Benefits Of Honey In Healthy Living


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Benefits Of Honey

Benefits of honey is said that it contains a treasure chest with many hidden nutritional as well as have many medicinal value, for centuries. This sweet and golden liquid, which comes from the beehive is a very popular kitchen essential that is loaded with many antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Honey’s scientific powers can also be contributed to its vastly praised health benefits for your whole body. This healthy, as well as natural sweetener, offers many nutritional benefits which depends on the variety. Raw honey is basically an unpasteurized version of all the commonly used honey and only differs in the filtration, which can also help in extending the shelf life. A tablespoon of raw honey contains 64 calories, is cholesterol-free, fat-free, and sodium-free. Its basic composition is roughly 80 percent carbohydrates, 18 percent water, and two percent vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Honey is a very popular culinary delicacy and an important medical remedy for many millennia around the world. Honey’s earliest known use is in a medicinal prescription found in the Sumerian clay tablets that may be about 4000 years old. Almost 30% of Sumerians’ medical treatments is included, with honey.

In India, honey is a very important part of Ayurveda, the ancient, and a traditional system of medicine. In ancient Egypt, it was being used in managing skin as well as the eye diseases, and also as a natural bandage that is applied on the wounds and the burns. Several other cultures have also used honey for their various medical purposes. So, here are few benefits of honey in healthy living which can be very helpful for us.

Health Benefits Of Honey

1Alleviates Allergies

Alleviates Allergies

Honey basically made from some locally pollinated flowers which can alleviate allergy symptoms in the way vaccines can inoculate from the diseases. It introduces the body to build small amounts of an allergen, which helps to build up an immunity and is also one of the most important benefits of honey that you must eat it for.

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2Good for blood

Good for blood

Honey influences your body in various ways, that also depends on how you consume. If honey is mixed with warm water, it can have a beneficial impact on the red blood cell (RBC) count. RBCs are responsible for carrying out the oxygen in your blood to the various parts of your body. The honey-warm water mixture raises the blood hemoglobin levels, which can take care of anemic conditions.

Iron deficiency anemia is a condition that basically occurs when the dietary intake or the absorption of the iron is insufficient, and the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is then compromised. Then the reduced oxygen carrying capacity leads to fatigue, breathlessness, and also sometimes depression and many other problems. Honey can also negate these issues by building oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Building oxygen level in the blood is also extremely important because of how healthy the body is and how easily it can rejuvenate itself depends entirely on the oxygen level in your blood. One of the important benefits of honey.

3A prebiotic

A prebiotic

Benefits of honey are that it can be used as a prebiotic. Remember not to be confused with probiotics, like yogurt, which also contains healthy micro bacteria that can help aide the intestine in your digestive process. Prebiotics, however, can serve as food for these bacteria, which in turn eases the amount of “healthy” bacteria in your body.

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4An alternative to cough medicine

An alternative to cough medicine

Benefits of honey is that it, can also alleviate the symptoms of congestion, especially among children. The syrupy consistency in honey forms a film in a person’s mouth and soothes the irritated areas in the throat as well as shield the areas from any further infection. Using honey to soothe the sore throats can work well, especially to regulate the sleeping patterns when a cough is keeping you up at the night.

5Boosts Memory

Boosts Memory

This sweet nectar is loaded with antioxidants that can help to prevent the cellular damage as well as the loss within your brain. In a study, they found that daily, a spoonof honey may boost postmenopausal women’s memory, and can provide an alternative therapy for a hormone-related intellectual decline.

Honey’s amazing ability to help the body absorb the calcium can also help to aid the brains health. The brain needs more calcium in order to process thought and make important decisions.

6Combats skin and scalp infections

Combats skin and scalp infections

There are many types of health benefits of honey on the skin as well as scalp. A study found that the effects of honey on treating seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff showed improvement with the honey treatment. The itching was also relieved and the scaling disappeared within a week, while lesions also disappeared in two weeks. The hair loss situation also improved.

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