Second Trimester Pregnancy Diet- Foods To Add And Avoid


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Pregnancy is the most careful and precious phase for women. She would have different lifestyle and habits before pregnancy. But she should change her lifestyle, food and sleeping habits. All a pregnant woman should remember is- she is carrying her little one.

The food that pregnant women take is also serving the baby in womb. The women are eating for two not one being pregnant. Every trimester is important and women keep facing the changes. For now, we would like to cover the diet for second trimeter.

The food for second trimester is to prepare and develop for approaching delivery. The nutritious diet during second trimester can make baby physical development easy. A healthy diet that makes going to be mother and baby strong.

Role Of Vitamins And Nutrients During second trimester

Role-Of-Vitamins-And-Nutrients-During-second-trimesterWomen during second trimester need to focus for a balanced. The unbalanced diet may cause vitamin deficiencies which lead to pregnancy complications.

The enough vitamins and minerals during pregnancy is a must. Women need also need more calories during second trimester.

You can from here check out how various vitamins, minerals and nutrients play a role for pregnant women during second trimester. And you will have much important information further more-

1. Iron

You need iron rich food not only during second trimester but through the pregnancy. Iron helps in formation of extra blood for you and the baby inside. Iron is much needed as the oxygen needs to move from lungs to other body parts and organs.

When pregnant women falls short of iron, she would also fall short of red blood cells. This causes tiredness that women face and it is termed as iron deficiency anemia. When pregnant women are affected with anemia, it results in undeveloped baby and early birth.

2. Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral during second trimester. Zinc generally influences for cell division, protein synthesis and growth of unborn baby.

The zinc deficiency can affect baby’s overall development. It also results in prebirth and weak birth outcomes.

3. Fiber

Some women face constipation during pregnancy. The pressure of expanding uterus on intestines may cause constipation.

Sometimes, iron tablets can be the cause for constipation in pregnant women. Hence, you need to balance with the fiber intake. Along with high fiber foods, you must also exercises to avoid constipation during pregnancy.

4. Protein

Protein helps in growing baby’s brain. The brain is mostly made with fat and to develop brain, it needs more of nutrients.

During first trimester, pregnant women need 80 grams of protein everyday. During second trimester, you will need 100 grams of protein. If you are active and performing the physical activities like walking, exercising, then you may need a little more protein.

You have many food options to provide you enough of protein. You can also add protein oriented food easily to your second trimester diet.

5. Calcium

Women generally need calcium for bone health. The physical weakness is often seen due deficiency of calcium.

Coming to calcium during pregnancy helps in development of baby’s bones, muscles and heart. See that you take 1000 milligrams of calcium per day.

6. Folate

Folate is another vitamin that you need focus on during second trimester. Sufficient folate can prevent neural tubes defects. It is also observed that deficiency of folate also leads to infections later life of baby.

When you take enough of folate through your diet, it lowers the risk of premature labor. You need consume around 400-800 grams per day, of folate being pregnant.

7. Vitamin D

You need to check the intake of vitamin D during second trimester. Vitamin D is important for baby’s weight and development.

Vitamin D you need get from the sun than food. You also have vitamin D rich foods which can contribute a little more.

Along with vitamin rich food, we also suggest you to get some sun exposure during early mornings. This helps you take the good amount of vitamin D during your second trimester.

Foods During Pregnancy

We have given a list of nutrients that are importnant during second trimester. What gives the right amount of nutrients for pregnant women? The vitamin supplements can only do part of it. But the main source is food.

Some of the food options make a healthy diet during second trimester. Make sure your diet includes these Indian foods which can make the meals health during your second trimester.

1. Spinach

SpinachSpinach must be your easy reach food of any to intake the needed iron. If you are suggested to eat leafy greens during pregnant, then spinach can be the option. Spinach is also loaded with antioxidants and folate.

You can also have broccoli if possible for you to eat. Any green leafy vegetable can contribute enough iron and spinach is the best of all.

2. Whole Grains

Whole-GrainsYou can have whole grain bread and oatmeal which are plant based foods that give full of vitamins. You can also gain enough of fiber through whole grains. When you add whole grains in your diet, it helps you in staying away from constipation and hemorrhoid during pregnancy.

It is simple to have whole grains in your 2 trimester diet. You can have oatmeal for breakfast, whole grain bread sandwich for lunch and brown rice for dinner. Don’t you find your diet healthy and tasty with whole grains?

3. Eggs

EggsYou may have many foods that can contribute protein to you but eggs is the best option. You can make an instant healthy meal with eggs. Eggs are good for baby’s brain development.

Make sure to eat well cooked eggs and not raw or half cooked eggs.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy-ProductsDiary products help in providing enough of calcium and protein which is required during second trimester. We have briefed the importance of calcium during second trimester. The adequate amount of calcium you can get is from diary products like milk, yogurt and cheese. So, add the diary products in your diet of second trimester.

5. Fresh Fruits

Fresh-FruitsTo gain various vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy, you can just grab some fresh fruits. Fruits can make your diet during second trimester healthy.

List of fruits that you can include in second trimester diet-

Oranges- keep your hydrated
Guava- helps in digestion
Pomegranate- lowers the risk of placenta injury
Banana- prevents pregnancy related constipation
Berries- improves body’s immunity
Apples- Prevents baby from developing asthma
Grapes- prevents infections

6. Legumes

LegumesIf you choose to gain the nutrients from plant based sources during pregnancy, then add legumes to your diet. Legumes provide you enough of fiber, protein, iron and folate.

You have lentils, beans, chickpeas which fall into legumes. When you have to intake fiber, legumes must be your first option as it is high in fiber.

7. Nuts

Nuts can give you enough of nutrients and vitamins that you need during second trimester. Peanuts are healthy for pregnancy throughout. Almonds and walnuts helps baby’s brain functioning.

See that you don’t eat flavoured nuts which are not beneficial for you or your unborn baby.

8. Avocado

AvocadoAvocado gives you healthy fats that you need during second trimester. You may experience foot cramps during pregnancy which is a common symptom. With the potassium in avocados, you can stay away from the foot cramps.

9. Seeds

SeedsYou can crave to snack during pregnancy. But let the snacks be healthy and nutritious for you and baby as well. You can chew some flaxseeds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. These seeds are filled with antioxidants that you need during second trimester.

10. Brown Rice

Brown-RiceYou can replace white rice with brown rice and other carbohydrate foods which give bad cholesterol. Brown rice contributes you good cholesterol which can prevent you from high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to many pregnancy complications. So, you can keep blood pressure balanced with brown rice adding it to your second trimester diet.

Foods to avoid

A pregnant woman must also focus and be conscious about foods to avoid along good food. Some of the foods, bring complications during pregnancy. You are asked to avoid the below foods during second trimester and through out pregnancy as well.

1. Raw or Uncooked Eggs

Raw-or-Uncooked-EggsWe have already mentioned not to eat raw or half cooked eggs. The reason behind it is, the raw or half cooked eggs may carry diseases that cause food poisoning. So, it is stressed not to eat raw of uncooked eggs during pregnancy.

2. Soft cheese

Soft-cheeseMany of us doesn’t know that uncooked cheese is soft. The soft cheese may contain listeria bacteria which causes infection to mother and infant. So, it is better to avoid soft cheese during pregnancy.

3. Caffeine

CaffeineA cup of coffee may set your mood, but don’t over consume to feel better. During your second trimester, it is better to keep your coffee consumption limited.

See that you don’t more than 200-300m or 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Consuming more coffee may cause miscarriage.

4. Energy drinks and carbonated drinks

Energy-drinks-and-carbonated-drinksThe energy drinks and carbonated drinks are to avoid totally during pregnancy. The fizzy drinks develop the risk of asthma for baby. It may not affect immediately but this is an effect that shows in later stages of childhood.

The added sugars in the fizzy and cool drinks also increase the risk of baby’s obesity.

5. Processed food

Processed-foodProcessed food is a complete No for mother to be. The sugars that are added to processed food may result in weight gain in mother. It also leads to pregnancy complications. It may also show the impact of child’s health in later stages.

We must be health conscious generally but carrying women needs to be extra conscious with food. During second trimester, your baby is will be developing physically. As it is a time, you need to extra mindful with your diet, we gave you an idea about what keeps you healthy and unhealthy.

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