11 Signs That You Need To Lose Weight


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Signs That You Need To Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the hardest work that anyone ever does. It becomes very difficult to stay fit or work out every day. You get busy with your daily life so much, that you forget to concentrate on yourself and be real, fast foods are so delicious that leaving them becomes the hardest decision you may ever make. With a huge change in your everyday lifestyle, it gets very difficult to follow only one step. So here, are 11 signs that you need to lose weight immediately to avoid any huge problem in the future.

Sign’s You Are Gaining Weight

1Don’t feel so good

Don’t feel so good

If you see that you have become tender to touch, a similar feeling like bruising, or fatigued a lot of time as well as feel like you have a lack of energy. Then, it is because of the inflammation that is caused by excess fat in the body. The feeling of aching can also be a direct result of too much fat. Constantly feeling fatigued can also be caused because of internal inflammation.

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2Numbers are off

Numbers are off

If your BMI or Body Mass Index is elevated and the waist size is more than 35 inches, then probably you may need to drop some pound. Some reports say that, the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol go up when the waist size goes up to or more than 35 inches. BMI generally uses the height and weight to estimate your body fat and put you in the range of normal weight, underweight, or even overweight. BMI reading, which is under 18.5 are considered underweight, between 18.5 to 24.9 is normal, while if the measure goes more that 30 or even higher then it qualifies for overweight.

Whereas BMI is not always correct, because it cannot tell the difference between fat and muscles.

3You notice your clothes don’t fit anymore

You notice your clothes don’t fit anymore

You love to slip into your comfy jeans, but they seem to be no longer comfy. Your jeans are suddenly too tight, or they do not fit at all, then it is likely a sign that you have put on some weight.

4Even the tiniest bit of exercise gets you out of breath

Even the tiniest bit of exercise gets you out of breath

Are you feeling winded with just some regular activities or walking through the stairs? According to some research, as you gain weight, the respiratory capacity of the muscles decreases its function. Breathlessness is mostly associated with inactivity, and it is also a sign that your lungs and heart are not getting the workout they need to operate optimally.

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5Joints ache or hurt

Joints ache or hurt

Does your hips, knees and back are aching all the time? Excess weight always puts more pressure on the joints and can also wear down the tissue that is causing the joints to ache and making the movement uncomfortable.

6Live in the excuses zone

Live in the excuses zone

If you are rationalizing yourself into a lot of your choices by selling yourself on the notion of how busy you are, and also how there is no time for a meal plan or working out, it might be the time for you to drop more than just these excuses. Rationalizing the choices is a very easy way to make yourself feel better for the moment, but it does not help in living better. Try to get brutally honest with yourself, for the sake of self love or selfishness. Try to figure out, that if you are using,these excuses as an easy way out of dealing your weight gain issue? Generally, your body will tell the truth.

7Snoring and waking up groggy

Snoring and waking up groggy

If you see that you are snoring, and rarely having a good night ‘s sleep, then you might suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, is a condition, where your sleep gets disrupted because of irregular breathing. Excess weight gain can bring this problem; when the body starts snoring fat around the neck. Fat storage can narrow the airway, which causes shallow breathing or even pauses in the breathing.

8Tender spots everywhere

Tender spots everywhere

Due to the inflammation, the fatty tissues beneath your skin becomes very tender to touch, just like spotty bruising. If you find that the BMI is high, and you feel pain in many random places of your body, then weight loss can help you.

9Unusual fat accumulations in the body

Unusual fat accumulations in the body

Besides the abdominal area, there are many other places on your body which are major hot spot for fat accumulation. You must check your

  • Neck for excessive fat
  • Abdominal area, thighs, shoulders, hips, and upper arms
  • There will be triangular fatty bulges in front of your armpits when the arms are placed against the body
  • Extending stretch marks over the breasts, thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, or shoulders
  • A fat pad will appear on the inside of the knees
  • Skin folds will appear over the pubic area
  • Excess skin will form on both the sides of the chest
  • Excessive fat accumulation will appear on the breast even for men

If you fall under all this category, then you are overweight.

10Suffering from back pain

Suffering from back pain

There are many reasons for having a back pain, but obese people in general find themselves with pains in the lower backs. So, if you always had a healthy back, but recently you have been feeling pains in the back, especially after standing, then it can be the indication that you have gained weight.



Sometimes, depression is also a cause of depression among overweight people. Overweight people and even people who think that they are overweight, mostly suffer from depression. Excessive weight gain can reflect the unwillingness to leave the house, or meet other people, or even sometimes end in depression. There are also millions of reasons to be depressed, so if you are depressed, then you must talk to a doctor about it at first and try not to solve it with any new diet.

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