Somethings you shouldn’t do during a shower


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Ah, a shower can’t be replaced with anything else, right? Having a hot bath is always a good reason to wake yourself up and get going. You get a clean and refreshed kind of feel which is just amazingly magical. Do you wonder how just sprinkling some hot water on our faces can make our grumpy morning into the totally amazing shiny morning? There is nothing you wouldn’t love about a bath. Absolutely everything is just adorably comfortable if you have the right set up in the bathroom. We shower every single day! Or, at least I do! But there are some things that we tend to forget or rather, not care when it comes to taking a bath. Yes, most of us forget that even during a shower, there are some things that can mislead your body or skin.

This is because, we have been taking a bath from our childhood and we don’t dwell on what is right and what is wrong with a shower. The surprising fact is that, most of us are doing the shower all wrong. Yes, we think that it is all the same, but one wrong step can hurt your skin and break your skin. This is a daily activity and so we don’t really give it much of a thought. Since we know that now, we are going to tell the rest of you the number of things that all of you have been doing and how wrong it can do to your skin. So, here are something you shouldn’t do during a shower.

Should not Do During a Shower – Skin Care

1Do not wash your face in a shower

Do not wash your face in a shower

No ladies, I am not saying that you shouldn’t wash your face at all. I am just saying that, washing your face directly under the shower could be totally bad for your skin. A lot of people actually try to wash their face directly under due to a lot of reasons.

1. It’s easier
2. It saves time
3. Eh, who cares! Right? Try not to do that again ladies.

Chances are that the temperature of the water can affect your skin. The skin throughout our body is differently placed. Our facial skin is extremely sensitive and so directly showing your face under the shower could be a bad idea. It could shrink the skin and make it hard. So, always try to wash your face in the sink with lukewarm water or cold water. That way your skin is easily protected and you will be free from shrinking or defoliating.

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2Do not shower in extreme hot water

Do not shower in extreme hot water

Everyone loves a hot shower! No matter how much ever bad effects one says about it, no one is going to listen to it. But, with the soothing feels, also comes some issues to your skin. Though hot showers are amazingly wonderful and everything, the skin gets burnt in the process. These hot showers are the reason why your skin tightens more and your skin gets peeled off.

If you keep doing the same, you will risk hypothermia which will make your skin peel off and new skin will not be regained due to continuous heat waves on the growing skin. If you want a warm bath, it makes more sense. But a hot steamy bath can be avoided. At least, try avoiding it every day.

3Do not take too long

Do not take too long

It is a given when I say that long showers can also cause issues with your skin. The more you stand under the shower, the more your skin is prone to hot water. This again brings the same kind of problem. Let’s just say that, if you stand under the shower for too long, you are wasting 2 natural things. One is your skin and the other one is your water. Both of which are very important for you and people around you. So, take care of both of the most important things!

4Do not leave your loofah behind

Do not leave your loofah behind

Most people make this mistake, even without knowing what would happen. Yes, leaving your loofah behind in the wet-humid temperature is going to only attract more bacteria to it.

Why is a loofah used? To remove the bacteria sticking in your body, right? If that is the purpose, then why leave it again in a place where bacteria and virus are more prone to? There is no better place than a hot, wet bathroom for bacteria to come and stick to the loofah. So, always try to hang it in a place where it is dry. Use the loofah, wring it and hang it in a place that is dry and at room temperature.

5Do not wash your hair everyday

Do not wash your hair everyday

Guys generally think that it is okay to wash their hair everyday. Sometimes even women do the same. Washing your hair everyday will only give you easy hair fall. Your natural hair oil that the hair produces is being scrubbed off every time leaving you with no option. If you have a dyed hair, frequent hair wash can make the colour die!

6Don’t use the same razor blades

Don’t use the same razor blades

A razor blade can be used maximum two times. Anything after that is only waste of your time and you are peeling off the good skin. The hair will not be removed easily, so you will have to keep trying to remove it which will only cause rashes and burns. We understand that razor blades aren’t as cheap as they sound. But, please try to control the over usage of one blade. Try to moisturize your skin with soap or water, before you shave. Don’t shave on dry skin which will only worsen your healthy skin.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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