Work Hard On Your 20s, To Live Regretful Life On Your 40s


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Things To Try In Your 20s

“If only I had…..”, is what we hear from many people, while talking about their past or while they think about their past. Like, if only they had saved some money, if only they had taken more risks, if only they had been more proactive, or if only they had been more courageous. They are some things, which we need to do early in life, so that it can either turn to big dividends, when you grow old, or making the journey smoother to the top. As the young Millennials, the advantage we have on our hand is time. It can be anything from financial decisions for building professional networks. Even the minor steps that we take towards this directions can have a very big impact on our future career shapes into to years to come. So, here are some things to try in your 20s, that can be successful in your 40s, and have professional recognition as well as satisfaction.

Things To Try When In Your 20s

1Taking uncalculated risks

Taking uncalculated risks

It is not like, if you play safe, you won’t be able to succeed. If you play safe you will be successful in your career, but the payoffs can be a little much bigger, when you bring yourself in taking risks. Are you feeling unhappy with your job? Then you must follow your heart, on doing whatever it likes. You will have all the time in the world in your 20s, to start something new or try something new.

At this time of the age, being unfettered with responsibilities can be a huge advantage, and if you think that you have made a bad decision, then you can pick up the pieces and put something else together. Some author’s said that, most of the businesses started by young entrepreneurs, make a much big impact, when they succeed, and also leave very lighter mark when they fail. The job, what you can do in your 20, you might don’t wanna regret it by doing it on your 40s. As you might never find,the same passion and courage to follow.

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2Seriously, concentrate on employer-paid training

Seriously, concentrate on employer-paid training

To develop professionally as well as personally, many employers give a chance to their best employees to learn from the best. If you are one of them, they do not take these opportunities lightly. Try to grab them, when in hand. Remember that, later in life, you might not be able to afford these type of training courses independently, or invest in is not only the matter of getting a valuable education free; but also on what you might learn. The major part is your employer is paying you to pick up valuable skills, and you are only investing your time. When you grow older, and move from one job to another, then you might understand the importance of all these certificates, that helped you in shaping your professional portfolio.

3Grip on your finances

Grip on your finances

This is also the valuable time to equip yourself with financial information, and be up at the stake when it comes to financial literacy. Try picking up a few skills that can help you in planning, as well as managing your finances. If you think that, you are not good with numbers, then try seeking help professionally.

Planning earlier can help you in financial portfolio designing, in the most rewarding way. Taking the insurance policy, when young, can reduce the amount of premiums, that you have to pay in the later stage of life. Try to start investing when young, and most importantly, avoid cashing out the provident funds or even retirement savings, while you move from one job to the other.

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4Be courageous when approaching the mentors

Be courageous when approaching the mentors

If you feel that, you are shy or scared, whenever you approach your seniors for help, request or advice, to be your mentors, then you must try hard to change this quality. Whatever we learn from these experienced mentors, it cannot be found in any kind of tutorial websites or even books.

You can try establishing a good rapport with your seniors, so that they do not mind sharing their experiences with you. In the later stage of your career, finding a mentor becomes tougher. So, try not to pull yourself back.

When you see someone who inspires you, and makes you think that you want to be like them in a few years, then immediately go and talk to them, as well try to learn from them. They are in that organization or position, before you, done your job before you, and they can also add a strong link to your professional network.

5Network and maintain relationships over time

Network and maintain relationships over time

The whole point in making connections or networking, is that you can tap them for some professional reason in your later point in time or life. You are building bridges towards the better opportunities in the future, if you are networking with any well-connected individuals. But, also remember that, relationships are also not easy to maintain, as they need genuine calls, as well as dedicated time and effort to stay in touch. So, remember to take this type of initiative early, and make a habit as well as keeping it renewing the connections by communicating at frequent intervals. Even when you see that, some connections are not benefiting, then do not walk away or abandon them. They can come handy, like, after some 15 years. You will thank yourself later for not failing out of touch.

Remember that your 20s are the time, when you actually lay the foundation of your future career as well as your life. So, try to put the maximum effort, to make the foundation strong, and balance as well support a stronger, and more fruitful personal and professional life.

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