Best Invitation Ideas for Destination Wedding

Invitation Ideas for Destination Wedding

The wedding is the most precious and important day in a girl and guy’s life. As the day approaches near, you have so many feelings inside you. You feel excited, scared, nervous, etc. The wedding is a one-time experience in any one’s life. So, you try to make it as memorable as you can. Nowadays, destination weddings have become very common. You have to do so much work for it either it can be choosing a destination or making a guest list. You have to be very precise in making decisions.

So, when we talk about the wedding, what comes to our mind? Invitations! A wedding invitation is compulsory because without that how will you announce your wedding among so many relatives. Choosing an invitation is also a tough job because we have so many designs and ideas. Nowadays you get to see so many thoughts and designs for invitations. Based on budget, shapes, sizes, designs, and colors you can choose an invitation. Now if it’s the destination wedding, then definitely the invitation should be also the special one. So, here are some Unique and best Invitation Ideas for Destination Wedding.

Invitation Ideas for Destination Wedding

1Magazine Invite

Magazine Invite

A magazine invitation can be a good idea for your destination wedding. A customized magazine invites, in which the cover page will have you and your spouse image with the wedding date. Inside the magazine you can have the venue details, wedding itinerary, dress code, travel info, hotel pictures, your engagement story, etc. Along with the invite, you can add a bottle of wine or some chocolates.

2Glass Bottle Invite

Glass Bottle Invite

Remember, in ancient days, there were no telephones or emails to send messages. When sailors had to send any message to anyone they use to write a letter and put the letter inside the bottle. Then they use to throw it in the water. The Message is bottle was done by a Greek philosopher named Theophrastus. So, this ancient idea can be given a modern touch. You can make customized invites which as you welcome your guest and mention your wedding details in the letter. That letter can be put in a bottle which has a good decoration. You can also add some sand and pebbles inside the bottle if yours is a beach wedding.

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3Blow Up Invite

Blow Up Invite

If you want to be unique for your wedding, then you have had a balloon invite. What you have to do is, print your wedding details or message for your guest and add the balloon to the card. On top of it write “Blow me Up”. When the balloon is blown, your guest can see the wedding details.

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4Passport Invite

Passport Invite

Destination Wedding means your guest has to travel to the location where your wedding will take place. So a passport invite is a totally impressive invite for save-the-date. It serves as a reminder and also will be a cool wedding invite idea. You can also add some design and ideas to the passport to make it look prettier. The pages inside can contain the route map, literary and plans for the wedding. Many couples prefer to include their photos also.

5Welcome Invite

Welcome Invite

The designed box invitations contain wedding literary along with assorted sweets and coated dry fruits. You can have customization depending on guests and the destination where your wedding will take place. You can add flowers, bottle of champagne or wine along with the invite to give it an elegant look

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6Post Card Invite

Post Card Invite

Stamped postcards were used in olden days when we didn’t have emails or phones. So, why don’t we relish the old memory with the golden touch? For your destination wedding, make a postal invite, which includes the stamp of the destination and the wedding details. You can also have an envelope which gives a vintage look. A calendar on the back of a postcard with “save-the-date” can be another idea for a unique wedding invitation.

7Wedding Kit Invite

Wedding Kit Invite

A wedding kit invites acts as an invitation as well as the welcome kit. It is a perfect way to welcome your guests in the town. The kit can contain an invitation card, room keys, water bottle, itinerary, route map and chocolates for the kids. The Hotel in which you are accommodating your guest can provide a few complimentary toiletries, like shampoo or lotion which can be added to the kit. You can also have a customized menu style invite in which your name along with your spouse is written with an image.


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