15 Ways To Keep Him Happy Without Having Sex


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A man in a relationship, dreams of his woman to do plenty things for him. For him it is not only sex to feel good and happy. Your token of affection, care and love are the basic things he expects from you. But sex and intimacy completes the relationship. When you both decide not to have sex or when you are not ready for sex on a particular day or time, still you can make him happy.

No sex day is not a total turn off for you both. Even you don’t expect sex all the time from him. There are a number of ways that you can feel the pleasure in love. These sweetest and romantic ways can make his day the best. He will fall in love everyday with you doing these things.

The list of things your man wants are to replace the pleasure of sex but to create the memories. Moments turn into memories with your partner and that is defined as the magic of love. See how magic of love works with these priceless moments between you both.

How To Make Him Happy Without Sex?

1. Give him soft kisses-Love with tender touch


A tender kiss holding on his forehead or cheeks holding his face- it becomes the moment of the day for you both. You can’t wait to declare it as the best moment. When you are not ready for sex or if you want to tell that you still love him, then this kind of kiss is needed. This makes him happy, happier and the happiest man in the world.

When you are holding his face in your hands, the warmth of your touch is enough to say you love him everyday. Do this when he is tired or stressed. He will start calling you a stress buster!

2. Play with his hair-Be a naughty girl


One from a couple would be dominating for sure. Though you are dominating or very strict about a few things, your man expects you to be a naughty girl. He wants you to become a child when you are with him. When you are relaxing in your living room, just turn on your naughty side and play with his hair. He will become a child too. This is an adorable moment where you both get to indulge in romance and fun at a time. And no man would say “no” when his girl wants to play with his hair.

3. Give him a head massage-Ease his stress


If you both stay together or apart, he wants your hands in his head for a massage when he is stressed. Let me tell you when he needs a head massage- when he had an hectic day while starting off from his work place he imagines you giving him a head massage. He wouldnt even need sex as head massage is everything he needs.

When he calls you and informs he will be late, dont react rudely. Just get ready to give him a soothing head massage. He wouldn’t need sex to feel happy. Even you deserve such love filled treatment from your man. Give and take it!

4. Cuddle while in bed-Baby him

When you cant make up it to sex, just cuddle for some time. You can liberally feel lazy lying in bed with him. This is no less than a therapy. His love, a cosy bed and quality time is more than enough for a man sometimes. He would choose getting cuddled over sex. He will feel lucky to have you and also would express it out of loaded happiness.

5. A light fancy breakfast together-A happy meal


Breakfast time is the hurried time for many of the couples. If you both are working, then you will know what I mean. While you send off each other to work, it feels painful. But this distance is where you realize that you both need each other. Very much needed in a relationship. Keeping this aside, you need to have a pleasant and healthy breakfast once in a while.

Relish the food together and you can have a lovely conversation over breakfast.This will be remembered as a joy filled day until the next weekend or another such moment. Not only him, even you will be happy about this. Don’t you think such things can make him happy?

6. Interlock your hands with his hands-Tighten the bond


Bonding in a relationship is over many things. Touch, smile, warmth, sex and behaviour, the list is endless. One of the best ways to make your guy feel happy is holding his hands. He feels safe when you interlock your hands with his hands. This means you will never leave him and you are with him.

When you both are relaxing at home, hold his hands tight and tighter. You can even go for a walk in open space with hand in hand. Way to have quality time with him!

7. Let him kiss you-Get pampered


When you are happy to get a kiss from your guy, then let him know you are loving it. It is not just to let him kiss you but feel it. Smile and kiss him and you can take it further as you know what more is the best to do.

After he kisses, you can ask him for one more. This says you are happy with him. The happy you is obviously a happy him. You can make it a kiss session which is much much better than having sex.

8. Hug him from behind-Surprise hug


Did you have a fight last night? Or didn’t you both have time for each other?

This can be fixed with a hug and that too from behind. When he is mad at you or you want to forgive him, then just go and hug him from behind. He can’t refuse such a precious gift from you. Even when you want him to forgive you can do this. A surprise hug is a need for men from their woman over sex. This can make his day happy and smile wide with happiness. Now, go and keep him happy and let him keep you happy as well.

9. Sit in a single couch-Get closer


When you are sitting on the couch of your living room, just call your partner to share the space with you. Sitting with love in a little space is never congested. When you both are busy with your respective works, take a break and relax in each other’s arms. Getting closer and doing nothing is romantic too. This can make your man happy though it is not the time of sex.

10. Flirt with him-Men blush too


Women are good at flirting and men blush too!

Both these things are extremely cute when it happens with a happening couple. In fact, happening couples flirt a bit. Just like you tried to impress him in the initial stages of your relationship. His hairstyle, smile that flattered you are still attractive for you. So, why don’t you tell him?

The playful couples are the best. Be that playful partner and flirt with him happily. You will love the way he blushes and he will love your naughty side.

11. Rest on his shoulder-Your squeezy pillow

Rest-on-his-shoulderResting on his shoulder means trusting him. A man who is in love wants to know if his partner trusts him or not. Even when you both can’t make time for everything you want then simply rest on him. Initiate a conversation and tell out your feelings. He feels valued when you trust him and all his insecurities fly away if any. It simply makes him happy even if it is a no sex day.

12. Gently bite him-That attractive


This is a next level naughty thing that your man would enjoy. Give him a gentle love bite and tell him “you’re chocolaty”!

If you are a chocolate lover too, he will know what you mean actually. Chocolate lovers can’t resist from taking a bite when they see it. A man would need something of this kind over sex sometimes. You must understand the moment he is expecting and do it. These little things can make him happy at the moment.

13. Stare at him and smile,blush-Love is madness

Stare-at-him-and-smileLove is sometimes unexplainable but to feel. It is not that love is never boring. There would be times when you don’t have anything to talk, when you only silence and anything to share. This leisure time together is not to let the boredom enter your relationship. Work with your madness and stare at him, play with his fingers, smile and blush.

Don’t take your eyes off him and smile like you fall in love with him everyday.You are doing this without any reason at all. Madness doesn’t need any reason and few actions in love don’t need reasons anyways.

14. Sit on his lap and listen to him-Romantic affection


When he is about to share something with you, sit on his lap and listen to him. It is not just to listen but also to romance. It could be future plans with you, taking your relationship to the next level or discussing or confessing something. It is not just to make him feel comfortable but also happy.

Just sit on his lap, hold him and then listen to him. He would feel happy to hold in his arms and would feel more secure. You are ensuring that you will love him, no matter what.

15. Try watching his favourite movie or a match together


All women are not interested in action movies and sports. Mostly, these are boyish things. They also love to watch with their girl having popcorn together. If you escape saying “feeling sleepy” or “need to work” when he wants to watch his favourite sport or movie with you.- then this time you must make up to his little wish.

Cook a bowl of popcorn and arrange for his favourite show, series or sports. A few guys are crazy for video games.So, can even play a game for his happiness. You will see him smiling like a kid as he is happy to do enjoy along with you.

We believe that sex is a way to connect with each other in relationship.There are ways that you can keep him happy even without sex and these are the ways. If you both can spend quality time together then you will find many more ways to stay connected in love.

Now, give him all the love in the world!

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