Top 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Chillies


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green chilli

Green chilli is one of the most popular ingredient for food flavors in India. Indian cuisine can not be complete without a hint of green chilli and from times immemorial this has been a therapeutic and flavor enhancing addition for our meals. Making that mouth watering chutny is so exciting and when you have a range of pickles and more such, you just can forget green chilli.

Green chilli has some amazing health benefits in addition to the aroma and taste they add to our traditional foods. I can never imagine a baigan ka bharta or a gatte ki sabzi without handful of green chillies. Even though the watering begins with mouth and continues to eye, nose and tongue; it is still the most enticing food ingredient or spice which is a must for all our delicacies.

Be it the Kashmiri pulao, Punjabi Sarson ka saag, Rajasthani Gatte ki sabji, Gujarati dhokle, Mumbaiyaa vada paav, sambhar aur rasam, mirchi bhajji or anything everything thats India. There is nothing which compensates the green chilli and from adding color to flavor to garnish it makes up for every aspect of cooking.

Green Chilly nutrition facts:

Green Chilly nutrition factsWith zero cholesterol, low calories and rich in vitamins green chilli is a perfect additive to your curries and salads. It contains, sodium, potassium, sugar, carb, dietary fiber, Proteins, Vitamins A C E K, and minerals like copper, iron and potassium.

Benefits of green chilli in food:

green chilli in foodInterestingly green chilli is believed to be a cure of many health ailments and also consuming green chilli everyday prevents ample health hazards too. Be sure to check with your doctor before consuming them heavily as moderation and fixed quantity is what we are looking at. Some benefits of green chilli are:

1- Green chillies have zero calories so they aid weight loss:

When on a diet or weight loss, green chilly can help you enhance your taste of the bland vegetables pr soup you consume. It not only is zero cholesterol ingredient but lowest on calorie too

2- Green chillies are mood enhancers and mood stabilizers:

Green chilies help in enhancing and stabilizing moods. Capsaicin in green chillies helps in release of endorphins, which are the feel good hormones in our body. This improves and enhances the mood

3- Green chillies are beneficial for cardio vascular systems:

It reduces blood cholesterol and prevents chances of atherosclerosis. It also lowers triglyceride levels and platelet aggression. Thus increasing fibrinolytic activity which is the ability of our body to prevent the formation of blood clots. This thus reduces heart stroke or heart attack chances

cardio vascular systems4- Green chillies protect against cancer:

Green chillies are rich in anti-oxidants, which prevents body against free radicles by acting as natural scavengers. They also prevent prostrate problems

5- Green chillies help in combating common cols and sinus:

Capsaicin in green chillies helps in stimulating the membranes of nose and sinuses. It stimulates the blood flow causing the mucous membrane to become thinner. This helps in preventing sinus and common cold infections.

6- Green chillies act as a pain reliever and an anti ulcer aid:

Being hot in taste green chillies still helps in soothing the pain and inflammations within our body. The heat released by the green chillies help in aiding digestion and preventing ulcer too

7- Green chillies are great for building up immunity of our body:

Being rich in Vitamin C and beta carotene, they help in healthy eyes, and better immunity of our body. Keep them in dark area as green chillies lose their Vitamin C when exposed to heat or light.

building up immunity of our body8- Green chillies help in releasing saliva:

All foods which release saliva when chewing helps in proper digestion of food. Green chilly is also one such food item. The saliva so released mixed with the food and it passes the digestion process quickly.

9- Green chilly is good for skin:

Being an anti-bacterial green chilly helps in keeping the skin infections at bay. Thus keeping the skin clear and nourished

10- Green chillies prevent constipation:

Green chilly contains good dietary fiber thus it helps in releasing toxins off our body. Also it aids digestion so it helps in quickly absorption, assimilation and excretion from body. Keeping constipation away

11- Green chillies help in preventing osteoporosis:

They help in production of new blood cells, and repairing damaged tissues. Thus keeping bones healthy and strong

12- Green chillies improve vision:

Being rich in Vitamin A green chilly helps in lowering eye infections and eye pain. Also keeping the vision enriched.

Green chillies improve vision13- Green chilly delays aging:

Consuming green chilly also helps in delaying the signs of aging on our skin. It gives a wrinkle free skin and prevents premature signs of aging on face

14- Green chilly is a good anti-inflammatory, analgesic, has anti-epileptic properties too

15- Green chilly helps in maintaining blood sugar levels:

It thus helps in preventing and curing mild diabetes. This does not mean eat chillies soon after you consume sweets, Just milder cases get benefitted for rest see your doctor immediately

The above compilation on Top 15 benefits of green chilli, is to help you reward your body and taste buds with this amazing additive for foods. Be sure to keep green mirchi in moderation and never force yourself to consume if your body does not accept it

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