How does bold color lipstick make you a better-looking woman?


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bold color lipstick

Have you ever wondered how a bold color lipstick would look on you? Have you always just worn it and not thought about what it implies? Well, there is a lot of meaning behind a bold lipstick that is quite hidden and not open in the light. Men love to look at the bold colored lipstick for more than just one reason. Of course, it is sexy and pretty, but there are so many implications than it just being sexy. A bold color symbolizes strength, confidence and girl power.

So, if you are one of those single independent woman who loves to just show it out to the world, you should know in depth meaning of why bold color lipstick makes you a better looking woman. So ladies, here is a guide to a detailed analysis by me on why bold lipstick is a swag and reasons why to wear bold color lipstick.

Top Reasons Why Bold Color Lipstick Is a True Swag

1It builds confidence

It builds confidence

When you wear a bold color lipstick, you will feel insanely confident about yourself and your looks. In fact, when you wear a less bright lipstick or a girly color, you feel feminine. Every lipstick gives out a meaning. When you wear pink or pastel color lipsticks, you will feel girly and beautiful. But, when you wear colors like maroon, blood red, orange, etc, you will feel super confident about the way you look. It definitely enhances the look and the way you carry yourself. So, try wearing a bold color and rock on the day.

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2Touch of drama

Touch of drama

Who doesn’t like drama? Especially girls love drama, no matter in what form it is. Do you know that women with a bold color lipstick can make a bolder statement than a woman without lipstick? Yes, there is some drama when you add makeup to your face. The serious implication gets serious only when there is a dash of makeup or lipstick. Guys often get intimidated when it comes to women wearing a bolder shade lipstick. It always works in an office satire. So, if you have a big presentation to make or a big lecture that you have to give at your workplace, don’t hesitate to wear a bold red lipstick. The lipstick will in fact do the talking!

3Colors are beautiful

Colors are beautiful

These bold colors are beautiful for whatever you wear. Yes, if you are going to wear a kurti and jeans or a ripped jeans and a t-shirt, you can vouch on these bold beautiful colors to go with the attire. You don’t have to always select colors like red or maroon. Bolder colors like black, purple, blue, etc., can make a fashion statement as well. Colors make a great look at the pale- milkfish face. So, don’t worry to add a pinch of color to your lips. It definitely won’t ruin your look. It will in fact make you look brighter and bubblier. So, don’t worry that you will make a fashion disaster. It isn’t wrong to experiment at all.

4Dressing gets better

Dressing gets better

Of course you wouldn’t want to go out with sweatpants. But sometimes, you are so busy or very lazy that you don’t want to change. When you know that it isn’t acceptable, but you are too bored or lazy for that, try to dab a little lipstick on your lips. The next minute you would want to just get dressed. You wouldn’t want to wear your jammies or sweat pants when you are wearing a beautiful bold color lipstick. You will want to dress better and in a way that your lipstick is emphasized. This is definitely an involuntary action, so it turns out to be a good one for you. Think of all the times you have not wanted to dress up, but your lipstick does the trick? It is definitely an easy fix for being lazy!

5Skin care will increase

Skin care will increase

There is nothing worse than having a pimple filled face or a face that has a huge zit on it and wearing a lipstick. You will in fact be very careful and start caring for your skin more when you understand that lipstick is one of your main makeup essentials. It becomes like a fringe benefit. Something that you might have not expected, but happens because of something else! So, just enjoy the lipstick!

6You will love the compliments

You will love the compliments

Just find the right shade for your lips and you don’t have to think a second longer. All you have to do is rock the shade. Just wait for the comments and compliments to pour in once you enter the room. People may not be very particular when it comes to lipstick. They will compliment the entire look, but you can be very sure that it is the lipstick that does the magic. Seriously, you will love yourself more and more when you get a lot of compliments and stares from the guys in the room.

-Pavithra Ravi

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