signs or symbols, then you must immediately visit the doctor.

  • A lump in the breast
  • Pain in the armpit or breast that are not related to the menstrual cycle
  • Redness or pitting of the skin in and surrounding breast
  • A rash around or on the nipple area
  • A swelling or a lump in one of the armpits
  • A thickened tissue in the area of breast
  • Blood discharge from one of the breasts
  • The change of appearance of the nipples, it can become inverted or sunken
  • The size as well as the shape changes
  • The skin of the nipples and the breast is peeling off in flake or scale

Bone Density Benefit With Nutritious Benefit

2Diet tips to prevent breast cancer

Diet tips

Yes, even your diet plan can help you to prevent from breast cancer. It can help you keep yourself healthy. Here are some foods that you must eat to prevent breast cancer.



Turmeric contains curcumin, which helps fighting breast cancer tumors. It also has the anti-inflammatory effect that can protect the overall health. You don’t need to have curcumin every day to prevent breast cancer. But, if you have a veg curry of broccoli, onion, and garlic it can help as an anti-cancer nutrition for more benefit.



This vegetable has garnered much attention as a breast cancer prevention food. Some research has shown that it blocks tumor growth, preventing the spread of cancer.



Garlic can have an impact on cell cycling. The cell cycle is the process to eliminate the cells that can become cancerous. Garlic has a component called allyl sulfide. This component can be found throughout the onion family and can help aid in breast cancer prevention. Anti-cancer nutrition studies have found that garlic extract supplements are very good for preventing cancer. Also, who needs on blood thinners and another kind of medications need to talk to their physician before taking garlic supplements to avoid drug interactions.

Healthy Digestive Food From Proper Diet



An apple can keep the breast cancer away, but with a twist. It is said that if you eat an apple with peel,then the rich fiber, antioxidants, and many other compounds helps as an anti-cancer nutrition. Some studies have shown that apple peel can also fight the spread of cancer cells. Now this is the best reason to add apples to your shopping list.



Some studies say that pomegranates contain a compound that can help in preventing or fighting the early signs of cancer’s growth, especially estrogen-dependent cancers. It can make a healthy addition to any breast cancer prevention or management diet, in either fruit or juice form.



Some beneficial source of omega-3 acids includes certain kinds of fish and fish oil. Fish is another smart,lean protein source that can be added to your diet to prevent breast cancer because it contains anti-cancer nutrition. Always try to Opt for tuna, salmon, sea bass, and mackerel fish, as breast cancer diet choices instead of processed meats, bacon or red meat.



If you are shopping for healthy fats, then you must get some flax seeds, as your instant best anti-cancer nutrition choice. It has components known as lignans, which can decrease cancer cell growth and makes it a perfect for a breast cancer diet. You should eat these seeds by grinding it or sprinkling on the salad or muffins or on cakes and bread.

10Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins, that has shown benefits in preventing breast cancer. Some research suggests that green tea can protect the cells against environmental exposures, that can increase the risk of cancer.

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