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When it is about health and well being, yoga tops as the first option. The yoga poses and methods play a crucial part of yoga. Some of the popular yoga poses contribute many health benefits. We also listen a lot modern yoga. The best modern yoga that known is laughter yoga.

Laughter yoga can be called as a therapy that benefits health vise. Yoga is not being serious while practicing the asanas and laughing is not indiscipline always. So, laughter yoga is nothing but the combination of yoga with laughter. Along with laughter and yoga methods, the breathing patterns make it a beneficial yoga.

What is laughter Yoga?


Laughter yoga is where you practice the exercises which designed to make people laugh.The simple exercises that are designed with breathing patters. We know that yoga is not completed without breathing patterns. These days laughter yoga classes are conducted in most of the places.

Types of Laughter Exercises



Here, the yoga participants do the role playing executing the scenarios in playful way. When the participants do the playful acts, they connect with each other and helps them to be comfortable.

Value based

When it value based laughter exercise, they take up the scenarios that helps in developing positive thinking.

Yoga based

Some of the classes focus on the breathing patterns which are part of yoga. They also teach how to control breathing and it follows by the laughter.


It is mostly focused on the physical difficulties like aches and weak muscles. In case, if the participants are suffering with joint aches, they practice the exercises which can give relief from joint pains.


The yoga sessions starts with quite room and then followed by laughter. The laughter spreads and also other should join to laugh. It is said that this helps the mind detox and give mental peace.

Benefits Of Laughter Yoga


Laughing is the best medicine for health and well being. It is said that a 10 minutes of laughter therapy can give you instant relief. The same way 30 minutes of laughter yoga everyday can benefit for mental health and physical relief.

Relieve from mental stress

Laughter yoga greatly helps I relieving mental stress. You will feel relaxed while and after practicing laughter yoga. It also improves the thinking power. You will find the difference with this yoga as you will clearer with decisions and steps in life.

Emotionally balanced

Laughter is the only emotion that this yoga brings out. But it is helpful for you to become emotionally intelligent. The emotions like anxiety and anger can be controlled. You will become more grounded with laughter yoga.

Socialized person

You need to laugh out which is a way of relaxing. You also socialize when you laugh out. So, when you practice laughter yoga, you will become more socialized. You will start connecting with people around.

Encourages spirituality

You will be able to develop the self esteem which is much needed for every individual. You will learn to be peaceful and more spiritual in life.

Relief from body stress

With the ease that you practice laughter yoga makes feel energized. You laugh and relieve the physical stress.

Laughter Yoga Exercises


The simple laughter exercises can you laugh even when nothing is funny. You must look at the exercises to know how the laughter generates when the laughter yoga is practiced.

1. Greeting laughter

You need to walk around to the different participants of the session and greet them. It is a simple greeting with Namaste pressing your palms against upper chest. Then, you are asked to shake hands and laugh. You cannot miss looking into their eyes when you are practicing this laughter yoga exercise.

2. Lion laughter

Sit on your knees and let your tongue tuck out. Open your eyes as big as possible and start laughing. Stretch out the hands like claws while laughing.

3. Cell phone laughter

Feel like you are holding an imaginary cell phone and start laughing. Though you are not interacting with anyone, the laughter generates with this exercise.

4. Heart to heart laughter

Go close to any one of the participants and hold each others hands and then laugh. If the participants are comfortable, they can hug each other and give a stroke.

5. Silent laughter

Keep your mouth wide open and laugh without making any sound. Give eye contact to other people in the yoga room and make funny gestures to generate laughter.

6. Humming laughter

Clam your mind keeping your mouth closed. Still keep your mouth closed and laugh with hum sound.

7. Gradient laughter

Start with a pleasant smile and then laugh inwardly without any sound. Slowly laugh out and increase the volume of your laughter. After feeling that you have laughed out fully, gradually let your lips settle with a sweet smile again.

8. Hearty laughter

Participants will be asked to comfortable standing position. Then, relax your body, hands and legs. Once you are ready to start the exercise,stretch your arms, look up and laugh from your heart.

In the busy world, people don’t find time to generate fun and laugh with heart. As laughing is a way to relieve all kind of stresses, laughter yoga can help you better. Attending the laughter yoga sessions, you can gain all the above mentioned benefits.

Just go for it and laugh out.

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