Mind These 14 Things And You Will Not Fall In Love Easily


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Things Not Fall In Love Easily
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Being in love is special but it may not be the same from both the sides. Sometimes, you love and care for someone but you never get it back. Then, you need to start being a different person to not fall in love that easily like before.

You must snatch yourself from failing in love again and again. Sometimes, people show their real colours but we don’t over paint their shown colours. You can forgive people and love a person but not one you are being hurt again and again.

You need to set the rules not to fall in love easily and follow them as well. Forgiving the person is great but you need to realize that it is just a game from other side. It is better to prepare yourself not to break down than preparing yourself to break down.

How to not Fall in Love that Easily?

1. Have ideal qualities and requirements

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Every woman must have a list of ideal qualities she wants in a man. When you are looking for ideal qualities in a man, you would not end up with a wrong person. Such qualities also keep you away from falling in love easily with someone. You also not regret for choice that is so important in your life.

2. Learn from the mistakes

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People teach you lessons but we tend to leave the lessons and just carry the pain. So, start learning from your experiences. Rewind and see where you made a mistake and determine not to repeat it. The lessons you have learned from bitter experiences can give you a better life. Work and put efforts on making yourself stronger than before.

3. Be bold and brave

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Everyone have their own fears and weaknesses. But we don’t need to show it someone. It is better we wear a mask in front of the world. The bold and brave mask you wear can keep you away from falling in love. When you show your weak side and fears, people come to support you and then they expect you to stay with them. Don’t expect everyone to be selfless and don’t blame them for being selfish. Be bold and brave, not to fall in love that easily.

4. Always be occupied

Yes! You must be occupied and always stay on wheels. Keeping yourself occupied not only keeps you away from falling in love but improves your career. You can focus on your career and future. The more you are occupied is the less you are available to give or take love. When you are busy with daily tasks, short term and long term goals, time just goes away and you will see progressive change in your life.

5. Don’t give special treatment

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It is better you treat everyone the same. The special treatment can overwhelm the someone and expectations starts further. They start expecting for your attention and special treatment. You may not have the same feelings for them and this may lead you to forcible acceptance of love. Don’t be emotionally weak and don’t give a chance of someone be that emotionally attached with you.

6. Don’t take any attention

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Ignore the attention that you are getting from a person. At first they give you attention and expect the same from you. This may not be clever game from other side but can be a genuine trial of expecting love from you. Show off that you are ignoring the attention in actions. See if you have made the mistake of taking the attention and then going through bitterness with someone. You will know how bad attention can be from a wrong person.

7. Be clear and make it clear

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Be clear with your feelings and thoughts. Once you are clear from your side, also make clear for other person. Let the person know, this is not going to work. You cant keep ignoring the attention for long time. So, you may need to take a step forward and explain things clearly. This will save you and the expecting person time, energy and emotions. Everyone must invest their time in something worthy of. Isn’t it?

8. First priority goes to self respect

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When you give first priority to your self respect, you will not dare to make mistakes. Self respect matters than anything else and you must keep remembering it. Don’t let yourself down for any one, at any cost. You must fight for your self respect with yourself. Controlling your emotions and feeling for someone is also self respect. If you agree with this point, keep fighting for your self respect and appreciate yourself when you did it.

9. Stay in reality

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The more you are fantasized in your life, the more you are in false world. So, you must come back to the reality before the heartbreak. It is unconditional sometimes, to stay in fantasy world. You must keep helping yourself not to fantasize. Things in life are not the same as you assume them to be.

10. Love yourself more

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We agree that you give love only when you love yourself. But love yourself to that extent where don’t do have anything to offer for someone. When you give so much of yourself to someone, you forget your own self. So, be your own priority and you will stop expecting from someone. You also get to be yourself when you love yourself.

11. Don’t go into the past

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Many of them, determine not to go back to the person. They also have strong resolutions. But suddenly they go into the past and search for the person. Remember that you are hurting yourself by going into the past and bringing back the pain. Your patience is tested only when you start to show your goodness.

12. Recollect the bad side

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If you are falling in love again and again and also hurting yourself, then remember the bad side of the person. This completely keeps you away from falling in love with the same person. Why would you go to someone who is not that good by heart?!

13. Life is not a box of regrets-Don’t forget this

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When you are failed in life, you feel regret in some corner in your heart. How many regrets would you collect in your life by falling in love easily?

Life is meant for growth, to make memories and experience many more great things. So, don’t make your life a box of regrets.

14. No Hurry to end up with someone

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If you are in a hurry to find someone for you, then pause! In order to find someone for yourself, you tend to fall in love easily. You may even not know this. So, come out of the hurry of searching for the soulmate. It is better to not have someone for a while, to find some forever when your time comes.

When you stop falling for someone, don’t call it cruelty instead call it your choice. Your enough matured to take right decisions for yourself and let people know it. Fall in love but not that easily, that is what we would like to say. To know how important it is, not to fall in love easily, recollect your experiences and you will start agreeing on every point.

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