Few strange myths that you hear during pregnancy


Isn’t having a baby exiting thing and at the same time something to be freaked out about? Well, yes, of course, having a baby is a big time responsibility for you and you feel a lot of pressure while you are in the process. But, remember that you are bringing a beautiful human being in the world. Although people do say that pregnancy is a cake walk if you have the right mindset, there are a few strange myths that work all the time during your first pregnancy. How do you know what is right and what isn’t unless you try your hand in it? So, here are some strange myths about pregnancy that a woman can have during pregnancy.

Learn them, know them but don’t freak out! Because though these are strange myths, doesn’t mean they come true in all the cases. You just do your thing and the baby will be born in the most healthy way. But, for those who are still interested to read it, go ahead!

Top weird and strange myths about pregnancy

1Sex hurts the baby

Sex hurts the baby

Couples are very careful in their pregnancy period about not having enough sex, because they think that sex can hurt the baby. That is one reason why many men don’t even go next to their wives thinking that their penis will directly hit the face of the baby when it enters the vagina. Well, that is a strange and the most weirdest myth you can hear about pregnancy.

Don’t worry at all about all these ladies! Fortunately, the little one inside will not feel a thing. There are about 7 layers ranging from your abdominal skin to the amniotic sac that strongly protects your womb and covers for your baby. Don’t think that having sex will hurt your baby! It will not and you can definitely dive in and have all the sex you have been missing. Well, what are you waiting for?

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2First babies are always late arrival

First babies

If people have been telling you that your first child will arrive late, then please don’t believe them at all. A lot of these relatives come around and misguide you regarding this. The simple reason why your baby could be arriving late is because this is the first time your body is getting accustomed to a new thing and moreover let’s face the fact that something is growing inside of you. So, obviously you will take some time to settle and once you settle, the baby will take some time to come out of the womb.

Scientifically also, there is no kind of evidence from any baby books that first babies would be arriving late. It is all a random myth. Remember one thing, when your womb is ready and when your baby is ready, everything will happen on its own.

3It’s a girl if you are carrying high

girl if you are carrying high

Everyone loves to know what baby they are going to have. Is it a baby boy or a baby girl? The surprise factor is kind of irritating. So, people determine it with the look of your belly. They say that your stomach looks like you are carrying high, then it’s definitely a baby girl! People say that if you are having a pointy stomach, then you should go baby girl shopping. Such predictions are totally false.

You stomach is shaped and sized in such a way only because of your fetus size, your muscle, the posture in which the baby is sleeping and the fat that’s available inside your body. If you are eating too much, there is a possibility that your stomach gains more fat than usual which will result in looking like you are carrying high. So, scientifically there is no proof that if you are carrying high, it could be a baby girl!

4Eat spicy or have sex on your last month

sex on your last month

Well isn’t it kind of weird that you see in movies where doctors ask you to eat spicy or have some sex and the baby should pop out? That is a weird presumption too. The baby is not going to feel spiced up or having sex during the last few days of your pregnancy is not going to bring your baby out immediately.

This myth has been shown a lot of times in movies and series. So, don’t go by the myth. It is a simple thing people – if the baby is ready and if you are ready, you should be feeling labour anytime soon. So, wait for it and save yourself from having a heart burn. Don’t eat over spicy food! Sex – its your choice!

5Scaring can induce labour

Scaring can induce labour

Who says that if you are bring scared or if the mother is shouted on, the baby comes out sooner? That is just sheer nonsense! Guys, its important that you don’t try all this in your baby carrying phase. They also say that storms generally induce labour too.

Let me tell you that the weather has nothing to do with your baby’s arrival. In fact, the fun fact is that, the determination of your labour happens in parallel sense with the menstrual cycle you had. If you have had a short cycle, the baby comes out faster. If you have had long cycles, so is the delay.

Let me tell you that every pregnancy works differently and most importantly, you need not worry about all these myths. They are just an eye wash and people say so because they think they are experienced in this. No one can heal you or make you feel better until you go through all of this by yourself. So, just check all these myths and carry on with a good heart and a mind. You will be surprised how much can happen when you have a positive thinking for you and the baby inside.

-Pavithra Ravi

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