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Most women don’t get the difference between being confident and being cocky. That difference is what brings out your personality. Confidence is something every woman wants to have in her. A woman might fake it or might achieve it, but it is not always something that is easy to maintain. Of course you could fake confidence and bring out the best in you by faking it. Faking confidence might not be great for the long run since it won’t last forever. So, don’t confuse confidence to being cocky. If you overdo your confidence it might look like you’re being cocky. So there’s a certain strategy that a woman has to follow to be confident in a working environment, mainly if the environment is predominantly ruled by men.

There is another level or a strategy for this and it is called – fake it until you break it. This strategy can also be used, but be mindful of the consequences, ladies. Anyway, having said all this, today we are going to discuss about the various qualities of a confident woman has in her.

Top Amazing Qualities a Confident Woman Has in Her

1Quiet confidence is important

Quiet confidence is important

What is quite confidence? Not many understand that the thin line between being cocky and being confident is the personality of rubbing things on people’s face. If you are confident about something, you should try to handle it subtly. There is no need for you to get the world to know that you have done something brilliant. Rubbing your success on the other’s face is a cheap way of pushing people down. That isn’t confidence at all.

Quite confidence comes into play when a woman tries to set her goals for herself and achieves it without any hush hush. She doesn’t actually announce it to the whole world. She doesn’t wait for other’s appreciation and approval because she knows she is worth much more than that. This is one of the most important qualities of a confident woman. She doesn’t expect or need someone else to validate her work or presence.

2Confident woman knows how to say no

Confident woman

There is a social back in saying no. A confident woman doesn’t like to please people nor does she stay strict. She is a balanced person. If there is something that a confident woman finds uncomfortable, she will not do it even if that pleases people around her. She knows that no matter what, she is right and that people pleasing is not going to help the company grow.

If you want to be a confident woman, try to stand up for your views and opinions even your boss says it’s wrong. End of the day, it’s his decision. But nodding your head just for the heck of it doesn’t make you an individually confident woman. You never know, your approach may work magic. So, don’t be pushed behind to speak out your views. This is one of the key qualities of a confident woman.

3A confident woman is also a good listener

good listener

Like I already said, a confident woman always doesn’t think of herself as a superior person. She plays it down and makes sure that people approach her if it’s needed. A confident woman would appreciate and accept other’s ideas and decisions. She doesn’t feel jealous or doesn’t feel the need to not listen to people. She lends her ears to everyone and if found right, she will even follow it without hesitation. It is humane to not like everything that other people say. But, they will acknowledge the opinions and accept too.

4They surrender to their flaws

They surrender to their flaws

Every human being has flaws. It is definitely not true that you can be hundred percent right in everything you do. A confident woman is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that she does not have her own flaws. She actually celebrates her flaws and makes sure that she doesn’t make the mistake again. She definitely knows what are the strengths and how well she can improve when she goes wrong sometimes.

A confident woman doesn’t want to look perfect in the eyes of other people. The Flaws are so superficial to her, that a confident woman doesn’t really pay heed to them. She checks herself, corrects it and moves on.

5A confident woman asks for help

A confident woman asks for help

If you need help from someone you don’t have to just swallow your pride and be confident. That is being fake confident! If the situation demands you want to ask help from someone and you are helpless, then it is definitely not wrong to approach others.

A Confident Woman is never afraid to do this at all. She knows that she needs assistance and she knows that she doesn’t fall short in others eyes just because she is asking for help. Being confident is one thing, but being trapped in your pride is another thing. If you want to be a confident woman, you need to know that taking help from others isn’t all that wrong.

6A confident woman works as a team

A confident woman works as a team

Supporting and backing up your team is one of the most important qualities of a confident woman. Well, it is highly important for you to not be self absorbed and self focused. It is good to distribute your success to others so that they also feel worthy of their time and work. A confident woman doesn’t credit herself to her successes. She involves others as well and gives them their credit. They are dependent, independent and lovable.

Being a confident woman is not all the difficult. You need to know the qualities and very soon, you could be one.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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