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Feng Shui in Your Home

‘Feng Shui’ according to Chinese philosophy is about harmonizing surrounding environment. It is believed to govern orientation in relation and spatial arrangement to flow of energy. Most of us use ‘feng shui’ to increase positive energy at home and at office or business. It is believed that by incorpWays To Decorate Childrens Roomorating ‘feng shui’ in daily life we can see vast changes in life, money, health and love.

Some of you want to bring feng shui in your home but fear of placing it in wrong direction or do not know how to start. Here are few ‘feng shui’ items you can start with for the well being in life and wealth.

Few Steps To Start ‘Feng Shui’

1Dolphins And Fish

Dolphins And Fish

Dolphins and fishes are believed to bring Wealth, long life, prosperity and peace, according to ‘feng shui’. It is lucky to have a portrait or a showpiece in the office, house or shop. Dolphins on the other hand should be placed in a group or pair. A dolphin photograph or showpiece should be placed in the north. If the dolphin is made of crystal it should be placed in the western direction.

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2Chinese Coins

Chinese Coins

These coins have Chinese writings and tied with red strings on them. They basically come as key chains, wind chimes or as hangings inside the doors or you can even place three sets of these coins in your purse or wallet or can keep them in your banks or lockers or else place them on the South Wall to fulfill your wish.

They are believed to bring better flow of money, prosperity or good luck and income. They are supposed to be used in threes, sixes, sevens or eights. Any other number of coins can be unlucky.

3‘Chi lin’

‘Chi lin’

‘Chi lin’ or the dragon horse is considered to be the most powerful creature in Chinese mythology. It have the head of a dragon and the body of a horse. ‘Chi lin’ was thought to bring protective and strong ‘feng shui’ energy with the blessings of health, wealth and prosperity. These were considered to be very loyal to their owners and protects the house from all the evil spirits. It have higher royal status than the other items.

Place ‘chi lin’ near the main entrance into the living room. Try to avoid placing them in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

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4Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks are specially known for their loyalty towards their partners. It is a traditional, widely used, most popular solution for love. They are considered auspicious for married couples. Place these ducks in the south west direction of the living or bed room. Always have mandarin ducks in pairs as display. Make sure to place them in the same direction and the place should be well lit, fresh and attractive.

5‘Fuk Luk Sau’

Fuk Luk Sau

‘Fuk, Luk, Sau’ are the three wise men who are considered as the gods of wealth, prosperity and health. They must be placed in the area of good energy and high visibility. They can invite good luck and keep you away from fatal diseases, if placed in a high table in the living room or high shelf in the office. It is believed to be bad and disrespectful if placed in the lower area or places like kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

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Dragon is a popular Chinese symbol of strength, protection, power, prosperity and Luck. It is considered as one of the four Celestial Animals. It is believed to protect from the harmful energies in life. It should be kept in the eastern direction in your living room or offices. Dragons are not supposed to be kept in the bedroom because it can create disruptive energy. Wooden carved dragons are believed to be most powerful along with ceramic ones. Metal dragons must be avoided.

Bathrooms, garage and closets must be avoided for low energy. Try not to have more than five dragons at home.

7Wind  chimes

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are believed to cure negative energies, bring good luck charm and fix positive life or sound waves inside the home. They can be hanged on front doors, gardens and balcony.

8Laughing ‘Buddha’

Laughing ‘Buddha’

This is the most popular ‘Buddha’ symbol of all the ‘Buddha’s’. It signifies happy man, and brings happiness, prosperity, wealth and success in one’s professional and personal sphere.

The height of a laughing ‘Buddha’ was supposed to be 30 inches. It should be placed in opposite to the front door. It is believed by this the visitor must feel positive when they enter.

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