15 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas-Beautiful Sign of Friendship


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Friend Tattoo Ideas

Best friends always take a chance of exploring everything together. They never miss a chance of making a strong connection. The best company gives you happy and happening times in life. And you may want to show how much the friendship with that person means to you.

To express the deep feelings, you must make something permanent. When you feel words and promises are not enough to express the importance of your friendship, then you get tattoo done. You can twin with the same tattoos or go with the meaningful tattoos.

We listed the tattoo ideas for best friends. Make your friendship forever strong with a tattoo.

Tattoos Designs For Best Friends

1. Soul Sisters


Having a soul sister for life is a blessing and fun is limitless with her. So, your love and care for each other also has no limits. To express and show off your connection, you can go for the “soul sisters” tattoo. You may stay apart but this tattoo will remind your best friend any time. This is small tattoo that fits on your arms, side of your wrists.

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2. X and O


In general, X means hugs and O means kisses. When your feel over whelmed having you’re a best friend, you give her hugs and kisses. You can express the same getting it tattooed. This is an expressive tattoo of your friendship. Even crowd out there identifies you as the best friends when you are together.

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3. Twin with Black Tiny Hearts


The best idea to twin with your best friend is simply wearing the same tattoo. But you may want something both of you like to wear. So, go for a tiny black tattoo that fits anywhere on your body. The place area to get this tattoo is upper collar bone. You can expose your tattoo decently wearing modish outfits.

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4. Avocado


You may want a adorable tattoos that also makes you expresses your connection. Then go for an avocado tattoo which is trending as a friendship tattoo. The avocado breaks into half and you can share each half of it. It can be an expression of sharing. Not only that, it can also be an idea of completing each other with presence in each others lives. The tattoo looks cute and an ultra posh idea for best buddies.

5. Powerpuff Girls


Are you and your friend love cartoon? Then, you must go for this tattoo. A mini girl gang of three can wear the tattoo of powerpuff girls. If you feel your trio rocks, then you will love to wear this tattoo. You will connect to the tattoo if you girls are friends since childhood. Show the girl empowerment wearing the powerpuff girls tattoo and it looks adorable. The tiny girls with super powers are cute even in tattoo form.

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6. Parted Heart


If you are going to best friends forever, then you must get this tattoo done. A heart that is incomplete and only completes when you come together. Isnt it deeply meaningful? When you are choosing a parted heart, you are wearing something that you always both feel for each other. Let your connection stay that beautiful when you are close or far away even on different sides of the world. If you wish to have the parted with beautiful designs, then you can go for the same. It looks attractive like shown in the above image.

7. Talking Girls


Girl best friends are done with their talks. And this is a tattoo that shows what you both are in real. You are going to love this tattoo as you are going to relate. The tattoo also shows your connection and it is again a matching tattoo for best friends. This apt tattoo is perfect on legs and hands. The tattoo can be simple and colourful if you really want. Let your tattoos also be talkative as much as you both are.

8. Sun and Moon


Is your best friend your strength? And are your friend’s sunshine? Then expose your best friendship with the sun and moon tattoo. If you both are looking for a tattoo which is looks stylish and expressive, then you must5 go this tattoo. You can get it in decent areas like your arms and side wrist.

9. Holding Pinkies


Holding pinkies is a tattoo that shows your strong connection. The tattoo also looks adorable when designed. This tattoo can be a perfect sign to show your unbreakable bond. Let your connection get more stronger with the matching holding pinkies tattoo. When you feel, you both are at your best when together, you must get this tattoo done.

10. Floral Heart


You have many tattoos of heart design and this the most beautiful one. The delicate flowers come together to form a complete tattoo. Feel feminine wearing the heart tattoo design. You can look at the above image, how beautiful the tiny roses made the heart design pretty. It is a trending tattoo for girl best friends.

11. Crown


The both girl besties are queens of their own world. But the queens cannot wear the crown. So, wear the crown tattoos which expresses your attitude. Don’t let your crowns fall down. Be strong together and let your friendship go on till the countless miles. Let your crowns get some embellishments and colour to make it attractive.

12. Fingers Crossed


Are you friends highly optimistic? Then, get this positivity filled tattoo of fingers crossed. When you are facing a tough situation in life, friends keep wishing good for you, with fingers crossed. Let your immense concern and love be expressed with a finger crossed tattoo.

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13. The Roses


Wear the rose tattoo that makes you go beautiful and trendy. You both girlies are going to be obessesed with your twinning tattoo. You can also make the rose flowers get some colours to make it more attractive. You can also keep it simple leaving the black roses.

14. Coffee Cups


Many of friend connect over coffee time. And if you are friends are coffee love, then you can look up to this tattoo. Get trendy and expressive with coffee tattoo. It makes you smile when you look at it every time. It also remind your coffee and happy times with you had with your best friend. Getting a tattoo of your memories is a sweetest idea.

15. Yin Yang Symbol


Best friends may have differences but they are also close by heart. Friends give rise to each other at any cost. Wearing this tattoo, you are expressing your deep connection. You are always interrelated with your thoughts. This beautiful symbol looks attractive and a right way to twin with your best friend.

Now you are going to fall in love with your twinning and expressive tattoos. Once you get tattoo done, you are going to wait for a chance of exposing with your best friend. Let your excitement of experimenting the tattoos end with happiness. Choosing these tattoo designs is going to make you happy.

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