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beauty addicts

It may come off as a hard way to explain the beauty addict’s motives the world or anyone because they do have a love-hate relationship with makeup. It is kind of an addiction and it is inseparable from them. They need to know that every time they leave home, they need to have makeup on them. They are just making their beautiful skin stand out and actually they do care for their skin and their beauty. To do that, it always means that they have to use more makeup. Well, you have got to understand their motives and stop asking them the wrong kind of questions. That is what most of you may end up doing. Asking the wrong kind of questions and making them uncomfortable. Well, so there are some things beauty addicts want to tell the world and you. Hear them out!

Things beauty addicts want you to listen from them

1They spend a lot on beauty products

spend a lot on beauty products

Yes, it is pretty obvious and it just says that they are concerned about looking good and beautiful all the time. You have to understand that they are willing to dig deep into the pockets to make sure they achieve the desire of buying whatever new beauty products that will advance their cause of being the beautiful person they can be. It is like a compulsion and they want to make sure they nail the compulsive part and give brightness to themselves. They can do that only by buying products that they like.

2They are beauty experts

They are beauty experts

Oh the beauty queens are the ones that can be consulted on beauty products or the style etc. They don’t have to read up on anything at all because they have it all stored up in the memory. They are kick ass in terms of learning the new trends and style. They are the experts, so they know what goes when and how it comes back in the market. They know the colors, the cool trends, the style and so many other things related to just beauty.

3Research comes first for them

Research comes first for them

They are sure that they don’t get stuck with any products. They just research so well and are proud that they know it all. It is also the truth that they make sure to research even while they do their make-up to get clear and neat makeup strokes.

4Make up is never hard work

Make up is never hard work

Yes, when there are tons of people who may frown at the incredible amount of time and energy they have to spend on looking good, these people don’t see it as hard work. They see it as trouble-free work and feel it is fun accomplishing what they love doing. They don’t mind spending time to make sure they get the perfect product on their face. Well, while this is true, they are also people who just can’t put up with average or ok makeup. It has to be perfect for them, no matter what and they make sure that they get to that level. Even if it is a number of times that they have to keep doing it, it is what they do, this is why they live and this is what they love doing. Looking perfect for them, getting the perfect liner stroke or getting the lipstick done effortlessly is what defines them the most. If you can’t stand by this, then you should probably learn to do so. You can also save all the energy and get a life so that these people can enjoy theirs too without your constant trouble making faces.

5There is no long lasting

There is no long lasting

It is pretty true that they don’t believe in long lasting makeup at all. For them, it is just re-coating the make up again and again. That is it! They don’t mind applying coating every 3 hours a day if they have to look great and make-up full. All they care is, if there is enough makeup to look good and nice for the evening. Everything else just doesn’t matter.

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6Staining everything that comes on the way

Staining everything

You have got to face the fact that their bathroom sink and dresser will always be covered in orange fingerprints and mascara marks. They will always be surrounded by makeup like their coats, bags and shirts.

Hey hey, If you are dating a makeup girl, the more you irritate her and tell her no makeup, the more she puts it on! If you have beauty (makeup) addicted friend, don’t cringe on them. They will ensure that they can resolve their world with makeup and fill it with tiaras and eyeliner marks. Let her just be! Because a beauty addict is always a great eye candy too.

-Pavithra Ravi

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