Magic Of Bath Salts and Benefits-8 Best Bath Salts In India

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You give minimal time for yourself, be it health or beauty vise. Your day starts with body care and bathing is part of your every day. What if this routine habit is enjoyable and more beneficial for you? Bath salts are making the bathing enjoyable with various benefits. Are you looking for those amazing benefits of bath salts? We know, it is interesting to know about. You can read further and know more about bath salts.

You detox your body in many ways by having teas, juices which are work effectively. The other way of removing the toxins from the body is by using bath salts while bathing. You find ways to get rid of daily stress and bath salts are wonderful at releasing your stress. These are the overview benefits of bath salts.

You need to do a background check for any skin product. We keep giving the knowledge of many products. This time it is about the bath salts. If you are not aware of bath salts, you must know here now.

Best Bath Salts India-For A Happy Shower

We have gathered all the best bath salts that are available in India. The brief description will let you grab one from the list. As you must not own and use a product without proper insight, we are giving you the required information like key ingredients, uses of every product of bath salt.

1.Soulflower Rose Geranium Bath Salt

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This bath salt is loved by people and you will not find any bad effect on it. It is more of benefits where you have essentials oils, vitamin E, Epsom salt and sea salts. You will love the aroma of this product and it leaves your body with the fragrance. No wonder, if you want it for everyday bathing. The way it rejuvenates your senses while bathing. Also, it locks the moisture in your body for long hours. Other wanted benefit of sunflower bath salt is, it body aches.


2. Khadi Natural Lavender Basil Bath Salt

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By looking at the product, you will know the main ingredients that are lavender and basil leaves. The other ingredients which made this product stand in the top are sea salt, almond oil, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, magnesium sulfate.

The women who suffer from body acne can try this product as it has antibacterial properties in it. This product gives a huge relief on a tiring day. You feel refreshed after bathing with Khadi bath salt. You must prefer this product to relax your tired muscles, especially. You will the benefits with first use itself. If you want a mild fragrance, then you may like this product as it has the strongest fragrance.


3. Organix Mantra Epsom Bath Salt

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You must be looking for ways to detox your body. Give your body scrubs some rest and try Organix bath salt for the same. It is capable of removing the toxins from your body. The common problems like feet aching and muscle cramps can be avoided using this bath salt. You will have an awesome bath experience using this bath salt.

You can also treat feet aching by soaking your feet in this bath salt mixed water.


4. Mesmara Epsom Salt

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When you are planning to purchase a product you look for your purpose of purchasing. So, this product covers many purposes like removing tan on feet and hands. You can also use mesmara bath salt as a body scrub. You can kick off all the stress by using this salt and having a bath. If you are suffering from painful body acne, you must give try to this bath salt, which works well.


5. Nyassa Dead Sea Salt with Essential Minerals

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The ingredients that are used in this product are dead sea salt and Epsom salt. You can grab the benefits like stress relief and foot soak with this bath salt. When you bath with Nyssa bath salt, you can stay hydrated for a longer time. You will feel like spa time using this product.

You can also deeply cleanse your body by removing the dead skin cells. Altogether, you can prefer using it for a daily and happy bath.


6. Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt

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The key ingredients in this bath salt are magnesium sulfate and lavender oil. These ingredients brought the reputation of this product.

The daily bath can be beneficial in many ways. Bathing benefits like stress relief and cleansing become better with mamaearth bath salt. Your body will need a gentle therapy after a long day and this Epsom bath salt can work wonders that way. The body and feet aches can be moved off instantly.


7. Old Tree Epsom Bath Salt

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Stress at work and other hectic managements are common. If you need a solution which gives you instant and better relief. Pick this bath salt to gain relief from stress. It can blow away your tiredness quickly. It is also enough good in taking off the toxin from the skin. Old tree bath salt can work as a cleanser by unclogging the pores. As you need to exfoliate your skin once in a while, let the work be done by this bath salt. Post using this bath salt, your skin becomes softer.


8. Pink Himalayan Bath Salt

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Your body takes loads of dust and dirt. So, it needs a deep cleansing by detoxifying all the toxins. Toxin-free body feels soft. The bad skin conditions like acne, infections, and allergies can be cured with pink Himalayan bath salts. You can also have proper blood circulation which is not normal all the time. The product is also pro at keeping skin hydrated.


8 Super Benefits of Bath Salts

1. Best Way to Detox: The body with toxins cannot keep the skin pure and glowing. So, you need to detox your body by releasing the toxins. On a daily basis, your skin takes loads of toxins exploring out. So, you must let your body soak in water mixed with bath salts and detox your body.

2. Relief from muscle aches: Generally, many people go through body aches and cramps. Such common pains can be treated by using bath salts. The magnesium, sulfate and vitamin E like ingredients help to give your relief from body pains. Many of the users say that ankles pains, feet cramps, back pain are away after using the bath salts.

3. Keeps Your skin away from inflammation and infections: Bath salts are also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Your body can take the best of the ingredients like aloe vera gel, lavender oil and Epsom salt, dead sea salt. You can stay away from bad skin conditions like allergies, body acne, and infections.

4. Frees from stress: The mild fragrance of the bath salts will allow you to relax deeply. Headache is a common effect after a long day. Bath time with bath salts can free you from the stress. It can also work for controlling your anxiety. You will have the most soothing experience while bathing.

5. Soft and smooth skin: With bath salts, you can exfoliate your skin and it takes off the dead skin cells. When the dead skin cells are removed, your skin becomes smooth and soft. You can also use bath salts as a body scrub for exfoliation.

6. Keeps skin moisturized: Your skin needs a good amount of moisture and bath salts can do the job of moisturizing your skin. Dried and flaking skin can be prevented with bath salts. In fact, the moisture on your skin stays longer.

7. Works as a cleanser: The daily dirt that your skin can be washed off with bath salts. The deep cleansing of your skin is much possible with bath salts. You can use bath salts everyday bathing and make your skin refreshed. It will be a perfect rejuvenation for your skin.

8. No Constipation: Bath salts also work curing constipation. The skin absorbs the magnesium and softens the stool in your stomach. You can use bath salt on a daily basis to get rid of constipation.

How to use bath salts?

They are different ways of using bath salts. You can follow the simple steps of using bath salts. It can be used as cleanser, scrub and for a foot soak.

1. Steps to use bath salts for Body Scrub:

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  • Take a bowl and add the bath salt in it.
  • Add an equal amount of coconut oil to the salt.
  • You can also add 3-5 drops of lavender oil and stir the mixture.
  • Apply the mixture on your skin and scrub in circular motions for 2 minutes.
  • Then, wash off with water.

2. Steps to use bath salts for Bathing:

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  •  Fill the bathtub with warm water and then add your favourite bath salt.
    (You can add bath salts in running water)
  • Let the salt dissolve fully.
  • Once the salt is dissolved soak in the tub for 20 minutes.

3. Steps to use bath salt for foot soak:

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  • Fill water in the small tub and add the bath salt into it.
  • Wait for the bath salt to dissolve completely.
  • You can stir the water if not dissolved.
  • Then soak your feet for 30 minutes in the water.
  • Pat dry your foot with a clean towel.

We have covered enough information on bath salts. You can refer to the whole information and gain the benefits of bath salts. Try using once and start loving every day. You must let your body and skin take the goodness of essentials oils, minerals and other wonderful ingredients. All the benefits can be gained just by using a single product.

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