Healthy Drink Jaljeera For Summer


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Healthy Drink Jaljeera

Jaljeera is basically a summer drink in India, it is mostly packed with the nutrition as well as many flavors. The healthy drink jaljeera includes weight loss, dehydration and digestion.

Drinking jaljeera during summer is important as it can help to cool down the body and also reduce excess heat that is being produced in your body. Another benefit of drinking jaljeera during summer is that it can help to keep the digestive problems away. When this nutritious drink is consumed, it can clear the stomach toxins in one of the most healthy way. The cumin water drink can help to refresh the body in the summer and help to beat the summer heat.

Healthy Drink Jaljeera

1Jaljeera For Acidity

Jaljeera For Acidity

Jaljeera is considered as a very good product for acidity. After consuming a heavy meal, always make sure to take a sip of jaljeera slowly to reduce all the chance of the acidity build up.

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2Jaljeera For Constipation


Another benefit of drinking jaljeera is that it can put an end to the constipation problem. If you are feeling constipated, then consume this healthy drink jaljeera this summer twice a day to ease off all the problems.

3Jaljeera For Gas

Jaljeera For Gas

Gas in your stomach can be easily reduced with jaljeera. If your stomach is feeling bloated, then sip on this amazing cumin water slowly, until the gas feels like it is released from the tummy.

4Jaljeera For Nausea

Jaljeera For Nausea

Another health benefit of jaljeera is that it can help to end nauseous feelings. Pregnant women must try to drink this summer beverage to get rid of the morning sickness.

5Jaljeera For Menstrual Cramps

Jaljeera For Menstrual Cramps

Drinking jaljeera can help to reduce the painful menstrual cramps. Sip on the cumin water through the day until you find that the pain is reduced.

6Jaljeera Aids in Digestion

Jaljeera Aids in Digestion

Many several studies have proved that jaljeera or cumin seeds can help to aid the digestion. By consuming a glass of jaljeera water every single day can help to stimulate the secretion of the number of carbohydrate, glucose as well as fat to break the enzymes. It can also enhance the metabolism and keep the digestive system in its track so that you can combat all the stomach disorders like nausea, diarrhea, flatulence, atonic dyspepsia, morning sickness, malabsorption syndrome etc.

7Jaljeera Can Remove Toxins

Jaljeera Can Remove Toxins

Jaljeera is very beneficial for the liver as well as stomach. The antioxidants that are present in the seeds can help to flush out all the toxic materials from the body and promote other regular activities of internal organs.

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8Jaljeera For Treating Anaemia

Jaljeera For Treating Anaemia

The presence of iron content in the cumin is a helpful product in treating anaemia. Iron is one of the most vital mineral in the body as it can play a key role in forming the red blood corpuscles as well as increasing the amount of oxygen that is carrying hemoglobin in your bloodstream. So, jaljeera water is very useful in fighting against the acute iron deficiency that is caused due to anemia.

9Jaljeera Supports The Immune System

Jaljeera Supports The Immune System

Jeera is an amazing source of iron, which is most essential to maintain normal functionality of the immune system. A concoction that is prepared by mixing a teaspoon of jeera in a glass of water does contain almost about 1.3 mg of iron. Moreover, it also comprise a fair amount of vitamin A and C, which have the antioxidant benefits. Hence, drinking jaljeera can regularly can help you to boost the immunity and stay away from a lot of diseases.

10Jaljeera Can Fight Free Radicals:

Jaljeera Can Fight Free Radicals

Jeera is full of many dietary fiber, which can work on all the harmful toxic materials that is present in the body and make the elimination much smoother. Moreover, it have certain free radical scavengers which can turn the seeds into an effective detoxifier as well as enhance the cleaning power. Hence, jaljeera can be used as a wonderful skin cleaner to keep the skin clean, fresh as well as rejuvenated. It can also add natural glow to the facial skin.

11Jaljeera Can Provide Anti-Oxidants

Jaljeera Can Provide Anti-Oxidants

When you start regularly drinking jaljeera, your body get enough amounts of vitamin A, and E. All these vitamins are known to be antioxidative as well as having anti-aging properties. So, jaljeera can help to replenish the skin and prevent all the premature aging.

12Jaljeera Aids In The Nourishment Of Skin

Jaljeera Aids In The Nourishment Of Skin

Jaljeera is very immensely helpful in boosting all the functioning of digestive tract, which can eventually help the skin to absorb many essential nutrients to stay nourished as well as healthy. Furthermore, the minerals that are present in the seed including potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, selenium, etc. are vital to keep a soft, supple and smooth skin.

13Jaljeera To Treat Acne

Jaljeera To Treat Acne

Jeera water can also be used as a natural remedy for the acne. You can also easily prepare your very own anti-acne toner just by boiling some jeera in the water. Then regularly applying them in a clear, toned as well as acne-free skin. By blending few drops of essential oils with this water can give better result.

Receipe to make jaljeera

Receipe to make jaljeeraIngredients:

a. Roasted Cumin Seeds
b. Lemon slices to garnish
c. Amchur Powder
d. Fresh Mint Leaves
e. Lemon Juice
f. Fresh Coriander Leaves
g. Ice cubes (Optional)
h. Soda


Step 1

First pound the cumin or jeera seeds, black salt and amchur in a mortar. Then grind the mint leaves as well as the coriander leaves with water in a smooth paste.

Step 2

In it add lemon juice and the pounded masala and mix them well. Put the ice cubes in the two tall glasses with soda.

Step 3

Mix them well. Then serve immediately, by garnishing with a slice of lemon.

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