11 Summer Tips For Pregnant Women- For All The Mothers To Be


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When you are pregnant everything that you do must make you feel good and comfortable. Your suffer also affects the baby. So, you think how to be cool and happy in coming hot summer. The tips for pregnant women for summer are simple but still makes a different.

You need to follow these tips in every stage of your pregnancy. The heat and humidity makes your pregnancy time unpleasant. But your extra care of yourself in summer can keep you far away from the suffer.

Look here, what makes your pregnancy feel better in summer. You don’t need to change your whole lifestyle to stay relaxed being pregnant in summer. You can practice and get into the change easily. Lets see, if it is easy or tough to follow the pregnancy tips during summer.

Tips for Pregnant Women During Summers

1. Stay hydrated


Generally, we easily become dehydrated. Having at least 8 glasses of water per day is a must. When you are pregnant, the baby needs nutrition. The process of passing nutrition to the baby is only possible when you are hydrated.

Constipation during pregnancy is common but you need fight it. If you are drinking adequate water, it becomes easy to fight constipation. Water also helps in keep your body cool.

The other way that drinking water helps pregnant women is- it lets the waste water drain out from the system. If pregnant women keep themselves hydrated, it aids it avoids water retention as well.

Not only water, you can also have other other hydrating sources like fresh homemade fruit juices, smoothies. You can easily add the juices to your diet which also beat the heat in humid days.

2. Take bath with normal water


Surviving in mid of summers becomes too hard. So, you can feel refreshed taking a shower.This is a simple tip for pregnant women in summer.The body temperature comes down and it will be comforting for you.

It is not good to shower or baths with colder water. Instead take shower with water at room temperature. This helps in keeping your body cool. Taking a shower few hours before sleeping can make you feel fresh and relaxed for long time.

3. Wear loose clothes- Breathable


There is a need of changing your clothing in summer. Keep your regular clothes aside for few days. Get loose, light and breathable outfits.

Especially, avoid wearing tight fit at waist. Also keep your nightwear comfortable. It will be easier for you to move and sleep with loose and light clothes.

If you want to choose fashionable outfits, then choose the maternity outfits which are also comfortable. Also wear comfortable footwear which are breathable. Your swollen foot needs a change of footwear size and type as well.

4. Avoid sun exposure


You must prefer staying indoors to avoid sun exposure. Mid day sun can cause pregnancy mask. Even, if you want to go for walk, it is better to do in the morning. Otherwise, you need vitamin D that comes which you can gain directly from sun. But even that must be limited.

In a study, it is observed and assumed that UV radiation can affect pregnancy. You may expeirence the effects like- weight at time of birth, the prolonging of pregnancy, premature birth and high blood pressure complications as well.

In case, it is a need or emergency to go out during hot sun, then take certain precautions. Like, skincare, eye care to avoid any complications to you or the fetus.

5. Wear sunglasses- When outdoor


You must know this- pregnancy affects vision. Especially, women who are sensitive to light must wear sunglasses. When you are outdoors, don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses.

We also suggest you to keep the lights off in the rooms to avoid vision problems. Direct light and sun exposure of your eyes can cause blurred vision.

6. Work only in the mornings


When you want to do the household chores, better carry them all out in morning times. If you work harder doing the chores in afternoons, that would be discomforting for you. You sweat and it becomes easy to handle yourself.

So, just clear all your household works like cleaning and sweeping be done in the mornings- the cooler times. If you can finish all the work in morning, then you will get relax happily during hot summers. This is practical and workable. So, keep it in mind.

7. Have small meals but frequently


Having sufficient food is a need especially for pregnant women. But do you think eating heavy meals at a time is good for you, that too during summers?

On one side, the humid makes it tough to stay normal. Up on that heavy meals is a bad idea for pregnant women.

What you can do about it? Just have lighter food, small meals but frequently. When you are asked to eat less, also remember we asking to eat in installments.

We suggest you to have five meals a day which keeps you and you light. Have pre breakfast diet, healthy breakfast, light lunch, healthy snacks and fulfilling dinner. Don’t eat less during dinner. See that your stomach is filled. It is better if you can have a healthy diet chart for healthy pregnancy.

8. Skin care- Defence Your Skin


Sweating and rashes are common during summer. But it is difficult for pregnant women than for normal women. Taking right care for skin can avoid these problems to an extent.

Staying hydrated and using the chemical free skin products can help you from irritated skin and red rashes. Try to keep your body dry in areas like underarms, breasts as heat causes rashes.

Use SPF when you are outdoors during mid day. So, that you can avoid masking during pregnancy.

9. Mild exercise- But only in right time


You need physical activities during pregnancy to stay fit and active. For that you must practice mild exercises but only in the morning time.

Sweating out is good but not in mid day summers. Also avoid heavy and high impact exercises. Mild is the best and you can look for prenatal exercises which are effective.

10. Go for swimming


In summers, we want to float in water. Isnt it? So, go for it! Swimming reduces the heat temperature in your body.

It is not just that swimming cools body. Swimming is the best exercise that too in summers. Moderate swimming helps you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. Also swimming reduces legs and hands swelling as you get to stay in water. The other benefit of swimming during pregnancy is maintaining healthy weight. When you would get a better chance to swim than summer?

11. Stretch Out your legs


Swelling of legs and hands is common for pregnant women. Heat makes this swelling experience more worse. So, lay down and stretch your legs.

It is also not good to stand or sit for long time as it can increase swelling. Also give your legs support with pillow under. Don’t sit with legs down, as it can increase swelling of your legs.

You can have a normal pregnancy experience during summer following these tips. As we told before, the tips are not tough to do but easy. Change habits and little modification in lifestyle can make you pregnancy experience better in summers.

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