Tattoos For Those Who Love To Travel


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Inspiring Tattoos For Travellers

Can you find any reason of traveling that stir the soul? Is it about the excitement of discovering the new culture, or about hearing a different mother tongue? Even it can be the kick of trying, unadulterated version of tasting local cuisines, maybe! Travel junkies know and understand that, there is nothing that can cure this itch, quite huge and hopeful never-ending voyage across the high seas. For those newbie, who still have to catch the bug, here, are some incredible,inspiring tattoos or pieces of body art for travellers, that can definitely get you to hop the place/train/car/boat and start the journey, of life long experiences.

Tattoos For Travellers



Getting a compass tattoo is quite very common theme. It can be anything from simple basic compass on the wrist to incredibly complex one on the biceps or on shoulders. You can even add some travelling quotes of your like and interest, which can make it more interesting.

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These colourful globe designs are one of my personal favourites. You can even try with anything more smaller and simpler to complex and bigger. You can even add designs or travelling quotes. Smaller and simpler globe tattoos can look adorable on the wrist, whereas, complex and bigger ones will look good on the shoulders.



There are many ranges of map tattoos that can give you the kick of travelling. There are small to bigger to biggest. You can even make them colourful, or can just draw the outlines and leave them. They can adore from the wrist to your back.



A minimalistic tattoo done well, is the most adorable and beautiful thing you can get inked with. There are many ranges of minimalistic tattoos that you can select from like, paper plane, plane, boat, only a continent you have visited, and many more. It has a wide range of collections.

5Free bird

Free bird

A free bird is also symbolic to travelling or state of mind, or goals to be free. It can be done in many ways, and also in various places in the body. Like, it has shown in the picture of birds flying from dandelion, or you can try only birds flying, or can be anything. Here, too you can get varieties of tattoos on the range. You can get inked in places like, wrist, fingers, shoulders, or any part of your choice.

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A tattoo on postage stamps, can a be pretty symbolical way to represent your hometown, or the places that you loved, when you visited, or a place that is close to your heart. You can even try inking passport stamps on your body. Passport stamps can refer to the places you have already travelled.

7Foot tattoo

Foot tattoo

Foot tattoos can be a prominent tattoo, and can also be understated alternative, for those who don’t want to show off. All you need is wear socks. When seen, it can reflect your goal of travelling, and how much you adore travelling on your own way. There are various ranges of tattoos you can try like, a plane, as seen in the picture; or Himalayas; or map; or even a quote; or something that really touched your heart.



There are many types of skyline tattoos available, decide on what is yours. You can even try to colour them or just draw the outlines. You can get them on your foot, wrist, or biceps. Skyline tattoos, are very trendy and you can find every city with a remotely distinctive skyline.

9Travel quotes

Travel quotes

Travel quote tattoos are also in trend these days. You can also write down your travel goals, or try some famous quotes, to remind you every day with the goals, and you can work for it.

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