Life lessons that you can learn from your little sister


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Childhood is always a learning experience and comes with a learning curve, which almost all of us would have hated. Yeah, growing up with a sibling would have been our worst nightmare. You may have considered that being a single child would have been much more comfortable. If you are the elder one in the relationship, then it’s even worse. You get to bare all the responsibilities, share stuff with your little sister or brother. You might have bickered and would have gotten physical with each other so many times for the silliest reason. Well, it might look like you aren’t getting along with you sister or your brother at first, but trust me after some time, it all changes. I have been a single child in my whole life and the one thing that haunts me is that I don’t have anyone after my parents.

Well, yes, there are my sweet cousins who wouldn’t give up on me, but blood relationship is definitely stronger, isn’t it ? When I see my friends bitching about their sisters or brothers, I always wondered how fun and exciting could that be. Well, for all those people who have a sister or a brother, it is important for you to know that relationships turn and change as and when you grow up. There are a lot of things your little sister could teach you in the run. So, just be grateful to her and read up on these cute and sweet life lessons your little sister teaches you while you are hating her.

Top Things your Little Sister Could Teach You in Life

1Sharing lessons

Sharing lessons

Probably I’ll go with the word ‘force’ instead of ‘share’. Well, yeah, you are forced to do something just because you have a sister or a younger one at home. If your parents get you something, they expect you to share that with your dear little sister. It could be irritating when your sibling doesn’t even bother to ask you for it and just takes without your permission. But, the worst things happen when you try to hunt them and hit them for taking it from you. Yeah, instantly, you get grounded for a week or a month.

It could look like a big deal in your teens to have to share every single thing. But when you grow up, you get to realize that no matter what happens, you need each other to at least share your ideas and come up with interesting solutions. Your little sister could teach you sharing lessons!

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2How to act responsible

How to act responsible

Well yes, if you are the elder one, then your little sister will actually be able to teach you the basics of being a mom. You will be able to learn a lot of new things when the situation arises. There could be a lot of times where you are put in a situation where you might have to make important decisions. Your little sister will teach you how to act responsibly and take the whole situation in hand all by yourself. You never know what comes in handy for future. Some of your experiences with your sibling could add up to your confidence level, your management skills or even leadership qualities! Voila, you should actually thank them now!

3You will get to experiment

You will get to experiment

Haven’t you tortured your sister by playing makeup, makeup or hairstyle mania? Ha-ha! Well, I can definitely remember the times when me and my cousin used to dress up her little sister. We used to make her wear random dresses, do her hair as we wish and make her wear so much makeup. I am sure even you guys would have done that. You get to experiment with all that you have with your little sister. This way, you learn to the hair when in need and you know how much powder makes you look great for the day. You practically learn about them!

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If you have more than one sister, then this is one lesson you would learn immediately. Patience is a virtue and when your house is a wreck and you feel like you are in a living hell, you will know how important it is to be patient about the situation.

Most of the times your little ones might not even understand what they are doing. You have to patiently teach them the pros and cons. This will actually increase your patience levels and make you a better person, individually.

5To be kind and soft hearted

To be kind and soft hearted

Well, let me tell you that nobody becomes a nice person just like that. It doesn’t just come naturally. But for those who have multiples sisters or siblings, it is easy for you to have a kind and soft heart. The process is simple. You will instantly feel guilty if you anything that hurts your little sister.

So, you silently want to make it up to her by doing nice things. This process makes you a nice, kind and soft hearted person. You will imbibe this character as and when you grow up and you would have to thank you little sister for teaching you this indirectly.

6How to support when in need

How to support when in need

You will learn to support your sister when in need, no matter what good or bad she has done so far. You will know to stick up for her in front of a random person. Your little sister is after all yours! So, you will never give up on her. You will try to protect her and pick her side, even if she is at fault. You have a simple logic behind this – there is no one who can pick or fight with her, except you!

-Pavithra Ravi

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