Fabulous Rajasthani Bridal Jewelries


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Rajasthani Bridal Jewelries

Marriages can be wonderful as well as stressful. Selecting jewelries can be difficult and quite hardworking for the bride. Every bride want her wedding to be perfect and look perfect on the wedding day. Jewelries can add more beauty to a women’s face and body. Jewelries not only reflect the inner beauty, but also inner confidence in a women. You must have heard about Rajasthan or Rajasthani jewelries, which are more attached or linked with Kings and Queens. So here, are some Rajasthani bridal jewelries that even you can try on your wedding and look amazing.

Amazing And Beautiful Rajasthani Bridal Jewelries



Rakhdi is a type of head-gear piece of jewellery and is also an elaborate variation of another type of Rajasthani ornament called borla. It consists of two parts, a string that is decorated with some precious stones which runs across the hair partition and a bell shaped ornament that can stay on the upper end of the woman’s forehead.

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None of the images of the Rajasthani bride can be complete without a nathni. It is one of the type of gold nose ring, that is heavily decorated with beads as well as studded with precious stones. This bulky ornament is then supported by the metal string that is generally latched-on the ear.

3Rajasthani Bridal Jewellery – Aarsi


Well, what is aarsi, do you want to ask? It is one of the classic example of royal roots of different Rajasthani ornaments. Aarsi is also a large ring, that is studded with mirrors, which can also be worn in the past by the queens and other aristocratic women. It then serves the purpose of the stunning ornament and the portable mirror for the woman to see her face. Now-a-days, it is a simple form of an important component in the Rajasthani bridal jewellery.



Bajuband is basically an arm band which can be worn on the upper arm. It is then crafted in gold with some precious stones that is studded all around. It usually forms in various sets with the bangles and is therefore can have a different design scheme on them.



Choora are the set of bangles that is made of gold and bejewelled with many precious stones. Many ornate variations can have carvings which can be filled with silver and covered with precious stones.

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6Rajasthani Bridal Jewellery Designs – Kamarband


Well kamarbandh can be common in many cultures though. It is basically a waist band, that is made from the assemblage of fine strings which are made from the mixture of gold and other metals like copper or even silver. Strings also run across in some pattern with asymmetrical precious stones and pendants, which breaks the flow.



Bichua is a type of toe ring, that is worn on the second finger after the thumb in the feet and is also a symbol of woman to be espoused. The top of this ring comes in many varieties of shapes and is also decorated with many precious stones as well as pearls.



Aad is also a type of heavy gold necklace, that can come in varieties of designs. The main highlight of this necklace is basically a large curved pendant which has broad rims on top as well as bottom. The pendant can be made from interlocked individual pieces or it can also be a single piece of metal with overlay of some precious stones.

9Hath Phool

Hath Phool

Hath phool basically consists of two components, a bracelet as well as a ring or even sets of rings. It can wrap around the wrist just like a bracelet with an ornate string which runs across the back of the hand and attach with the finger ring. This arrangement can give the ornament a flower-like appearance.



Payal in Rajasthani bridal jewelries is basically a loose ankle ring, that consist of metal strings that is delicately covered by many precious stones. The string can be made of a piece of metal or even made from individual pieces of gold.

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11Raani Haar

Raani Haar

The name loosely translates to ’Queen’s Necklace’ and is also an elaborate design necklace, whose pendant basically reaches to the waist. Originally it was a symbol of royalty, raani haar is then made from gold with various types of pearl elements and pendant studs as well as precious stones. Certain opulent varieties are sometimes embellished with diamonds.