All About Vinyasa Yoga And Its Overall Benefits


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Physical activities must be part of healthy and happy lifestyle. The style or way you chose to getting into physical activities must also be effective and progressive for you.

If you have heard many styles of yoga, they you would have also heard about vinyasa yoga. This style of yoga is holding some crucial benefits health and weight loss wise. It is a tough for beginners to practice vinayasa yoga and it is practiced at fast pace to be powerful.

Vinyasa yoga is letting people indulge in its crucial benefits. Some of the vinaysa yoga techniques and regular practice can make it easy for to make it a part of your routine lifestyle. You can know more about vinyasa yoga and its benefits.

What is vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is part of hatha yoga with the postures with breathing patterns. The key while practicing vinyasa yoga is techniques of breathing while moving from one posture to another.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

When it comes round to the benefits of Vinyasa yoga, the possibilities are actually quite extensive. Not only do you experience the benefits of this yoga physically, it has amazing impacts on your mental well being as well.

To experience the overall benefits of this yoga, you need to ensure that you do this form of yoga the correct way. This itself will make sure that your benefits are well aligned like your chakras are.

Set of the benefits of Vinyasa yoga asanas include-

1. Improves your cardio practice


If you are into cardio exercising because it provides good results and impacts for your body, the Vinyasa yoga poses can definitely help out a lot. You will be surprised that even with the basic poses under this, you amp up your cardiac health by a lot.

This form of yoga has been found to get your blood flowing quickly through the body to the heart. This ensures to help boost your heart health on the whole. By the end of the exercise session, you will feel like your heart is beating out of your chest even if you have done a few poses.

This is good to help promote better metabolism of the body and improve the fat oxidation to lose the extra fats in the body. If you are doing any form of workout, end that with some Vinyasa yoga poses and you are assured of the perfect dose of cardio workout.

2. Decreases stress and anxiety

Decreases-stress-and-anxietyAs I mentioned before, Vinyasa yoga asanas are not just good for your physical well being, they are quite amazing for your overall mental health as well. This is more than enough to convince you of the benefits of this yoga style.

That being said, one of the primary benefits of vinyasa yoga is the fact that it helps decrease stress and anxiety as well as the signs of depression, if that is something you are suffering from.

Even studies have clarified stating that people suffering from mental health issues can benefit a lot when they indulge in yoga and meditation.

The main reason why it is so is because of the fact that it helps regulate the blood pressure and overall cardiac health. Along with that, it also calms down the excited nervous system, thus helping calm down your racing thoughts as well.

3. Build muscles

Build-musclesYou wouldn’t technically realize this but doing any of the Vinyasa yoga poses ensures to help contribute to building your muscles and biceps.

Many people often claim getting the muscles and the biceps as a “side effect” of the Vinyasa yoga poses but if that is something that you are personally looking for, this is actually a very good way to get that done. The primary reason how it contributes to better muscles is because of the Chatrungas which is a type of push up that is part of the yoga poses.

Doing this has been found to help with the biceps and helps in toning down the muscles as well which further comes in handy for the women who are looking to get biceps.

4. Get rid of bad habits

Get-rid-of-bad-habitsBad habits are meant to end up affecting your health in the long run if you don’t regulate them from time to time. One of the pivotal benefits of Vinyasa yoga is the fact that it helps contribute to getting rid of the bad habits.

Even studies have proven that indulging in good forms of yoga from time to time can help balance inner chakras of your health. It further helps in managing through the problems that counterfeit with the anxiety and the overall other problems associated around.

Since it helps manage the overall prospects of mental health and such, it further helps manage and abstains you from indulging in the bad habits as well.

5. Entire body workout

Entire-body-workoutWhen it comes to the Vinyasa yoga asanas, the one thing that you can be assured of is to get an entire body workout. It doesn’t just work your legs or your hands at a time but ensures to work through the entire body which later does come a lot in handy if you come to think of it.

If you do want the best for your body, it is important that you focus on doing things the right way. If you aren’t doing the yoga pose the way it is meant to be done, chances are that the results won’t be that satisfying all the more.

6. Enhances your energy levels

Enhances-your-energy-levelsYet another one of the benefits of Vinyasa yoga is the fact that it helps increase your energy levels. This is quite amazing for the people who have always struggled with lethargy and fatigue.

Even a conducted study with the cancer patients, it was found that the same does end up enhancing the overall energy levels for the better, one that you didn’t even think was possible.

These kinds of exercises help boost your health and energy levels at the same time, further contributing to your overall well being.

7. Get rid of migraine headaches

Get-rid-of-migraine-headachesMigraine headaches are painful and very unsettling.

The vinyasa yoga asanas have been found to have amazing impacts in getting rid of the migraine headaches for good, when you come to think of it. Adding in yoga to your dose of regular exercise regime can help reduce the intensity of the migraine headaches which is nothing short of a boon for the people who experience it.

Doing this yoga in the correct way ensures to cut down the intensity as well as the frequency of the migraine headache by a lot.

8. Burns calories

Burns-caloriesOne of the best benefits of Vinyasa yoga is that it helps burn calories successfully. It might not seem as such but it can definitely help cut down the excess calories from the body and even help tone down your muscles for the better.

In addition to that, given that it improves the heart rates, it improves the blood circulation too, which has been found to have beneficial impacts on the body on the whole.

Vinayasa Yoga For Weight Loss

If you are asking that if vinyasa yoga is helpful for weight loss- then we can say to an extent. Vinyasa yoga alone cannot give you weight loss results. You need also need to practice cardio exercises. Vinyasa yoga makes it easy for you to reach your weight loss goals along with additional exercises.

As I stated before, it can cut down the calories, you can consider it as a good practice for weight loss but not totally. Enough clear?

Difference between hatha yoga and vinayasa yoga

To be clear, the difference between hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga is pace. Hatha is practiced with slower pace whereas vinyasa yoga goes with the faster flow.

Hatha yoga is to calm your mind, body and spirit which is possible with slower pace only. On the other side, in vinyasa yoga, you need to coordinate your breath by moving from one pose to another.

After checking all about vinyasa yoga, you must get ready to take all the benefits. As vinyasa yoga classes are conducted often, you can attend the classes. Every perosn who believes yoga is life changing must also try vinaysa yoga.

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