Ways to make sex interesting in a long term relationship


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It may feel different suddenly when your partner doesn’t take a lot of interest in sexual activities off late. Yes, that may feel devastating and you may feel like he doesn’t love you anymore. Well, there are many reasons why sex becomes a minimal part of your life. Since you have always been in a long term relationship, you may understand that priorities change for men when they grow up. The first two or three years of your relationship would have been the most fun because there were no kids, no commitments and no responsibilities. But, once that phase is over, you are bound by so many things like work, life, future, money and status. When pressure mounts and hits roof top, your man may not feel as comfortable and as sexual as he used to feel when he was young. These things are natural and bound to happen.

This is when you have got to take control over this situation. There are many ways in which you can make the sex interesting and very much likable by men. Long term relationships make it easier for you to understand your husband’s favorite things and what he would like. You as a wife, should be able to take extra responsibility and step up. Bring back the passion and the love into the scene. Make him realize that he has been missing a lot of things in the past few months or days. Show him how a good sexy wife you can be. Here are some ways in which you can make sex interesting in a long term relationship.

Sex Tips for Long Term Relationship (LDR)

1Love your naked self

Love your naked self

Yes, this could sound blah, but trust me, when you love your body, your partner will definitely love it too. Most women feel that they are fat and bouncy no matter how thin or perfect they look. Even if you are fat, what is the big deal? You can very much love your fat self and look pretty too, right? Fat people in fact have more sex drive than the thin ones. Stand in front of the mirror naked and ask yourself which part of your body looks beautiful to you. Do the same thing with your husband. Ask him which part of your body, he likes the most and concentrate on enhancing that part of the body. It is simple and effective.

If you still feel insecure, take a look around and see how people look. No one is perfect. Either they are short or they are too tall. Or they are too thin and short. So, stop thinking about how you feel about yourself and start thinking as to how you want yourself and your partner to feel. When you do this, automatically the sex gets better.

2Act smart

Act smart

Well, a lot of time sex can be boring or can get mundane. When you think that happens, you have got to be the forbidden fruit. Yes, make yourself exclusive and don’t have sex with him for a while. When you and your partner are away from each other, both of you will be able to feel the missing portion of yourself. Make a conscious effort not to have sex at least for a week or two. That makes you more passionate when you finally do it. Make things interesting when you have sex after many days. If you think that your sex is boring, choose this strategy. When you do this, both of you will realize that you have missed the emotional and physical connect. So, the passion gets and increases the interest level also.

3Mix It up

Mix It up

When you are in a long term relationship, you will start learning some quirks about the person. So, when you know that, you should make sure that you change the pattern. The regular pattern is bang bang and done! Why do that, when you can get some support from certain other things. Get a vibrator or a spank bat and use it in your sex. Or, do something out of the blue. Don’t do it in your bed because there are so many alternative places where you can actually have sex. So, have sex in some place that makes you excited about the idea of it. When you experience something exhilarating, you will start enjoying the feel of it and you would want to do it more often.

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4Take breaks

Take breaks

Yes, when you go to an exotic place where you have just him and you and nothing else, wouldn’t you feel pretty special about it? Well, you can very much go to some place nice and start your sex journey. When you take a break from kids, work and routine, you will be able to respect each other’s sexual interests. That is the first step in making yourself a better person for the other. If you think you have to go with your children, then that is also fine. As a family takes a trip and go to a tranquil place where you don’t have to listen to the routine sounds of your house.

5Switch up the mood

Switch up the mood

A boring self life can be irritating. Change certain things in your room. Make the light dimmer, prepare a romantic dinner or give each other a sexy massage. Invite your husband to a steaming bath with essence and natural smelling soaps. Try changing the look of your room because even that can change your sex life. If everything fails, try light music, musky candle, wine and some role playing. If that doesn’t switch up the mood, what will?

-Pavithra Ravi

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