15 Secrets Of Long Lasting Relationships- Grow Old Together


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When you see a person to be the most happiest being in relationship, you think- newly wed or it is a special day. Not necessary of being a newly wed couple or a special day to stay really happy as a couple. It is also not any secret or luck to have a long lasting relationship. Then what is it to make a relationship last longer?

When you are cooking a dish, in hurry, you may forget to add the spieces, salt and sugar which make it tasty. When a main ingredient is missing, you must add it but you cant put in bin. It is the same in relationship. You are missing something that is important for your relationship.

When the secrets are doing to someone, its better not to keep it as a secret. So, we are relieving all the secrets that it takes to make your relationship a long lasting one.

How To Have A Long Lasting Relationship?

1. Keep that madness alive

Keep-that-madness-aliveWherever you go for best relationship advice, people ask you to keep the spark. You know what is the spark of your relationship?

This is not something that you find in nearby stores but its within you and when you are together. Every couple has some kind of madness which brings them together. If I am not wrong, with a similar madness, you both were felt out of the world. It could be laughing together, adventures or food.

So, what made you both come together. What is that made you go crazy for your partner in initial stages. Not losing the way to celebrate your madness is the spark that makes you stay in relationship longer and forever.

Keeping that madness alive- you connect everytime, get closer even more and celebrate your everyday. Do you have any such madness and did you forget it?

Then go and remind your partner about this. Don’t worry this brings your happiness back and makes your partner feel loved within no time.

2. Work on stay not leave

Work-on-stay-not-leaveWhen you are in a relationship, you have different paths in every phase and moment. It is that to stay, leave or just let it be with no love.

When you see differences in your relationships, don’t look for a way to leave. Every clash that comes in your way must be a chance of knowing each other and become closer. Many couples look for ways to get apart even having the solution in front of them.

Before thinking that the relationship is hopeless, look at the positives, If you find more positives in your relationship, then you will definitely find ways to stay.

3. Don’t carry everything

Dont-carry-everythingHow well you let the wounds heal? The clashes and bitterness in relationship is like wounds. You have to sooth the wound and feel better. If you are coming back with the clash that you had days back again and again, this is enough to ruin your peace and then relationship too.

When you are not carrying everything- that means you are noticing with eyes but undertsanding with heart. You know what is right and what is really wrong and you also know what to do when something turned out unacceptable.

If you are not able to get out of the mistake your partner, then it must be really big or your ego is bigger than your love.

4. Suppress your ego with love

Suppress-your-ego-with-loveDo you wonder looking at old couples love? They look so adorable holding hands and smiling at each other. The secret for their happiness is, they live with love not with egos.

Agree that ego is there even when love is in the air. But the love in the air must fly away from ego for relationships to last longer. When your lover rate is higher than your ego rate, you find ways to live together. Measuring love is not something impossible or unfair. It is all fair when negativity is hiking more in love than love itself.

Eliminate ego first and you will see the path of flowing in love. Fight your ego for love and you will win the heart of your partner. Expecting the same from your partner is natural and justified. If ego is always strong from the other side, then better to keep yours too. Love is more beautiful when it is mutual!

5. Honesty is the base

Honesty-is-the-baseWhat is your priority for a relationship to last long? Better make honesty as a main!

Why you have to be honest in relationship is- it is the only way you can be yourself. You don’t have to pretend if when you are honest. If you can make honesty as your habit in relationship then there is a bigger chance of relationship lasting longer and forever.

Just imagine, when honesty is matters for you relationship- you don’t go wrong or don’t let your partner go wrong.

6. Don’t forget your love story

Dont-forget-your-love-storyDon’t you think it is important to remember your love story. It is!

The struggles of making a life together and from dating to chatting everything was precious for you.

Remembering love story is not to remind or keep up the promises of staying together. You will cherish some memories and the emotional times. One precious is always precious in love.

Your wait to share life and grow old together and dream of going around the world holding each others hand- all these are still there for you and it is only when you can remember that how it all started.

7. Go out of each others way

Go-out-of-each-others-wayWhat makes you feel special? As we are humans, we tend to have expectations. Expecting the little things to happen for you is pure and precious. So, going out of your way just to make your partner is the sweetest moment.

Knowing that your loving spouse or boyfriend deserves your love, not giving is unfair. Planning a surprise, celebrating his success and making something special for him- all these are included here. It is to make our loved ones feel happy, special and loving.

You both going out of each others way is what says how much you respect, value and want to make it a long lasting relationship.

8. Talk out everything then and there

In life, we must pause and hurry up based on the situation. But we do it wrong which can also pull of our loved one from us. It is better to do it right. What is all about is- pause yourself and sort out your problems right there.

Your delay of discussions is going to hike level of difficult. Then it becomes tough to express or make confessions. If you are seeing something wrong or finding it unclear, why don’t you get the clarification on the spot.

It doesn’t mean, you should make your partner feel suffocated. Sit and discuss with open mind and broad mind. Make yourselves comfortable. Don’t discuss like you have to chase a flight after you conversation. Discuss having a cup of coffee and listen, understand, then reply.

When you are delaying things, it bottles up your frustration and anger. Relieving all of it once is dangerous for you both. This hurts and affects a lot that leaves the bitter prints. Bottled up emotions are too bad for you relationship health. Hope you understand, what to do from now!

9. Be playful

Be-playfulYou must get out of the busy schedules and routine problems. You may think what playfulness makes for a relationship to last longer. It makes you miss the person and crave for the presence.

When you are not attached, you don’t enjoy the company. Then you will feel boredom in the relationship. If you are saying you are the closest to your partner, then you must show it off in playfulness.

Asking what to do playful is silly as it depends from couple to couple. But mostly couple enjoy play fights, imitating and cracking some silly jokes on each other. When you both are playful, you are also sportive. In fact, everything is positive and gives you happy vibes of being fun for each other.

10. Have something to look forward


You have fun and find happiness in relationship when its new. Over the time, you will get used to everything. This makes you feel routine and also feel the plain.

To make your relationship last, I would suggest to have something new today once in a while. As you need rejuvenation personally, you also need it together. Experiencing the adventurous and beautiful moments together makes it new and exciting for you.

You can for trips, happening events or try something new. It is not that difficult to take time together. The couple who notice the life being too monotonous must have a wonderful to do list.

11. Take breaks from being stuck

Take-breaks-from-being-stuckStaying connected matters than staying together. So, you must take break from your partner to nurture your personal life and it is vice verse.

It is let you feel the boredom if you both are too sticky and together all the days. It is good to have little space. When yourselves busy and crave for each others company, then this makes you closer each time.

The prick like pain of missing each other gives lot happiness when you meet after the break. Two people who are busy managing own lives and still staying with love in life is possible. But if only both are willing to give that space and opportunity for each other.

You also value each other for the struggle of being apart and being connected when together.

12. Check if you are on the same page

Check-if-you-are-on-the-same-pageYes! For a lasting relationship, couple must be on same page for the every step they take. You must check each others opinion and know how if it is matching or not.

It is not necessary for you both to stay with same opinions for everything. But it must not be strange when you see a finding. When you both are unaware about something, everything becomes unexpected and hard to take.

For this again, you need communicate whenever its needed. It also doesnt mean that communicating and knowing opinions is enough to not face issues in relationships. But it doesn’t break you both down as much an unexpected thing does.

You slowly come on to same page you know what is what. Compromising and adjusting are part of process before coming to a conclusion.

13. Stand together in good and bad times

Stand-together-in-good-and-bad-timesThere is no love where there is no loyalty. In life, we go through the tough times and the toughest sometimes. What makes us keep going is the love and support we get from our loved ones.

The companionship that we choose for life is meant for good and bad times.

The best example is when you don’t live the person even has no money. All this seems like impractical. But knowing the capabilities and having confidence is a must.

When you are part of happy times, then you must also be part of the struggle time. In fact, you must a couple must become a team to fight the problems together. Then it is the real togetherness in relationships.

14. Celebrate, Celebrate And Then Celebrate

Celebrate-And-Then-CelebrateYou must be thinking it is too much to have celebrations all the time. Partying, spending money and taking offs to celebrate is not I am talking about. It is celebrate your relationship everyday.

How do you celebrate everyday?

Appreciate, flirt and kiss on forehead. There many ways to celebrate in relationship. Know each other, keep doing those little things and keep your little promises. This is actual celebrations every couple must have for a long lasting relationship.

15. Be happy to be live with and love

Be-happy-to-be-live-with-and-loveThis must be the first point but I numbered it last as it is too basic. You can do all the above things when you want to live with the person and with the person whom you love.

When you know that you want to live with him and you love him the same, you don’t have it difficult to work on. In fact, you will love every moment be it hard or sweet.

If you both are happy being a couple, want to live together and immersed in love- then growing old together is the priceless thing in you life. No couple can grow old together until there are loving and living in the relationship.

In some cases, couple let the years go even without love and passion. But someday it lasts with bitter confessions and break ups.

When you want your relationship to lasts longer and forever, you must be something and do something. We have told you the basics that make your relationship work as you want. It may differ for you with some other habits and magical moments but these are much required. So, hope you keep it all for a long lasting relationship.

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