Beauty trends every girl should try before work life


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beauty trends to try

Post college is one time you can actually try a lot of new things. Yes, you can get to experiment as much as you want without having the doubt of being judged by people Everyone knows that you are anyway going to rock the world in a short time with work and responsibility, so you might as well rock your world even before you get into the serious business of life. These are the years when the sayings like ‘the world is your oyster’, ‘Paint the town red’ etc., can be aptly used. So all you need to do is to just go ahead and be a little crazy all by yourself.

Being crazy and getting certain beauty things done is one way of showing the world that you are being different and you are enjoying your teenage life. Anyway post this, everything is going to be about your workplace, no time, busy schedule, how much you hate life and so on. So, now is when you can fully utilize your time and be the sexy goddess you have always wanted to be. We are going to list down a few beauty trends every girl should try before she steps into her work life. You can use this as your bucket list and strike out every trend you are done with. Here are some beauty trends to try for all the teenage beauties.

Top Beauty Trends for the Young You

1Chop Chop

Chop Chop

Go ahead and chop your long hair completely and get a pixie haircut done. But if you are terrified to try the bold pixie look, at least get a short bob or a boy cut done. You have no idea how amazing it feels to have a bob cut done. The first things first – Why is it amazing? Because you don’t have to always comb your long hair anymore and all you need to do is just wearing a hair band and leave. In fact, having a short hair makes you feel amazingly liberated and you will feel like you are let free. Initially you might feel weird about not having long hair, but once you get used to it, you will start loving the style.

2Bold eyebrows

Bold eyebrows

Every girl once in a while should try the bold eye brow concept. Not many understand that the bolder your eyebrows are, the better you look. Get that trend going and brush your brows upwards if you have any styling doubts. All you need to do is to let it grow and then shape it after a few weeks.

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3Colored eyeliner

Colored eyeliner

Experimenting is really good and that too experimentation with your eyes is what brings out the creativity in you. I always wanted to try a blue or green eyeliner for my eyes, but kept wondering if it will look stupid and never got one done. But now I regret it. I am pretty old for a coloured eye liner. But hey girls, you all can try the coloured eyeliner. Mix it up and you will be shocked as to how beautiful and colourful you will look. It will brighten up your face and make you look totally cool and trendy.

4A ballerina bun

A ballerina bun

A ballerina bun makes you look more feminine. Yes, it is typically a lot like the 50s style, but it will make you feel super cute and very special. The best thing about a bun is that, even if you are bored and are lazy, you can just back-comb your hair and wear a bun. A proper bun can look amazing for any occasion and most importantly, you can pair it with small earrings and vintage clothing. You will look like a goddess who stepped out of the 60s.

5Lipstick experimentation

Lipstick experimentation

The first thing you should do when you finish college is to go and check your lipstick collection. Check for brighter colors, colors that you don’t have and some colors that you will never wear. Yes, you need to experiment with the color variety and go ahead with something that will look totally bright, bling and chic. Wear colors like blood red, orange, blue, black and so many more.

There are many more things like trying out false lashes, trying different kinds of makeup like bronze makeup, smoky eyes, then comes something different to do with your hair. You can check out a lot of things online for more references. This is the time for you to be totally chic and beautiful. So, utilize the opportunity ladies! Have fun and look amazingly beautiful.

– By Pavithra Ravi