Seychelles-Best Honeymoon Destination For Nature Lovers


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Seychelles-Best Honeymoon Destination

Planning a honeymoon? Tired of listening to all the Goa fever and want to try something international as well as new? Then, here is an idea, why don’t you go for the Seychelles? If you are a nature lover too, then Seychelles, an island situated in East Africa, is the best place for you. So, here are some tips on why Seychelles-best honeymoon destination for nature lovers and couples.

Seychelles-Best Honeymoon Destination For Newly Weds

1How to reach

How to reach

Air India does not have any direct air service to the Seychelles. You can get Emirates airways or Abu Dhabi where you can get Etihad airways or Doha, that is, Qatar airways or from Nairobi, Air Kenya. Almost all countries have flights to Seychelles

In terms of service, Emirates is one of the best airlines and also costliest. Air Kenya is one of the cheapest and the service is also good, you sometimes might experience a long waiting queue at the Nairobi Airport.

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2Places to visit

Places to visit

Seychelles, is the most amazing place to visit any time of the year. Throughout the year, its tropical climate as well as fresh ocean breezes can give the beach and the inland forests the perfect temperature to enjoy the place. You can also visit, many islands like

  • Mahe – A perfect honeymoon destination for different types of activities along with number of beautiful beaches
  • La Digue – It is one of the least developed islands and also gives the opportunity to the cultural life of Seychelles.
  • Cousine Island – It offers the sandy beaches and turquoise water with serene atmosphere, where young couples can enjoy in a secluded paradise.
  • Praslin – It is the second largest island in Seychelles. There are many tropical beaches as well as huge areas of forests that also include the UNESCO World Heritage site ‘the Vallee de Mai nature preserve’.



Not one visit to Seychelles capital, Victoria, is complete without a single trip to the Sir Selwyn Clarke market. There you can find many wonderful array of traditional spices, souvenirs, and crafts. It can also include batik work, woven baskets as well as tablemats, straw hats and crafted wooden furniture, model boats and ornaments. The market is most liveliest on Saturday mornings and is basically closed Saturday afternoon and on Sundays.

Mahé also offers the best shopping experience. The major outlets are small boutiques, which sells pottery, paintings and jewelry that is made from green snail shells as well as sea shells. There are also a few small shops on Praslin, too.

Tea-growing as well as manufacturing is still done on small amount in Seychelles. You can also purchase local tea in the shops or can also try many blends before buying at the Tea Tavern in the tea factory on Mahé.

The Seychelles is also one of the best places to buy vanilla pods. The plant is then cultivated as a climber around its base of the trees and then pollinated by hand. Pods can also be bought in the shops or at the markets. Another spice that is worth getting hold of is cinnamon, it grows wild on all over the islands. It can also be bought as an oil or in the quills of dried bark that can be used as a whole in cooking or in grated.

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The staple food in the Seychelles, includes the best seafood dishes, that are accompanied with rice. Fish dishes are cooked in many ways, such as steamed, wrapped in banana leaves, grilled, baked, salted as well as smoked, which is served alongside chutney and cooked vegetables such as green mango or aubergine. Coconut water and fresh juices are some of the most and well known beverages in Seychellois cuisine.

Seychellois Creole cuisine is mainly influenced by African, French, Chinese, and Indian traditions. The blending of spices is one of the major feature and is also made of chillies, coconut milk and breadfruit. There are almost 10 varieties of chillies, and each variety has a different flavour considered to be suitable for every particular dishes.

Raw vegetables are served with a vinaigrette dressing. Lobster, pork, octopus, and chicken are used more frequently than the beef or lamb, which can be imported. You can dine with local Creole restaurants, to enjoy these special dishes and local cuisines in Seychelles.

5Cruise trip

Cruise trip

While on a honeymoon in Seychelles, you can see that many visitors enjoy taking a few days off on a cruise of the islands. There are modern yachts as well as traditional schooners, and it can be the high point of your honeymoon. Its tours can include visiting the 115 islands and also ensure travelers to see all the national parks, nature reserves, the Aldabra Atoll and the Vallee de Mai.

6Scuba diving

Scuba diving

One of the most alluring characters of the Seychelles is its clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean that surrounds the islands. It has a stunning topography of a very expansive reef, pinnacles, walls, drop offs, wrecks as well as canyons. It also make for one of the most diverse marine environments around, teaming with the fish and the coral life.

With dive sites that ranges in depth from 8m to 30m, there are many options for both the beginners as well as experienced divers to enjoy. It is also possible to dive throughout the year in Seychelles. However, waters are more calm during the months of March, April, May and September, October as well as November.

During these months, visibility can also reach a staggering of 30m and with water temperatures reaching 29oC also makes for a very pleasant and relaxed diving experience. The more calmer the waters, mean that dive boats can also reach to the more remote sites. Where you can encounter with mega fauna such as the sharks and manta rays, are very common in these sites that areparticularly good for experienced divers.

During the months of June, July and August, the south-east monsoon brings the stronger winds making access to the remote diving sites difficult as well as unreliable. Cooler waters are generally blown off and temperatures drop to 25oC. These waters are then filled with nutrient rich plankton, that visibility can be significantly reduced; however these plankton also encourage the appearance of whale sharks, which can also reach an incredible 10m in length. Local dive shops also offer specific whale shark programmes during these months, so the chance of snorkeling or even diving with these magnificent creatures is quite very high.

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7Tropical Massage

Tropical Massage

What can be more romantic than, having a tropical massage with your better half on a Cousine Island on your resort or hotel room in front of the beach. Seychelles gives an ultimate tropical massage experience in MAIA, Four Seasons, Constance and Banyan Tree. Remember to enjoy a quite evening with your better half in massage and silence all the way.