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celebrate Holi

Every single thing in India is bound by significance, history and cultural aspect. There is no one who can say no that because India as such is a very cultural country that believes in its rich values and traditions. There are so many festivals we celebrate like Vinayak Chatuthi, Diwali, Dussera and all. Likewise, Holi is one such festival that is given a lot of importance in the Northern part of India.

The celebration of colors isone festival that is thoroughly enjoyed by every single person in India because of its beautiful significance that is hidden under it. There are various kinds of significances like Socio-cultural significance, biological significance, religious significance and so on. This small tradition that is hidden inside makes a lot of sense when you know it. So, we take this opportunity to spill out some beans on the significancesof celebrating Holi and why we people in India celebrate Holi in a grand manner.

Top Significances On Holi Celebration

1Mythological significance

Mythological significance

Holi definitely gets us close to a lot of our mythological reasoning as to why we celebrate Holi. Well, the legend of Holi started with the story of Prahlad and his father Hiranyakashyap. The story starts from when the father son duo has a fight on who is the most powerful person in the world. Prahlad always worshiped Lord Vishnu, which his father did not like. To teach him a lesson, Hiranyakashyap asks his sister Holika to enter into a fire pot with Prahlad in her lap. Since, Holika had the power of not being burnt or succumbed to death by fire, she accepts the orders. But, his son’s devotion works wonders and Prahalad is saved from the fire while Holika burns herself in the fire. The burning of Holika is called as Holika Dahan and that is one of the mythological significance of how Holi came into light. This traditional festival takes its name as Holi from the evil sister Holika and the whole point of color is to celebrate the life of Prahalad.

Another mythological reasoning behind this comes from Radha Krishna’s love for each other. When Krishna was young, he used to throw colors at gopikas and Radha mainly. The happiness, the love and the beautiful colors depicted the entire scene of how happy and contented the lord was with his life. Since then, the trend of associating happiness in color has become a common thing and that is how even Holi came into the picture. Nevertheless, there is just not one reason behind the advent of Holi. So, we cannot narrow down to one reason as to how Holi came into the world.

2Cultural Significance

Cultural Significance

Holi reassures the faith of good over evil, honesty over the lie and good deeds. The mythological references are a way of telling people how even the most powerful person succumbs under god and his power. So, Holi also tells us a lot about this only. It teaches us to do good and make people who are related to us proud. It suggests that we shouldn’t harm people around us and that can be one of the most punishable offenses that we do. There is a code of conduct that every person should live in and when you cross that, you are definitely in trouble.

Holi proves to people that there is definitely a victory over pure evil. Also, Holi is all about enjoyment, celebration and enthusiastic participation. So, Holi is basically celebrated in the mid of March or last week of March when the farmers are expecting good harvest. It is the celebration of bloom, harvest, happiness, rejoice and that is how everyone submerges themselves into the celebration of happiness.

3Social Significance

Social Significance

The social significance of Holi is rich, beautiful and simply wordless. This is true because the festival is celebrated amongst all the types and kinds of people. Even a non Hindu is invited to celebrate Holi who takes active part in the colorful festival.

There is no cast, religion or creed when it comes to this beautiful festival. Everyone is the same and that is one of the most important social significance of why we celebrate Holi. It is believed that even the foe turns into a friend during the celebration. There is no differentiation as rich and poor as everyone celebrates Holi together with one another. Mornings are usually the time when people celebrate Holi, while in the evenings people go to their friend’s or relative’s house and exchange gifts, greetings and sweets. This festival definitely increases the bond between people and societal responsibility amongst each person.

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4Biological Significance

Biological Significance

Leaving other kinds of significances behind, do you know why we celebrate Holi? Well, it is also important for our bodies have some fun. Yes, it so happens that Holi falls on one of the months that is the most laziest and people have no fun around them. This is the accurate time for every one of us to take a break from the routine and get our hands colorful.

Yes, it is one of the most appropriate time of the year where you need some enjoyment and to regain all the boring day. When you play Holi, you have to run, sing, dance, hide and do everything that you don’t do as an adult. But, Holi makes everyone a child by heart and body. This is very good for your body and the organs. You organs have to feel happy at least once or twice a month. Besides, the colors that are used to play with Holi that are natural and not mixed with artificial colors give a lot of purity to your body. When the colors are thrown at you, it enters the pores of your body and strengthens your calcium and iron content in your body. Well, isn’t that enough reason to play Holi even more now?

Holi is a very beautiful festival and everyone loves it even now. Whether you are in India or out of India, it is definitely fine to feel happy, regenerated and play like a child.

Celebrate Holi!

-Pavithra Ravi

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