7 Reasons Why Sex Is Better After Marriage


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After Marriage

If you think that casual or any other modern version of sex is better than having ‘boring sex’ with your husband, then my dear you are misguided! Having sex is in itself is the most wonderful experience in a human life, and also there are many advantages to it. You can have passionate sex anytime you want. You can make passion as the part and parcel of your sex life, and no one is ever going to say anything. Sex, helps a lot in building not only physical, but also the psychological relationship between the couple. So here, are 7 reasons why sex is better after marriage and why you must have it over and over

Reasons Married Sex Is Best

1Sex offers emotional intimacy

Sex offers emotional intimacy

Sex is binding, and that is the basic truth. In a few short moments of sexual contact, your body releases some powerful neurochemical that can facilitate emotional bonding with your partner. There is something, which is physiologically very intimate about it, but it also has emotional intimacy in it, when two people connect as one. Intimacy can also be defined as “Into me see”, this definition basically portrays a lot of vulnerability and more vulnerability in a relationship always leads to greater intimacy. The deeper people are connected emotionally, the greater sexual intimacy because these two always go hand in hand.

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2Sex provides psychological connection

Sex provides psychological connection

One of the most beautiful things about marital sex, is that it is actually not always about sex. It is something much bigger, and greater as well as more meaningful experience. It is always about a constant connection with another person throughout the journey called life. It is also not about the heat of the moment, it is all about the significance of day, every day.

It is an opportunity of selflessness, an act of service. It is about a choice that can start with mundane of the day, but can also lead to magnificent experience on the night. This deep psychological connection between the two people who truly love, know, sacrifice, and serve for one another spill out into sex and turns it into something meaningful.

3Sex thrives to the safety and security of commitment

Sex thrives to the safety and security of commitment

Sex is something, that always gets better over time. There is so much about yourself, and so much about each other that you need to act as well as deliberately learn all along the way during sex. A deep as well as meaningful sexual relationship always takes time, some effort and a lot of practice. Do not worry, as when married you have a lot of time for that. The beauty of a marital sex is that there is no rush, and a lot of time. Time to grow, time to learn, time to enjoy, and time to savor.

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4Sex Maximizes the Physical Pleasures of Familiarity

Sex Maximizes the Physical Pleasures of Familiarity

Sometimes you may think that hottest sex, is basically illicit sex with different partners. The media, entertainment, and advertisements show us that sex gets boring in between married couples. But, the truth is those who always want bigger and better things, can never be able to get their cup fill. Your sexual desires are not meant to control you, but you are supposed to control it.

There is a lot of deep levels of pleasure within the security and familiarity. To know about it, and also to be known is one of the life’s most amazing gifts. In the familiarity of marriage, we are more than free to try new things, and also free to enjoy the same thing. There are an openness in asking, experimenting and even saying “no thanks”. Gone are the worries in looking perfect or to be an expert in it. It is because in a marriage, you are already loved, known, desired and accepted just as you are.

5Simultaneous Orgasms

Simultaneous Orgasms

Sure, this is not guaranteed in married sex, but when you sleep more with the same person, a person whom you love and trust and also committed to, the more likely that this will happen. You know the timing of each other bodies, hot spots, and you will be more comfortable in playing in the orgasmic field.

6Wax, or go natural, it doesn’t matter


Single women obsess over their body more, than married women. Do you know why? It is because, body hair ceases to be an issue when you live together or even have sex regularly and not because married women take any less pride on their appearance or do not want to be sexually attractive.

7Can get it whenever you want


When married, sex is like 24-hours waiting on the corner. Be open and it can come in handy when you are drunk and need it.

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