Simple Yoga Poses To Cure Diabetes At Home Effectively


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Yoga for diabetes

Considered as one of the most popular forms of exercise and healthy living, this 5000-year-old practice of Yoga has some really miraculous benefits, people know about. Other than its weight loss benefits, it is also responsible for a healthy weight gain, Flexible body, Healthy immune system and what more it can also help you cure a few diseases. One such disease is Diabetes. Yes, there are some yoga poses for diabetes that are known to cure this disease.

Follow these simple yoga asanas and relieve yourself from this serious illness. Improve your health and live a better and more meaningful life. Here are some simple yoga poses to Cure Diabetes at home.

What is Diabetes?

What is DiabetesIf a person suffering from a disease where the glucose level in his blood, i.e. the sugar level of the blood, increases to a higher value, is termed to be suffering from diabetes. This increase generally occurs from the consumption of food with high amount of glucose in it. The insulin hormone, present in the human body regulates this glucose levels. There has been a steady increase in the number of individuals who are diabetic these days, new treatments are continuously being invented by scientists in laboratories. Other than regular insulin shots, the best way to eliminate and maintain sugar levels in the blood is by regular exercise. The best form of exercise being yoga.

What is Yoga?

What is YogaYoga is a form of exercise which has its roots deep down in the ancient times. The yoga asanas help in maintaining the sugar level in the blood. It is one of the best exercises for people suffering from diabetes.

The reduced responsiveness of the blood cells towards the insulin produced leads to diabetes. Regular exercise is the best way which makes the blood cells respond back to this hormone and in return also reduce the levels of extra glucose present in the blood.

The circulation of blood is also enhanced especially in the hands and legs which is most common in a diabetic patient. Performing regular Yoga asanas is the best and most effective way to reduce stress both mentally as well as physically which in return helps in fetching a drastic decrease in the extra glucose level present in the blood. This will also help you in return to decrease the excessive fat present in the body of a person.

How Does Yoga Help With Diabetes?

Does Yoga Help With DiabetesPracticing yoga on a regular basis serves as the best way to fight diabetes and decrease the sugar level. It maintains the blood circulation as well as the blood pressure too. On the other hand, the weight gain is reduced along with the reduction in the risk of other diseases and their symptoms with a check on slowing down the progressive rate of a disease.

Complications in the human body are mostly regulated and controlled through yoga practices. The main reason which causes diabetes is mental as well as physical stress caused by work overload, irregular sleep, and tension.

The practices of doing meditation and yoga asanas daily, even for a little while plays an important role in protecting the body from these effects by improving the levels of insulin in the body.

Yoga helps in losing weight along with reducing the amount of fat being accumulated in the body. The best techniques to lose weight are Kapal Bhati and Surya Namaskar.

Weight regulation is the most effective way to eliminate obesity which is the main reason for diabetes. Diabetic patients are also suggested to perform Bhastrika Pranayam regularly, it works like a miracle to keep excess blood sugar in control, Although it should be performed with extreme caution and only in the exactly perfect way.

What are the yoga poses for diabetes?

While any Yoga asanas, in general, are very healthy for your body and also for fighting several diseases, there are a few Yoga asanas for diabetes which work wonders for reducing the severity of this disease. Here are the most effective yoga for diabetes patients.

  • Supta Matsyendrasana
Supta Matsyendrasana
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  • Kapal Bhati

    Kapal Bhati
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  • Dhanurasana

    Image Source:
  • Paschimottanasana

    Image Source:
  • Shavasana

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  • Ardhya Matsyendrasana

Ardhya MatsyendrasanaBenefits of Yoga for Diabetes:

There are immense benefits of yoga for diabetes patients if the techniques are properly implemented and continued on a regular basis. The following are its benefits:

  • The processes of blood circulation, proper digestion, and immunity toward diseases increase significantly.
  • The endocrine organs along with the neurological stability are benefitted immensely with regular yoga.
  • Any illness, especially the chronic ones can be eliminated easily.
  • Energy gain and feeling healthy are among the other beneficial aspects as well.

Is Yoga Good for Diabetes?

All the aspects starting from breathing to the restoration of health is possible through the yoga exercises for diabetes. The need is mainly for the right training and regular practice. This in return enhances the metabolism of the body through smooth carrying out of the chemical procedures. It works as a magic by implementing yoga for a diabetes cure.

Several studies have confirmed yoga to reduce diabetes. The main yoga asanas for diabetes cure as stated earlier mainly helps in squeezing the abdominal part which in return results in the secretion of effective pancreatic juices and secrete hormones to maintain the body’s metabolism.

The main causes are identified and eliminated automatically through yoga with simple breathing and high meditation methods. The main benefits to individuals already suffering from diabetes of prone to the disease can be experienced by making yoga a part of their life on a daily basis and proper practice of every related asana either by learning from someone experienced or from books and television in order to overcome the symptoms associated to it.

How to Start Yoga for Diabetes?

yoga for diabetesThe best and most effective way to begin with yoga asanas is to include and practice the breathing techniques which mainly aims and targets the enhancement of the pancreas. Several yoga asanas increase the flow of insulin throughout the body for glucose regulation by improving the capacity of blood flow through cells.

From day one, when an individual starts the yoga asanas, an automatic symptom of freshness and energy prevails in the daily lifestyle. The practice of yoga should always be done before taking in food but drinking only fruit and healthy juices.

The specific timings for best results are early in the morning and evening for a regular session lasting up to a period of one hour. The initial days should be spent on only asanas which are simple with limited stretching of the body parts and compression of the abdomen.

Each posture for every asana must be held on for an average of 5 seconds each. This should be increased bit by bit on a regular basis ranging up to one minute of hold time for each posture. The main focus should be on the breathing while holding on to a particular posture. This relaxes the neurological components of the body eventually resulting in relaxation by releasing tension and reducing stress levels.

The oxygen level stimulates the blood pressure along with the pancreatic secretions which can be easily obtainable by trained breathing techniques and application of relevant yoga exercises. The Shavasana posture helps in relieving form fatigue in case an individual feels to take a short rest in between the regular yoga sessions.

To get mental satisfaction of the visible results from asanas of yoga good for diabetes a regular check must be kept on the levels of the glucose in the blood under the supervision of a trained practitioner. It has a guaranteed progress in the health card which eventually decreases the number of daily medicines required.

The best is to adopt the habits which are healthy and good for health including fittest diet and a good quantity of sleep. On the endnote, a person feels fresh and relaxed when they are on regular yoga sessions, thus leads a happy and healthy life as they had always desired.

Hopefully, we could help you with these information bits about yoga for diabetes. Do let us know if you have used yoga to cure diabetes. Share with us your experiences and we will be delighted to hear them all.

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