Trending Tattoos in India

Trending Tattoos

Getting a tattoo done is just not the style statement, but also a way to express your feeling, belief, thinking and the phase you are going through. There are a few interesting facts about the existing tattoo culture in India. From, butterfly to quote and celebrity to tribal designs tattoos. Here are few creative and trending tattoos going crazy in India.

Creative World of Indian Body Art

1Sports Tattoos

Sports Tattoos

Hmm.. Well, thanks to the craze of FIFA world cup. Fans got a chance to show their support and loyalty towards their favorite team, by getting the sports or flag icon inked on their bodies. It not only defines their personality, but also reflects their passion towards sports. People who are sports enthusiasts generally get this done on any part of their body.

2Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos

Getting the similar tattoo done of your favourite Hollywood or Bollywood star is on trend in India. Today’s youth is much fascinated by the celebrities, be it big screen stars or sport stars. They get tattoos like them and are very fashionable these days. Generally, girls of age between 17-25 years get it done, mostly on their wrists.

3Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

To express one’s religious beliefs, most of them get it inked in a creative way. A few are highly creative and few are funky in representing their religion through the tattoo. Very few girls get religious tattoos inked, it’s mostly seen on a man’s arm and shoulders.

4Fashionable Tattoos

Fashionable Tattoos

Girls mostly like to get inked on their body parts, like wrists, shoulders or ankles that is visible and can show off easily. Whereas, men get it inked on their biceps to show off their biceps. Tribal tattoos once had many spiritual thinking and traditions behind getting a tattoo done. With the same symbols, people these days get inked to become a Fashionista. So keeping that in mind, people get black ink on their skin as it lasts long and stands out more, comparatively.

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5Pet Tattoos

Pet Tattoos

Apart from family members and friends names and portraits, girls have a soft spot for their pets. With the use of cute quotes and designs, they permanently get the love and memories of their pets by getting inked. These kind of tattoos is mostly seen among teenage girls, on wrists, shoulders or ankles.

6Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

Girls are getting inked 60% more than that of boys, among which butterfly tattoos top in the list of tattoos. As these signify beauty, grace and elegance. The vibrant colors on their wings are soul soothing and eye-catching. This is, this was and will always be one of the favourite tattoo among women. There is no specific place to get it inked, it all depends on the mood and the place of choice of the women who gets it inked.

7Name Tattoos

Name Tattoos

This might be funny, but true, that teenagers these days are getting their own name inked on their skin, as a way of showing how trendy and cool they are.

They also get their loved one’s name inked, which now turned as a symbol of love. Just to impress their partner or express their love, they get their partner’s name inked and gift them in turn.

8Quote Tattoos

Quotes Tattoo

The quotes are just not popular in India, but also worldwide. Getting a long or small quote tattooed on your body showcases your thinking and psychology towards life and beliefs.

-Nikisha Uddagiri

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